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NOVEMBER 14, 2012 3:19AM

Autumn Magick

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I live in a Breughel painting. These are some views of the country lanes where I walk my dogs. They are beautiful in all seasons, but at this time of year they are positively enchanting.


 Yes, the sky really is that gray. This is around lunchtime, the brightest part of the day. We get to enjoy  6 months of this murk. It is a wonderful background for the autumn display though.

Mighty Mack chose today to misbehave terribly, went bonkers at another dog, dragged me down the street and slipped out of his collar. I managed to calm him and myself down (thank you, Cesar!) and brought him home in disgrace.

Naughty Mack 

 Naughty Mack

 I daubed at my knee and hands with iodine, grabbed my little Coolpix once more and took the other dog for a nice walk.

Glowing trees by golf course 


 This was the scene of Mack's disgrace. Much nicer without him in it for the time being.

Golden bough 

 A golden bough...

Driener Pony 

 the faithful Falada...

Streets of Gold 1 

 who lives in a golden lane...

King of the Lane 

 ruled by a mighty king...

Faerie Mist 

 Sssh...here be faerie folk

The Brook 

 Autumn Crown

Autumn's crown, courtesy of that old alchemist, Jack Frost.

Crossposted from my primary blog:  http://oursalon.ning.com/profiles/blogs/oc-autumn-magick 

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i am sorry for Mack's disgrace. I can empathize.
I am often in charge of psycho georgie doggie, whose
puppyhood has stretched now to 17 months,
and who brings nothing but humiliation
in mixed company, or out on the trail.
the photos ? exquisite! nature as it ought to be: beautiful
and still and wondrous. it is when we go up the
evolutionary ladder, from the plant to the animal kingdom,
especially the canine species, that we begin to
find moral fault. Still, they are beautiful too.
I agree,poor Mack!!!
As for Georgie:Send him over to me for let's say 7 months.By that time he'll have turned into an adult.Let him have fun as long as he is a pup.
V:I understand your annoyance and frustration,but that fellow ENJOYED THE CRISP AIR.That's when all dogs feel great,best time for mating,BTW.Spring pups are supposed to be healthier than the ones that are born in the fall.
The photos are great.We have the same weather here.It's been foggy for days,and it feels cold.I let the rollo down where I sit because of the draft.

Rated for two very handsome fellows.
PS:No music possible,although you are within "walking distance to me" compared to the jump across the ocean.
Great pics... but living in California I'd have a hard time living through 6 months of Grey murky skies... R&R ;-)
Thanks for sharing your corner of the world- beautiful!
Pleasurable time marker, V. I am inside a silver dome--the koi pond in freeze/thaw with surface ice, a brittle racked buck most afternoons prancing, twilight dog walkers--now in knit caps--beneath stark trees, dead deer lashed to vehicles at the strip mall, the frozen food end bins at the grocery store heaped with butter-ball turkey the size of parlor globes...and at night there's a high wind with increasing velocity that seems not to ebb but only howl.
News has it that inspired 'shopping spree' Black Friday has been anted by 9 p.m. Thanksgiving Day store openings. Ain't that a kick in the head! Possibly, the give or take of twelve hours or so of ribald merchandising has something to do with the heightened premise of 'bread and circus'...

*I've bookmarked your primary blog.
What a gorgeous walk. I have a nice park nearby, but the lone horse is stone and the only water is in a fountain. I love your aisles of trees.
Thanks for stopping by everybody---so glad you enjoyed the photos.

Jem--The dog trainer I spoke to yesterday said that this kind of dominant "psycho" behaviour occurs in large male dogs between 18 mos-2 yrs. A few training sessions should help--they're fun too.
I'm booking us in today. It'll be nice to take non-stressful walks when autumn gives to winter.

Toritto--I am still feeling it. Taking the day off from dance class.

Heidi--agreed, Mack fell under the autumn voodoo spell but bull mastiffs are classed as "dangerous dogs" and can't be allowed to behave this way. I was a bit traumatized by the whole thing.
Sorry about the music!

Jmac---I'm used to the crystal clear autumns of Bucks County, the murk gets to me too. Great lighting for photos though.

Maureen--I'm glad you stopped by in my corner of the world at OS.

J.P. Hart-what amazing word pictures you paint. Bread and circuses-- what's next? Congress fiddling as the rest burns?
I'm cloning posts for the most part from there to here. The other place is far more poster friendly.

Jlsathre- Walking is one of the joys that gets revealed to those of us past 40. The "aisles" of trees are how the Saxon farmers marked their land. Oh, what stories they could tell...