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Virginia Hoge
Pasadena, California, US
June 03
Virginia Olive Hoge is an artist and writer living in Pasadena, California. She was first introduced to Topix when a serious of hostile threads and polls were built on the Pasadena Topix forums which attacked her and her liberal blog. The Topix threads built on Topix for Virginia/Ginny/Olive, now number in the hundreds. She has become one of the most trolled posters ever on Topix, stalked the entire time and is well-known there. A fighter, she has fought back on Topix, defending herself and others there. She jumped onto the National Topix forums to understand better what was going on around the entire Country and beyond, and became familiar with the raw, brutal, coarse, dramatic, violent, and mythical world that is Welcome to the outer-limits of free speech, the Wild, Wild West of Citizen Journalism. She was on Topix for four years. What a odyssey it was.


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JULY 9, 2010 5:15PM

Trolling under the TOPIX company name. Yikes!!

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Corruption is like a ball of snow, once it's set a rolling it must increase. - Charles Caleb Colton


Its bad enough that Topix forums are loaded with trolls. Its bad enough that their automated comment filtering system allows for vulgar profanity and slurs to slip through, bad enough that its hard-to-impossible to have offensive comments removed. Its bad enough Topix threads are loaded with trolls. Its all bad news on when it comes to trolls and how Topix not only facilitates and sponsors trolling, they are built into their profit structure. The flagrant arrogance of the company in regards to trolling, can perhaps be no better illustrated, than by their practice of allowing Topix trolls to post with their OWN company name, TOPIX.

I have written about the bully-trolling practice of name stealing before on Open Salon: Name-stealing trolls on Topix.

But since that time, I have witnessed even greater abuse of this practice. Its not only their targets whose names the trolls steal and use, its Topix's own company name, here defending trolling on Topix:

troll using the Topix company name


What corporation in the entire World would care less about their corporate identity, than to allow a well-known bully troll to use their name? This either illustrates the complete support of Topix for the name-stealing practice of trolls, an especially cruel attack technique, OR implies that they are allowing trolls to speak for their company.

Either way, wtf? 

My own personal stalker troll, Kelly, a Pasadena troll, frequently posts with the name TOPIX, with mocking  commentary, deriding my investigation.

This bully troll has been sooooo entitled by Topix, she mocks any attempt I make to call out the inanity of a troll posting with the name Topix, here on a thread in Palo Alto, California, no less, the home town of the Topix corporation:


Troll named TOPIX in Palo Alto

TOPIX: "this Is outrageous! Thank you for your attention to this situation. Please take and archive any incidents.

Be vigilant they may occur at any time 24 hours a day."

The Pasadena troll is a name-stealer troll who has stolen my name, other commentator's names, the Mayor of Pasadena's name, you name it, she'll take it, and on this thread she uses not only the TOPIX name, she is using my mother's real name, Sarah Payne Hoge, while simultaneosly arrogantly asserting, there is nothing I can do to stop her:


Ginny Hoge wrote: "you are so entitled here on Topix. You post with the company name, you post with my name. You post with my mother's name, you do whatever you damn well please."

Sarah Payne Hoge: "You're damned right I do.

And there isn't a damn thing YOU can do about it!"


If you don't think this is infuriating, think again, and yet she is correct, there isn't a damn thing that can be done about it, Topix backs up this troll 100%. They prove this, among other ways, by allowing her to post with the company name.

Topix can't claim they are unaware of this practice, hardly!! Here a Top Mod, a Topix moderator, has opened up a new thread designed specifically for the Topix trolls to "play" on, named: Everybody get your troll on:


The Top Mod sets no rules:

Top Mod 5:  "See what I did there? I added a t to "roll" (clever clever, eh?)

I was just thinking...people are always talking about TROLLS on Topix...self-identifying as a troll, being accused of being a troll, accusing others of being trolls...why not create a Troll Forum?!

Happy posting folks, do your thing people..."

"Do your thing people"? Yikes!!

Oh wait, the Mod sets one rule, that in this instance only, the trolls refrain from using the Topix company name, something she apologizes for:

Everybody get your troll on...


to which the Pasadena troll replies, as TOPIX:

Well that sucks!

Top Mod 5 wrote: "Oh the reason for that is that no one can have a name with the word Topix in it except for a moderator - sorry :-P -tm5"

TOPIX: "Well that sucks!"


What sucks is that Topix so backs up the bully troll practice of name-stealing on Topix, they allow trolls to use their company name in support of it. Is it possible that any corporation on earth can compare to Topix, in their disrespect and abuse of their corporate identity?

is it?



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The person posting as T0pix gets away with it because he misspells the name.
Topix trolls, you are not going to be able to post your comments here, go back to your Topix sandbox where there are multiple opportunities to speak your limited minds.
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