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MAY 16, 2012 1:42PM

I Can't Stand The Rain

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Oh good morning! What fresh rainy hell is it today?


I am sick to death of rain. Really. I've got mildew. Well, I've got human mildew—asthma related eczema and this time between my shoulderblades. Peachy. I can't even scratch properly. Talk about having a grouch on.


The first year I lived in this godforsaken country I had a perpetual cold. My wonderful pantywaist of a GP at the time told me, “Well maybe this climate just isn't good for you.” Damn straight its not good for me: mine are a desert people. He couldn't really help me out with anything to relieve my symptoms except suggest emmigration to warmer climes, which was definitely not in the cards at the time. 25 years later and it's still not. Right now I would like to reach down my throat, pull out my lungs and hang them in a dessicator so that I can breathe properly. Instead I'll zap myself with some Ventolin.


So Monday night I went to the Ibu Pitjit because she pays me to translate her articles with massages. She takes one look at my back and pulls out the cupping tools. Cupping is effective but not fun. Frankly I thought I was being tortured. FOTI thought I had been tortured when he saw the bruises running down either side of my spinal column. “No, “ I told him, “the vacuum draws out the energy that's causing the illness.” Imp 2 told me he'd be willing to put the vacuum on my back at home, he knows how it's done. I gave him a little of the old hairy eyeball which made him disappear. I have the idea that things are improving behind my back so to speak. I'll have to wait 'til FOTI gets home to get a real answer.


Yesterday I seriously considered my options. I hate the weather here. I am homesick, I want to hang out at Jon and Peters, I feel unappreciated by those around me, except for the dogs (I feed them, they always think I'm fabulous), I really hate housework and when is somebody going to cook for me for a change? Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I was going to eat me a big can of worms. Instead I downed half a bottle of Colombard and made it an early night. The book I'd taken to bed to read was crap so it became an even earlier night. I promised myself to have a better day today.


And when I woke up it was raining, but I put on my gym gear anyway and had a workout. By the time I was done, the sun was shining and there was a strong southeasterly wind blowing. I took the dogs both for a long walk each and let my bad mood blow away. All the stuff that seemed too much to face yesterday was a piece of cake this afternoon. Its been a good day. 



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Funny how that works out sometimes.
yeah, sun always comes up tomorrow. often
a day is so vile to the
that one must escape from it into the void of REM.
and sleep.

REM gives one back one's agency, one's ability to control.

Deed sleep? Those Easterners say it is Ultimate Being.

I like how they got everything sort of backward..

there will be times when u tell u
this is true:

"nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I was going to eat me a big can of worms. Instead I downed half a bottle of Colombard and made it an early night. "

good strategy.

Self contains self. Little self, a baby. Self nourishes baby
in the bygone sleep.
I've heard about cupping, but can't imagine ever choosing it over a massage. Then again, the sun came out and you're smiling. I hope they both stay around.
The part of Virginia we live in, off the Chesapeake Bay, has a wet and humid climate that encourages respiratory allergies. It's been raining here the past couple of days. Sun came out a little bit midday, but it looks like rain again. Here's another song I'm sure you can relate to:

Who'll Stop the Rain
Thanks for stopping by everyone.

Jmac- I refuse not to be amused by life

James M. Emmerling - Nice how sleep works its magic.

Jlsathre - There was also massage involved, but it was damn vigorous this time.

Chicken Maaan - Thanks, I love Creedence.
Love Seal's music.
So thanks for that bit of sunshine.
I actually miss rain. When there hasn't been any in quite a while I start to feel undernourished or even depressed. I kid you not.
Wanna switch locales?
Move to Utah. It hardly rains here and there are 4 tolerable seasons. So much better than Tucson. Can you believe it's drier here than in AZ? Hope you feel better soon./r
Glad the next day was better for you! It's rotten to feel rotten.

Does the cupping make you feel better in the long run? I'm not a big fan of pain, but could try it if it's worth the effort.