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JUNE 1, 2009 10:01PM

Literal Music Videos: Giggle Your Ass off

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I never know if I'm ahead of the curve with silly internet memes or tragically behind, but the Literal Music Video thing has had me in stitches of late. It's partially due to the fact that yes, I came of age in the dawn of the music video age, and the 80s were fertile fields that are just now finally bearing the ridiculous fruit that was planted back then.

But it's also because, DAMN, the people who do these? For the most part, they're really smart and really funny.

In a Literal Music Video,  one hears (and sees) re-written lyrics that are superimposed over the original images, delivering a creative a wealth of smart-assed snark on the choreography, direction, lighting, get the picture.

Clever spuds, the people who do these. Much cleverer than me.

Head Over Heels



With Arms Wide Open



Take On Me



White Wedding




And nothing's sacred, kittens! Even the Beatles are fair game.

Penny Lane



SO many more at YouTube, you just won't believe it.. 


By Rob St. Amant's Suggestion: 

Total Eclipse Of  The Heart


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I'd be willing to bet money that Lennon is saying "Bite me" to the camera guy.
Hey, I posted the first comment!!
Don't think I ever got in that early~
I'm having some weird kinda malfunction and can't get any of them to play - is it just me?
Huh...they work for me, but then, it's my post. Scoub? Working for you?
You are NOT right, Verbal. You have WAY too much free time. BTW, I agree, the new elixir "Verbal Remedy" must be gin based. I'm thinking watermelon and grapefruit for that hot Las Vegas clime.
They work for me...
Workin' for me - these are hilarious! (And a great throwback to the 80's - god/dess, I'm old!)
Damn it, Verbal, I was just going to write this identical post! You beat me to it by about an hour. Very nice; you've made some great choices. :-)

The only one I'd add would be Total Eclipse of the Heart. There's something about the cheesiness and self-importance of '80s videos that begs for this treatment. The Aha is my favorite, with the quality of the singing a good match for the original.
Oh, Rob...sorry to steal your post! But great to know we're as simpatico as always. :-)
What the carp? Had me giggling and laughing hysterically. Great stuff!
These are magnificent, Verbal! You appear to be ahead of the curve to me.
Those videos are hilarious. I needed something light. Thanks!
OMG!! VR those are amazing.. the first one i honestly dont know the words so it could really have been what they said, but then i got to creed and i could stop laughing, and ah ha! that was amazing..
now i was gonna go to bed but in gonna go to youtube!! thanks.. who needs sleep right?
OMG!!! I can't stop laughing! Seriously! I always liked you, Verbal, but now I LOVE you!

Even though my sides and my face hurt like hell from guffawing!

I think I shall create 8 or 10 new blog-files just so I can rate you more!

I made a few in the Dylan style but didn't know there was a name for it.,t=1,mt=video,t=1,mt=video,t=1,mt=video

As for the 80s, Weird Al was going that long ago. How about Alanis Morrisette doing "My Humps?" Pretty funny.
"What the effing crap, that angel guy just felt me up..."

LMAO "Total Eclipse of the Heart"
Thank goodness someone has time to find these for the rest of us who wouldn't even know how to look!!! So Rated.... and I have to come back because my husband is looking at me like I am crazy and I pan over and see his eyes roll as his electric cart rolls back and he points to the cord hanging like it was some magic......blah-blah...rotfl...
You're cutting edge, VR. I loved these, especially "Penny Lane".

Bite me. Oh yeah, he said it.
Star Wars Thriller!?!?!?
Heee! I love these. They always make me snort. But the ones I LOOOOVE?!

Are the bollywood ones. Where they create subtitles showing what they *think* the lyrics are.

You're right, kick A funny! Very clever, these guys. Thanks.
OMG. This is swell. I'm surprised at how good the singing is. Really, if I weren't paying attention, I'm not sure I'd notice the difference. Except for all the references to leather pants.
Anni, that Bollywood "translation" was a hoot, but it also made me cringe. :-)
great stuff Verbal, was that vocal on Total Eclipse of the Heart our own little Persephone or just a coincidence?
VR-You are TOO much! I have spent considerable time on youtube and have never stumbled upon these while browsing. I remember all of these originals from your brothers' past obsession with MTV. I'll be laughing all day.
OK, seriously? EP for this?

I mean, thanks, Zerry or Zomas or Zoan, but I tossed this off in, like, ten minutes.
This will be my new obsession, for sure!
These are an absolute treat!
Wait. So you did this post without Total Eclipse of The Heart! That was awesome. Can't wait to look at the other ones.
Stellaa, I laughed until I coughed. And I'm still coughing. Thanks for killing me. :-)
Stellaa, Joe Cocker and Verbal... a match made in my personal heaven.
Oh, too funny. Yes, I also watched a ton of MTV back in the early days.
I just finished watching 45 minutes of these on youtube with my husband...he couldn't stop...wild life we lead...but did you see Meatloaf / I Would Do Anything For Love? My favorite line in it is something like "Now I think I'm in an Herbal Essence commercial."
pee pee nah nah blah blah. Stupid dine and ditcher's. Makes me want to crumple something. There is nothing safe in this room. It's time for everyone to park his horse. I guess that means that he just flipped me the bird.
These were great, but I think I liked the Bonnie Tyler one the best.
I'm going to join the Glee Club of the Damned.
The kick is they read like a script for the scene: One can hear the director instructing Bonnie Tyler to "lift your arms like Rocky."

Smart stuff, indeed.
seen these before and I LOVE them- going back up to watch them all over again- laughter is so good
How funny...because I hadn't gotten around to yours yet, I wouldn't have posted the Total Eclipse one...anyway, glad to see even more and I have already updated my post with a link to this one and informed everyone to head over here!
and the Darth Vader thriller dance moves. *snort* I admit to having had a very tiny bit of tequila tonight, but I'm pretty sure that would have been just as hilarious sober.
I'm never going to get anything done now! Thanks for finding a new obsession for me, Verbal.
That is beyond ridiculous. Lordy. But kinda surprisingly funny.

Now that first song is one of my favorite videos. I love Tears for Fears and I love that song...AND its one of the few videos where the singer acts decently. You know, most lead singers, they act poorly because they're not actors.

Oh...except for Jared Leto in 30 Seconds to Mars. There's a video for their song "The Kill" . He's an actor though...and a HOTTIE!! When he meets himself in the hallway and they almost kiss one another, I swoon, I tell you...swoon!
My god, I loved the Total Eclipse of the Heart one - haven't had time to look at the rest. Forgot how homo-erotic it was. I felt dirty for being amused and turned on at the same time.

Will check out the rest later. Thanks for putting them all in one convenient location.

These are hilarious!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the post. I'm still in the middle of a giggling fit!
Way too funny! Some of the guys making these parodies can REALLY sing. My fave has to be the Aha one, because it makes the most sense of a senseless video...
These are hilarious...makes me want to write my own.
The A-ha was my fave...!
really funny and my wife linked you on her Facebook (she didn't know I was a fan of yours and she pointed out this post to me).
Total Eclipse is pure genius! I also like
"The Boys Of Summer"