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DECEMBER 6, 2010 11:12PM

Hipsta-Blogging Green Chile Sauce

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It's winter in most of the country, and for that, I am sincerely sorry. But here in the land of fruits and nuts (AKA California) the growing season is eternal.
I've been a member of a Community Supported Agriculture group (CSA) for nearly four years now, and each year brings its own bumper crop that just never, ever seems to stop. A few years back it was butternut squash. Two or three new ones every two weeks, for months. Last year it was Fuyu persimmons. Couldn't walk into the kitchen without a pile of them falling on my head. 
This year, the endless abundance is New Mexico Chiles.
These buggers are surprisingly hard to use up at a rate of ten/month.
As an aside, I confess I treated myself to an iPhone last week, quite irresponsibly (unless you consider buying one while unemployed a form of Secreting, in which case it was the best way to tell the Universe "I have utmost, unshakable faith I will get a new position at my company in the next two weeks before my job re-homing program expires." I justified it thusly, at least.)
The first non-free app I purchased was the Hipstamatic camera. For $5 (plus a few more for extra effects) it processes photos in a way that makes them look like old photos taken on a toy camera with old film. Suffice it to say I am IN LOVE with this app.
Somehow this evening, the confluence of way too much produce, a hella neato photo app, and nothing much else to do  resulted in a batch of green chile sauce. To DIE for.
I've never made green chile sauce before, so I did what any cook worth her salt (and pepper) would do.
I looked up a few recipes, scanned them for technique, and then completely ignored them for the most part. 
First off: Unless you're seriously in love with heat, you've gotta chop off the head of the chile, crack it open toexpose the evil hot seeds and ribs, and get rid of them. Easy.
 Piece of cake. Hot, spicy cake. 
Repeat X10.
Place the de-fanged and de-clawed chiles skin-side-up on a baking sheet and roast them at 375 for 25 minutes.

Another ingredient I'm drowning in is radishes. Seriously. How many radishes does the average household go through in a week? Because my CSA thinks the answer is "one quart bag."
No, I don't know why the radishes look like fingers. After four years with a CSA, you just stop asking questions.
Fine. I chopped them up, too. And the last damned zucchini, for good measure. Plus an onion. The only truly important ingredient here is the onion. Everything else is just a matter of dietary fiber.
Some of the lens/film combos are better than others. I would not revisit this one.
Throw some butter in a pot. Throw the chopped veggies in the pot. Saute until they're soft and brown and a fond forms in the bottom of the pan.
That thing I said about film/lens combos applies here, too.
Search your spice drawer for cumin. 
 Cumin: Spice of the Mexican Gods. (I love this lens/film combo.)

Add a tablespoon or so of the cumin.
Deglaze the pan with half of the beer you've been idly sipping.
Transfer the whole shebang to the food processor (or a blender) and pulverize.
Put the thoroughly demolished, caramelized veggie mixture back in pot. Add a cup, cup-and-a-half of chicken broth. Yes. I use the stuff in a box.
At the end of the 25 roasting minutes, move the chiles up and broil for a minute or two until you get nice, brown crunkitude in the skin.
Like this.
At this point, the perfectionist chef would remove the skins, as I have here. It rubs right off. Even so, that was too much work, so I thought, what the hell, more fiber.
And I threw the whole lot in the food processor.
This is what happens when you shake to randomize the film/lens combo. Sometimes, you get black-and-white, rather than vivid green. I don't mind.
No, this is not a microscope slide from a college "Diseased Tissues" class. It is a Very Artistic Shot of the contents of the food processor. Really.
Finally, combine the pureed chiles with the other stuff in the pot and simmer for another few minutes.

What's the result?
A subtly sweet, barely spicy, surprisingly buttery, incredibly delicious and shockingly smooth green chile sauce.
Recipe makes three one-cup Snapware containers of sauce.
What do do with this concoction?
It would be incredible over tamales, or nachos, or pork chops, or chicken breast, or on a cheeseburger.
Or just eaten as a salsa with tortilla chips.
I had none of the above.
So I sauteed some shrimp, chopped up some arugula (also from the CSA box) and called it dinner.

 And as I finished the plate, I couldn't help notice that the dog, whom I am sitting for the week while the former Mr. Remedy is on another continent,  suffered through the entire cooking process with nary a whine. 
And appeared utterly forlorn that I didn't share.

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First! Love the camera app, love your food artistry. I want a taste!
you are a goddess, on the same pedestal as my other until now secret object of lusting the divine Nigella. This is lovely, and a perfect use for the abundance of Hatch (or other NM) chiles. thank you thank you.
This sounded fantastic, radishes and all, until you mentioned the arugula. Oh well, I suppose I could pick around it, or feed it to my iguana or something...
big *yes* vote on crunkitude, molto green chilis plus inventiveness and adorable dogs that might want some but don't whine. off to get that hipsta app. that it was an app had heretofore excaped my notice and i *have* an iPhone. hah! i ... will ... catch ... uuuuuup. ;;
Thanks, everybody. Y'all let me know what ingredient you're drowning in and I'll set myself to figgering out a way to get rid of it.

