Virginia Hoge

Virginia Hoge
Pasadena, California, US
June 03
Virginia Olive Hoge is an artist and writer living in Pasadena, California. She was first introduced to Topix when a serious of hostile threads and polls were built on the Pasadena Topix forums which attacked her and her liberal blog. The Topix threads built on Topix for Virginia/Ginny/Olive, now number in the hundreds. She has become one of the most trolled posters ever on Topix, stalked the entire time and is well-known there. A fighter, she has fought back on Topix, defending herself and others there. She jumped onto the National Topix forums to understand better what was going on around the entire Country and beyond, and became familiar with the raw, brutal, coarse, dramatic, violent, and mythical world that is Welcome to the outer-limits of free speech, the Wild, Wild West of Citizen Journalism. She was on Topix for four years. What a odyssey it was.


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OCTOBER 7, 2010 12:30PM

The good in Topix

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He that never changes his opinions, never corrects his mistakes, and will never be wiser on the morrow than he is today. - Tryon Edwards

As a vocal critic of, it is way past time to write this post. I have been on Topix for 2 years and learned so much on that journey.

Yes, the defamation and libel on Topix are over-the-top. But the good news is, the unregulated internet, has yielded something awesome.

Remember, I have said this over and over again but people are surprisingly deaf to this fact, the Internet is a UNTRIED experiment.

Never before have people been able to speak their minds with greater ease and with a greater degree of protection, never able to reach such a wide audience so easily. Never, ever, ever. Its the Wild, Wild West, a Free Speech Utopia, it opens up uncharted fronters in human dialogue, it does.

Topix enhanced this with its minimal moderation, its forums were the Ultimate test of the outer-limits of Free Speech.

Human nature was opened up, in all its hues and ranges, in all its hatreds, in all its rivalries. Idiocy came right up to the top, of course.  However, there were commentators on Topix brave enough and wise enough, to understand that you don't just sit back and let idiots spew, you don't give your power away to them, you confront them and knock them down.

As Chris Tolles says: Let me point out that you all, obviously. are using the site, and the content is all you folks from right here in the neighborhood. You don't like the tone? Change it. It's kind of up to all of you. 

Real courage, the kind rarely displayed, and understanding of what the lack of fear means, are the lessons on Topix for those brave enough to learn them. 

A real democracy formed on Topix. Most of the trolls are not paid, they are there to enjoy the reality, the live theater, the characterization and the escape that Topix makes possible in spades.

ALL agree for the most part, that the bullies are not cool on Topix, and when Topix is used as a tool for disinformation or as a weapon for human harm, this is also not cool, but I do not feel anymore, that the baby should be swept out with the bath water on Topix, not at all.

I feel that with help from the company with much better consideration of the human beings who are Topix’s participants and audience,

Topix could reach the potential initially sought for it, and maintain, even enhance its profit value. The internet is unknown media territory, no one knew what it would breed. A balance needs to be found, while maintaining a place carved out for Topix as the awesome, outer-limits of free speech environment, it is near to being.

 - Ginny Hoge

- - - - - - - - - 

I can only hope that one day Topix appreciates the wealth of talent in commentators that it has on its site. Better than anywhere.

I can only hope, that it one day respects them, and does not view them as threats.

- -



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We all hope EY gets what he deserves.
One thing I realize the longer I am on Topix, is that too many of the complaints lodged at Topix are not taking into account, that too many people stay off their boards and do not comment. Yes, the trolls can be bullies, but bullies need to be stood up to and for most of them, they are surprisingly easy to face if you don't let what crap they say about you, get to you.

There is amazing commenting happening on Topix where people are speaking back and if Free Speech is going to be something people really, really want to have and keep, they have to understand that sometimes it needs to be fought for, stood up for, and it is not going to be easy.
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