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Virginia Hoge
Pasadena, California, US
June 03
Virginia Olive Hoge is an artist and writer living in Pasadena, California. She was first introduced to Topix when a serious of hostile threads and polls were built on the Pasadena Topix forums which attacked her and her liberal blog. The Topix threads built on Topix for Virginia/Ginny/Olive, now number in the hundreds. She has become one of the most trolled posters ever on Topix, stalked the entire time and is well-known there. A fighter, she has fought back on Topix, defending herself and others there. She jumped onto the National Topix forums to understand better what was going on around the entire Country and beyond, and became familiar with the raw, brutal, coarse, dramatic, violent, and mythical world that is Welcome to the outer-limits of free speech, the Wild, Wild West of Citizen Journalism. She was on Topix for four years. What a odyssey it was.


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JULY 15, 2010 5:33PM

Incest on Topix. Yikes!! Updated

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[First published 2010]


I wrote this post almost 3 years ago, about the Topix Human Sexuality forums. Nothing has changed on the forum loaded with pedofiles and threads about incest, here are a few recent threads:

i think brother came over my panties

Brother/Sister First Time incest

I had anal with my mom. Anybody have a similar story?

The forum is out of control. Its so bad, even some of the posters there are sick of all the pedofiles on the forum, sick of the child abuse.

One of them posted a thread there about it:

topix, call the police, get rid of peados, track them.

working away dad: I am very sexually liberated, but I am sick to the pit of my stomach of all the child abuse on here. Most of it is probably B/S but it still means there are people who like the idea. I would happily cut the throats of every one of them, along with all their family members. I cannot think of a more henious crime than one of against an innocent child. I can only hope that I catch one someday and torture him for so long and post it on the net, that I gain some gratification and put the fear of god into all that endorse this. I call on every topix user to insist on getting rid of these fu**ing animals.

It is totally probable pedofilia is being spread on the site, that danger to children is coming directly from it. The poster is right to be alarmed.

Others there are very alarmed also, this was posted on Topix also:

sue them all: Topix facilitates this behavior by having a handful of moderators for the hundreds of thousands of forums. Just go to the human sexuality forum and look at all of the open pedophilia on there. They exchange video phone numbers and links so they can watch the kids live. 

What will it take to save America's children from this harm? Why have children been allowed to face this harm and for so long? How much harm to children has gone down, hidden from the public's eyes. Its scary to think about.

Where have the justice forces been that should oversee the safety of children?

Original post

Just when I thought I had seen it ALL on,  I found out I was wrong. I discovered Topix has an entire Human Sexuality Forum section, and wow, take a look at the content:

Topix Human Sexuality Forum


Here is just a small sampling of the thousands of threads on this forum, many of them targeting children. I remind readers that the title of the thread, is just the beginning of the "content", check out the thousands of comments:

Would you have sex with your daughter?


This one is a Topix poll, the options are:     

    •    Yes i'd have sex with her
    •    Foreplay but not full sex
    •    I'd want to, but i couldn't
    •    No cause shes not sexy
    •    No cause shes my daughter

This one is anti-Semitic, one of the many racist threads in this forum:

Jews better at sex than Christians



Note: porn ads are posted all over the place. How convenient for Topix, was the Human Sexuality Forums section created on Topix as a way to get cash from the porn industry?

Any girls ever willingly sucked off their brother?


sample comments:

"James: Did any of you females ever willingly suck off your brother? How old were you and your brother when it happened, and why did you suck him off? Did you enjoy doing it or nto?"

"Papi9-1-2:  My half sister did at first when we were young and later as an adult. She did it like a pro. "

"ARKANSASGRL: I like it when my daddy luvs me! I can't get enough!I don't know why he told me not ta tell mamma.He tells mamma he luvs her. And she luvs him.Whats the big seekrit?? "

Is my son trying to seduce me?


sample comments: "Brenda: I am married 36 y/o hub is serving overseas i got preg at early age by age of 17 i already had a son to cut it short recently i noticed how my older son look at me like checking me out his compliments getting bold and bring me clothes and like to hang on around me i tried to figure out myself how to handle this situation coz honestly it's slowly effectin me and somehow i do like his special attention i just don;t know what to do and how to sort it out i am little scared and feel valunerble around him even when he give me backrubs i feel butterflies"

"Justanotherguy: Even though I can believe it, I still can't! My mom did it with me and I didn't like it and still am bothered by it today! I was too young though. Maybe if she was hot and maybe if I had been older it would have been different!"

 More from the thousands of threads on Topix's Human Sexuality forums:

brother and sister having sex


See Dad's Penis


used pre teen panties


Awkward Kill with mom


Does it really need to be said, that forums like these are an invitation to the perverts of the World? That they well could promote sexual deviance and sexual abuse of children? That they are loaded with pedofiles? The commentators on them beg for email exchanges all the time. And I have no doubt, that it is as difficult to get these threads removed - which carry loads of libel to individuals naming them sometimes by real names - as it is to take off other Topix attack threads.


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Topix trolls, you cannot post your comments here.

It is sickening that anyone would try and defend threads like these.

Only a Topix troll would.

true, Lady Miko, only Topix is much worse than Craigslist, they are in urgent need of reform.
Yikes! Naughtiness on Topix.
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