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SEPTEMBER 25, 2012 1:53PM

Football: The refs got it right.

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Greenbay and Seattle. Isaw the push. I saw Jennings catch the ball first. I saw Tate get a piece of the ball second. Tate still had a piece of the ball when the refs showed up. Tate and Jennings had the ball at the top of the pile. The ball was thrown to a Seahawk and a Seahawk came up with a piece of it.  

The refs make the same call when the ball is at the bottom of the pile. When the refs dig the pile out they see who has the ball and they call it, even if the guy who had the ball first had the ball taken away before the refs arrived.

Tate made a good push. Stop crying. Football players get away with all kinds of pushes and shoves and things that the refs never see. And it happens in every game, just ask a football player. They will tell you: PLEASE BELIEVE IT.

The real NFL refs are not gods, they are just the best at what they do. They have blew some big big calls and have had big big no calls. and they are the best and i would take them over the replacements.

The replacement refs got it right. Don't blame them. Blame the Greenbay defense. They let it happen. Besides i don't like Geenbay and I only love them because they are americans.


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