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DECEMBER 21, 2011 5:20PM


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Hat tip to Kent Pitman. What follows is an answer to the White House posted on Facebook by my High School best friend, Sandi, who despite growing up strone-cold poor earned her Master's degree and has a good job at a well regarded university. She is, however, also raising two of her younger sister's children in the Chicago area and still tries to help her desperately poor elderly parents and extended family downstate. 

  • That's a lot of generic-brand groceries for someone ineligible for any form of assistance, yet trying to provide for kids or parents (mind you, $50k earned is more like $35k or less brought home). 
  • A prescription or 2 or a doctor's visit, assuming the person has decent health insurance, which may no longer be true. 
  • It's more that cannot be used to pay for gas or electric for such inconsequential things as heat in the winter or lights or a working refrigerator.
  • It's a few round trips to work (even fewer now if one takes the Metra, which is raising it's rates while the pre-tax limit on transit is being slashed). 
  • It's being able to put a growing child into a new pair of cheap shoes when the old ones finally fall apart and can no longer be glued back together. 
  • It's basic hygiene products, detergent, shampoo, etc. so one can still have some sort of personal dignity. 
  • It's the amount that has to be saved many times over to make a repair to a car that is a lifeline to school, stores, and doctors, especially in most of the country where mass transit is not in place. 
  • It's the amount spent on a phone bill - not for texting and surfing the web, but basic phone usage to be able to call for help, check on family, be able to be contacted by an employer.
  • It's many times more than what a person in that situation often prays to be able to come up with in the days before the next payday.
  • It's what one hopes will be pieced together after bills to be able to buy a present or two for a child to shelter him or her just one more year from the reality that there really is no Santa Claus and those grossing $50k/yr don't qualify for holiday programs. 
  • It's also just part of the amount that same person is likely to donate to others less fortunate because, at that level, one is keenly aware of how much worse it could be and thanks God often that it isn't--at least not yet.
  • It's what someone born into less precarious circumstances and sheltered can't even imagine as being important, let alone critical. 
  • Even worse, it's what vile creatures in power are willing to steal to serve their own selfish, gluttonous, evil interests.

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Seriously. There are tens of millions of Sandis out there in the country struggling ferociously to carve out a piece of the "American Dream." They are being held hostage by sociopaths who are protecting 400 of the richest people (and the corporations they own and control) on earth.

If this doesn't make you spitting, screaming, hair-tearing, torch-and pitchfork mad, you aren't paying attention.
It makes me furious but my fear is that our President, in the end, isn't going to do anything about it.
It's not like Obama can cut payroll taxes without Congressional buy-in. The power to levy taxes belongs to the legislative branch. The executive branch has historically worked with Congress on such matters, but in this case they've gone psycho. When you're trying to negotiate with somebody who is willing to shoot the baby in the head, Roger, I honestly don't know what it's in your power to do.
I know. I agree with that. I guess I'd like to think that he's pushing hard. Not just on this issue but on all of the issues that made me vote for him. You can't negotiate with terrorists or Republicans!
Most of the politicians I know something about can't get to Dante's rings fast enough. You're right, people need to pay attention, but this sure leaves me empty.
It's always been like this, just more people are experiencing it now. The figure for me back in the day was $25, that was how much my apartment rent was raised to start covering the water bill. I framed the notice and wrote underneath that this is what will cause the apocalypse.
it does make me spitting mad, denise. and even though it was a long time ago that i knew in my hungry belly what running out of money before the next payday felt like, it *still* makes me mad. and i'm willing to pay more in taxes to help people who struggle even though i don't, as are a great many of the people i know who can afford to.

it is, as you say, not possible to negotiate with people in congress who are willing to see the economy tank *again* if it means the GOP candidate has a better chance against president obama.

but, unlike roger, i understand that blaming the democrats or the president for what the right wing nuts in congress are responsible for is wrong and, at best, ill-informed. the president can "push hard" all he wants; if the democrats in the house don't have the majority and don't have 60 votes in the senate, nothing happens. nothing. and it's the republicans who are at fault for that, no one else.
This is EXACTLY the point. The point is NOT what politician I like or don't like. The point is Sandi. We've let ourselves get so lost in the political garbage heap that Sandi and the $40 gets lost.

This should be in every news outlet in the country.
A gut-wrenching truth. Ow.
I still remember taking my kids to the soup kitchen while I was going through my divorce. What the Republicans are up to is obscene. I have no words.
I am spitting, screaming, hair-tearing, torch-and pitchfork mad. I hear these heartless bastards talking on TV and Radio and I want them to all be visited by Marley's ghost every night until they get it.
rated with love
I took my (pampered, well-fed, well-dressed) kids shopping today for hats. Warm hats that we're taking to homeless people for Christmas. It's a messed-up world. I'm trying to figure out how to teach my kids to give, and to really see that we have so much.
Congress is fucking irredeemably, irretrievably broken. Those asshats are so removed from the realities of life for the average citizen on all levels, that to expect them to give a damn, take action and do their jobs properly is an exercise in delusionality.
For them-$40 is the equivalent of finding some spare change under the cushions.
I think about this all the time and can't figure out how any
one could live with themselves while others starved and lived in their cars...they deserve it because they are stupid, really? I don't believe it those doing without who are stupid. Time to throw them all out!
Amen to that, and especially the last point!
I need my computer to sound off bells & whistles when you post.

The politics won't change until the politicians feel fear from another direction. Right now the Republicans fear their Tea Party base, while both parties fear the loss of Wall Street campaign funds. The rest of us aren't a perceived threat to the status quo.
WOW! The bitter truth. Sad isn't it AMERICA. It's a sin.