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JANUARY 8, 2012 6:54AM

Some Characters You Might Find In A Place Like This

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Its  Sunday and I'm watching the menfolk take down the Christmas decorations. Being vertically challenged can come in handy sometimes. Just for fun, I made a list of some characters you might find on my blog. 


FOTI = Father Of The Imps



My husband since 1987.  Lovely man, outstanding cooking skills and the patience of a saint.


Joe College = Firstborn son 

joe cool 



formerly known as:   Imp 1



Ridiculously talented. Foremost characteristics: sharp wit, willingness to argue from sunup to sundown, charm and kindness. Royal pain the the backside but we love him anyway.

 Charlie Brown 


He's now almost 14 going on 25. Can you all give me a "Good Grief!"?

formerly known as Imp 2 = My baby.


He's 13 now so it's the last time I will ever say that in public . Old soul enveloped in a space-cadet, wrapped in an enigma.

Has very big feet and an even bigger heart.

The World Traveler = My best friend since 1979.


If he were in “Cats” he'd be Bustopher Jones, the “cat about town”. See image, lower right corner.

The Prince of Darkness = My brother.


Uncle Hardrock  = FOTI's brother




Bonny Anne = My Sister-in-law



Descended from privateers.   The woman not only knows her way around boats, she's got the organizational skills of a five-star general, she's a lot of fun and oh yeah, she's smart and beautiful too. You could hate her guts, but she's far too adorable to hate.


Cakeboy = My nephew.


Son of The Hardrock Uncle and Bonny Anne. Spits footballer, cake expert and all around good guy.

Princess Fiona = My niece,


Twin sister of above. Face of an angel, belches like a biker.

A regular bossy boots because she needs to be as all her cousins are boys. My kind of gal.

GMOTI = Grandmother Of The Imps

steamer trunk 

The mother-in-law. She's also grandmother to Cakeboy and Princess Fiona, and step-grandmother to a whole tribe in Enschede but that's too big an acronym. She travels. Alot.

Miss M. = Best friend of Imp 1.



Another bossy boots. This is a good thing. Looks more than a little like Ms. Hepburn.

The County Swain = Another one of Imp 1's friends.


Farmboy on a fast track to being a Turbo Tukker.

The Contender = Friend of Imp 2


Why is he called “The Contender”?

Think hard. You'll get there.

Teaparty Hippie = My favorite uncle.


He used to be a hippie, now he's gone a bit right wing but we still like the same music.

The Big Man = One of the Paesani 


In a land of large, tall people  he is very big. Excellent cook, Springsteen fan.

Little Big Man =  Youngest son of above and friend of Imp 2


He will probably wind up bigger and taller than his dad.  Plays goalie for (field)Hockey Club Twente and the Youth Selection East. Budding DJ.

The Unsinkable Sheila Z. = My belly dance instructor 

ATS belt 

The Divas = The Thursday morning belly dance class


Toos = One of my dearest and most unusual friends.

She is also one of The Divas.  

Skipper = A Jack Russell who thinks she's a pitbull

FOTI's dog. Terror of the streets of Hengelo. 

"Mighty" Mack = A Bullmastiff  who thinks he's a lapdog.

My dog.  A canine philosopher.

Cousin Wessel = Eldest male cousin of FOTI and the Hardrock Uncle


Adorable man. Biggest flirt in the family.  Knows about wine.

The Steel Magnolia


 Cousin Wessel's wife. The name says it all.


Celtic Sif = Goddess of the North Sea 


One of my best friends. Flamingo aficionado.

Thor and Loki = Sons of Celtic Sif 






Professor P. - "Baby" sister of the World Traveler

Back in 1981, when she was learning to talk, the WT and I decided it was up to us to build her swearing vocabulary. She went on to become a Professor of English (and still swears to standard!).



The Book Club:

Celtic Sif - Already mentioned.

Thalia - Quiet force and gifted artist. 


La Duse - Coryfee of the theater community in Hengelo.



Scheherezade - Teller of stories.



The Hippie Chick -

 hippie chick 

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Hey, my willingness to argue is not limited to the movements of the goddess Eoos. I'd argue the whole day and night, where as Eoos can only do the first :P

And I don't think Royal really describes the pain I am, for I choose Imperial to be a better one :P However, more often than not, children tend to look like their parents ;P But I'll love you just as much.