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FEBRUARY 21, 2012 7:22AM

Fat Tuesday and where have all the foodies gone?

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Mardi Gras: Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday, who knew it was a day to flip crepes, pancakes, even latkes?  In Michigan it's the start of paczki (Polish jelly donuts) season.  At my request this morning, my husband is in the kitchen fixin' his all-time breakfast favorite, whole wheat blueberry pancakes with pecans. No recipe today. But just for you, we made 'em pretty for the picture.



Listening to NPR’s Splendid Table with Lynne Rosetto Kasper  last Sunday, (February 11)  I heard an interview with Francis Lam, former food editor of Salon - “Big Salon” as it’s called here on Open Salon.  It was a short piece, I can’t even recall the topic, ("ginger milk" - according to a quick google search). But it got me to thinking about all the writers who first welcomed me to this site.


I didn’t originally set out to blog about food when I joined Open Salon in November 2011.  It didn't take long, however, to get hooked on Salon’s Kitchen Challenge. Within a few posts, I found myself blogging along with the best in a warm and friendly circle of writers whose work I thoroughly enjoyed.    


Go to Salon today, pull down its “Full Menu” and you'll find the cupboard bare. Nothing new on food. Not one recipe.  Not a crumb, but what's left in archive files.  And even then you have to hunt.  


And so. . . on this Fat Tuesday, in tribute to the writers - the cooks and  bakers  - those who dreamed up recipes in their night kitchens and whipped up their luminous dishes for our entertainment on 68 consecutive weeks of  “Foodie Tuesdays,” let's raise a virtual glass in a virtual  toast:


First to Emily, our Editor and Francis Lam . . .  now Features Editor at Gilt Taste,  and tweets at@francis_lam 


And here's to

Lucy Mercer,  PB&J on Open Salon, A Cook and Her Books, also on Food52 


Linda Shiue, doctormamma on Open Salon, Beautiful Memorable Food on Food52 ,  and spicebox travels


FusunA, an Eclectic Writer with wide appeal 


Theresa Rice, Amusing Ma Bouche  


Grace Hwang Lynch,Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That  and HapaMama and @HapaMamaGrace


Felicia Lee,Always Hungry on Open Salon, 


Walter Blevins,  Cheap Bastid on Open Salon


Femme Forte aka Candace, A Strong Woman 


Bellwether Vance, Hounds to the Left 


Christine Geery, Heaven Goes by Favor 


 Elizabeth Kirby, 


Paul Hinrichs, Playing with My Food


Lisa Kuebler, The Little Good Ride 


(So many more, let's not forget. Leave their names in comments) 



More Food Favorites









And fine food websites & blogs 



Gilt Taste 


La Tartine Gourmande


Blue Kitchen


Marcy Goldman, Better Baking

 Chocolate and Zucchini

 Smitten Kitchen




Michael Ruhlman


Mark Bittman




 Thanks for dropping by. 







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Thanks for posting this great list, Vivian! :) I really enjoy your recipes and ideas!

Some other great foodies here on OS are Bellwether Vance, Christine Geery, & Elizabeth Kirby. I also nominate Art James as a foodie, for his delicous linguine with beets, pine nuts & goat cheese recipe, his amazing food & beverage ideas sprinkled throughout his comments, and especially because Art is a voice for fresh, local foods and sustainable agriculture here on OS. :)
Excellent list. Don't forget Bellwether Drool Drool Vance, who serves up an edgy smokin' story with every recipe. Her Tuesday posts are a one two punch in the head then tummy.

Nice looking pancakes!!
I remember the Foodie Tuesday days as I came in just on the tail end of them. I started off blogging about my eating disorders and here I am today posting foodie porn. Everything changes and then changes again. Thank you for this excellent reminder of days gone by. I think the movie Julia/Julie got me into OS and probably lots of others. I hate to see Foodie Tuesday go away completely.
I agree Vivian, for some reason the rollicking fun and originality of Foodie Tuesday disappeared. I have (to quote Tink) to blame Ed-I-Tor for it with the "themed" weeks which shoved the spontaneity aside in a quest for a weekly contest.
Lack of readership and other personal and economic considerations have relegated me to not really wanting to get a bit goofy and over the top with being the "Cheap Bastid".
Two last things--1)let's really hand it to Gary "From the Midwest" who as a virtual "one man show" has kept Foodie Tuesday alive. 2)let's get on Emily and encourage her to do something to reincarnate Foodie Tuesday.
And absolute last, I have a new website/blog Cheap-Bastid-Cooks.com. I'm trying to put my focus (and SEO energies there).
It is such a shame that there is very little now .. I do not think the FOODIES have waned as everyone watches the Food network etc in droves.
I just think they were run out of town on the nearest food truck.
many high fives to those that continue to write and Gary "From the Midwest" should have a cookbook out
Gary C... aka "from the midwest" should be mentioned.

I would have to guess, though it's kind of sad, that big Salon
dropped it for lack of readership, as they were necessarily
paring down.

Happy Mardi Gras! I have those EXACT beads hanging by my door.
This was wonderful Vivian.
SKC. . . Those were the good old days. I miss many other posters such as Paul Hinrichs with his fascinating experiences and Lisa Kuebler among others too. I think if someone headed a folder called Foodie, like Fiction, the hidden talent like Elizabeth Kirby and other not so well knowns would surface.
Thanks for the lovely photos, Vivian.
Foodies rule and so do you plus all these other folks as well. I would love to add Simply Thai Cooking by Byron Ayanoglu which ranks 1st in Thai books on most days at Amazon Canada & USA occasionally and his foodie minded opus "Crete on the Half-Shell".
Thanks for noticing and leaving your comments...I'm starting the day with hot yoga (check out the previous post if you wish) ... And a new recipe for Bourbon St. pancakes... Will update the list of cooks and keep you posted.
Emily killed Foodie Tuesday. Simple as that. It became a "contest" where food played second, even third fiddle to narrative and pretty pictures. People got fed up, and rightly so. So they left. And one entire and popular feature . . . of OS was simply wiped out.
Thanks to all of you here who mentioned me by name . . .