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Vivian Henoch

Vivian Henoch
Northville, Michigan, USA
June 17
Writer and editor:myJewishDetroit.org
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FEBRUARY 3, 2013 9:04PM

The Road Less Traveled

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Groundhog Day on Five Mile Road




Northville, Michigan: from our door it’s 30 seconds to the gas station, grocery store, Einstein Bagel, CVS, Jet Pizza and Home Depot.   

Typical suburban sprawl. Four minutes to the freeway, 20 minutes, give-or-take, east to the airport, or west to the campus of U of M in Ann Arbor; 25 minutes barreling across I-96 on a good day to get all the way downtown.  Detroit.  


and yet. . .


strangely, here we find ourselves on a country road,


so close and yet so far removed from where we live and what we know. 





Just 10 minutes from our doorstep, Five Mile Road turns from asphalt to dirt, a road less traveled. 






Something magical happens in the snow here, in the camera lens and the gloaming of late afternoon.  A different light. 



The road bends as snow falling silently covers our tracks.  


Heading home, in an Andrew Wyeth painting, we know we’ve been somewhere. Else.  






Photos: VHenoch

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I love those snowflakes against the background of the red bard. The light is different on the road less traveled. Thank you for this relief from the sunshine here in Southern California.
I too have found the doorway to that other place - is it a planet......?

It smells different, feels different, sounds different, looks different, and even the snowflakes taste different. It is a place that has room for people and time for them too; where you can hear every silence more clearly than any sound....


So glad I'm reading this while sitting by the fire. Brrrr. (love the red barn, and all of your wonderful pcitures, Viv.)
[r] absolutely awesome, pix and commentary! in the gloaming! love that word. best, libby
They're all captivating and the snow adds a lovely still quality to your photos. It's hard to believe "civilization" is so nearby because there's an old-fashioned feel to them. I love the muted colors. The last one is my favorite.
A road worth traveling on a snowy day. I love the little bursts of color showing through.
Lovely, Vivian. ~r
I had to come by and take another look. Your pictures have a way of transporting the viewer. The silo, with the vines growing up it and those huge tractor tires, is so cool.
so good to see you posting, vivian. this one is a pure treat for someone who misses those solidly grey skies and unmarked snowy fields and roads. i love how sometimes in a photograph falling snow looks like tiny white explosions, almost like silent fireworks. beautiful work.
'So God Made a Farmer'
Fantastic, thank you!
Wow! It's been a long time in returning, but I'm so happy to see Open Salon alive and well, up and running. Good to see so many familiar names and faces. . . and thanks to Jacob for the E.P. A nice surprise, out of the blue today!
I loved these shots. There are few days when I really miss my snowy Michigan, but today was one of those days. Congrats on a photo EP - rare indeed and well deserved.
Vivian So deserving of an EP because i felt transformed or as if I live on another planet and was so moved to see yours. R
Great Winter photos. Robert Frost would feel at home there.
Northville appears to be a very appropriate name for your town! I only see snow in photos anymore, so thanks for sharing.