Me and Nigella in the same sentence, Barry? Blush.

A comment from Steve K. always feels like radical approval.

Nana, pick around the arugula. But it's good for you, ya know.

Femme, my dear, I could be persuaded to give you a cup.
That camera app is killer and so are your photos! Do not regret splurging on the iPhone. It will serve you well.

holy jesus. did i actually type "excaped"?? i almost fainted. wait. let me make sure ... yep. shoot me now.
I noticed the "excaped" immediately, but was too kind to mention it. :-|
You didn't share? Ahhh....


I am definitely going to give this a try. Your pictures are so vivid, it makes it impossible not to salivate.
I am not an envious person, but with this post you nearly made me so.

I would have never thought to use a radish in that way, but really, that would be the only way I would get my husband to eat them. You've also just about convinced me that I do need a food processor. I gave mine up to the eldest daughter when her mixer was murdered in a car accident about 12 years ago and have been making do with the blender and good knives.

I'm signing up for CSA this Spring. Just which one I haven't figured out yet. The adventure you describe is worth the price of admission.

PS: I am so going to get that app. It's perfect for what you've done with it here!
First off, ahhhh, cute dog!! I know, I'm a cat, suppose to hiss and show my claws, but well, I'm in love!! Pfffft!! :D

Secondly, the average household needs 2 radishes a century. Trust me, would I lie to you? Go look it up on Google. See? Told you so!!! :D

Thirdly, "Yes. I use the stuff in a box." Teeheehee. Moving on.

Fourthly, I'm pretty sure it IS a slide from a diseased tissue class but shhhh, we won't tell, if you don't!! :D

I am salivating. I love green chilies more than life itself.
The community veggie co-op is too cool! Looking into mine here so I can make some yummy stuff with crunkitude too.
*drool* that looks yummy!
:D your photos made me go look at the app after you posted the wheat (?) and sky pic, and I don't even have an iPhone yet.
Bookmarked for future reference! And I can see why the app is such a worthy find!
Yes, VR, I agree with bbd, you are a goddess, even the recipe sounds a little spicy for never are!
Good morning, everybody!

Hee, Susanne. Yes, you DO need a food processor. There are just some things that a blender can't do. AND you need the CSA membership, AND you need the app. Go forth and purchase. :-) And if you end up with lots of radishes, just add them to other stuff and consider them hidden veggie goodness. Sauteeing them completely destroys their heat.

h-Julie, I'm not entirely sure what that plant you're referencing is, but it's about ten feet tall. Look forward to seeing YOUR shots when you get one. :-)

Owl, let me know how yours turns out!

Bonnie, mmmmmmmmm. Matzo ball soup. Nom.

Tink, the dog would unfortunately go all whacked-out spastic if he saw your fluffy kitty face. Maybe you can send a human representative in your stead. He likes guys.

Valerie, try it sometime. :-) I'd mail some to you but I don't think it'd work. Maybe I should take up canning.

Harlee, believe it or not it's only barely spicy--and thanks.
"Mmmm," he said droolingly.
Hot recipe, hot blogger, both inducing happiness, all's well.
:0( My human rep quit on me yesterday!! Stupid human rep!! ;)
This made my tummy growl with delight -- and hunger. CSAs are funny, aren't they! I have learned to cook chard and escarole in many different ways and have given away surplus radishes too.

Love the photos and the writing.
love green chile - thanks
LOVED this! All of it. The writing, the photos, the dog. Can you see the drool on my screen? Thought so.
Okay, you completely pushed me over the edge to get hipstamatic. I might have to join a CSA, too. And the combo of green chile, shrimp and arugula looks delicious!
rated for "brown crunkitude."

nice app!
That is one amazing app! This was a visual feast.
"These buggers are surprisingly hard to use up at a rate of ten/month."

Not in their native New Mexico. Here in the Land of Enchantment, ten chiles usually get me through lunch...

Lovely cooking and writing. Easy on the Hip, heavy on the chile!

Love the writing and the photos !
I can almost smell that chile! New Mexico chile is the best especially that grown in Chimayo. Que rico!
I can almost smell that chile! New Mexico chile is the best especially that grown in Chimayo. Que rico!
Wow! I'm so impressed with this post! This is so thorough and facinating! I love chilis ever so much! I can't get enough of them, especially lately! Rated!
Love my CSA box. Those radishes are the French Breakfast variety, as opposed to the usual Globe radishes. I usually eat mine within 48 hours of their arrival in our box - I love them and my hubby hates them so they're all mine! One year we received Korean black radishes, along with a spicy slaw recipe that was awesome.
Asian radish varieties tend to be elongated, and French breakfast types are, too. Yours are pretty contorted looking, tho', almost as if they've been grown in rocky soil.