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APRIL 3, 2012 3:07AM

Foodie Tuesday: Goddelijke Ballen (Heavenly Balls)

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apricot ballsI

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(so-christened by Cakeboy, Christmas 2011) 

These are a nice little treat with coffee or a high tea or just for fun. With three ingredients and no cooking involved, what could be easer? 

 Ingredients :

500 gr. dried apricots

About 2 1/2 cups of dried coconut

1 small can condensed milk (395 ml)


1. Chop your apricots in a kitchen machine. No kitchen machine? Fine chop them by hand.

2. Toss the apricots, 2 cups of coconut and the  condensed milk in a bowl.


3. Knead all the ingredients with your hands. If your hands are moist, the apricot/coconut mixture will not stick to them as badly. Remoisten hands as needed.

4. When everything is well mixed, roll into bite-sized balls.

5. Roll the bite-sized balls in the remaining 1/2 cup of coconut.

6. Put the Heavenly Balls on a pretty plate and let your friends assume they're a lot of work to make ;)


You can also dip these cuties in molten white chocolate after rolling them in the coconut. 


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V.Corso so thank you..I will make your reciρe..Only as a thought.. V.CORSO'S OC:WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE RECIΡE? What do you think..?

And I am Greek...I have lots of goodies to tell you...about foodies..

Never had heard of this ..It is easy,cheaρ and healthy.Thank you for sharing.Best regards and have a beautiful new month.!!
These look wonderful, but they do remind me of the Alec Baldwin skit from "Saturday Night Live," called Shweaty Balls. Watch it. You'll love it./r
I have a craving for sweets at the moment,and those Goddelijke balls look temptingly delicious.I'll have to prepare them today.
Thanks for sharing.
. . . smile . . .
I sometimes stop @ King's New York Pizza.
It's a Place in Martinsburg, West Virgins. . .
They make a 'Garlic Ball' that's a bit yellow.

This reminded me of them balls.
Spring Garlic is one aphrodisiac.
Green Spring shoots are yummy.

I came to shut-off my gizmo.
I am glad Ya made me smile.
I'll go eat some fresh garlic.

I followed Heidi Banerjee.
Garlic taste great with eels,
liver, brussels sprouts, kale,
and maybe I'll try Ballen too.
No trim toenails while cooking.
If Ya make love in the kitchen?
Turn over framed family photos.
That's jest in case dead folk peep.
I am not a great cook. Eat spinach.
That goes good with tues coconuts.
Add two garlics to keep doc away.
baby boomer
shedding tears as she recalls
Captain Kangaroo
I save this for cook Sam Kass.
He often broils great victuals.
He cooks in the White House.
I hope he no drop hair in soup.

Leeks in soup go with apricots.
He gets outside with a hoe too.
He weeds the backyard garden.
mid-session . . .
psychiatrist contemplates
dinner options
No cook a hair-hoping bunny . . .
a weary toddler
still trying to befriend
a wary rabbit
You know I enjoyed this.
I may 'cut & paste' later.
I 'shot' a squirrel photo.
sigh/sad . . .
I squirrel was run-over.
He laid on his back, sad.
I take photos I no show.
gads/gaud . . .
Who likes to see blood?
Greedy . . . .
I No not want cook 'gig'
and love green garlic
I share this recipe
smile . . .
It's a half/smile
I'll visit a pet shop
and pick cute fish
and bring home
for a gold fish
home pet to
with. huh?
Lovely combination of flavor and texture... I'm inclined to dip them in semisweet dark chocolate.
Art James:
I picked a bunch of Bear Leek this morning because I want to prepare pesto.