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software engr, young at heart. coding from early age. "digital brain" but with lots of feelings too. writing here mainly to publicize a few key issues, let off some steam, & for the feedback. plz write me comments, very much appreciated!! even on old posts!! helps me gauge reader interest/ reaction & steer direction of new posts. oh, and IMs often make my day & I usually reply. and long IM conversations are my favorite.

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In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. —Orwell 
hi all. its been awhile since blogging on 911 here, over a year. foreshadowed this post/ topic in a recent post on the mass media. have been waiting for an opportune moment to unleash a… Read full post »

hi all, snowden is the gift that just keeps on giving. the poitras doc won best documentary at the oscars. this is an impressive going-out-on-a-limb moment for hollywood and a also like a "big cojones" prize for poitras. hollywood is sometimes averse to controversy & other times embraces it, ther… Read full post »

hi all, its kid-in-a-candy-story moment for me with 50shades of gray finally making it to theatres, the sig other was very curious about this movie & so we played hooky (from babysitting) & went to go see it yesterday. anyone else see it? hope to hear opinions. even if you didnt,… Read full post »

pantsonfirehi all can you believe this wild brian williams news? was he outright consciously lying? the difference between embellishment and lying is a bit tricky sometimes. the strange situation is that brian williams is probably not much different than he ever was, but what has shifted is tolerance fo… Read full post »
hi all this post is scheduled for valentines day. HAPPY LUV DAY!

poly is an occasional topic around here. its been awhile, an entire year. holy cow! thats a long time to wait. poly is about both patience and impatience.

had a lot of fun over the years on… Read full post »
hi as my grandfather used to say "another day, another dollar". or another ~¼ year, another few trillion dollars to the wealthy, another few dozen links in a blog (only my ~18th on economics/ wealth inequality so far).

obama refd the middle class and wealth inequality in his state of the… Read full post »
hi all. last wks latest notorious criminal incident in france is rattling. but, timing is everything, so continuing on a theme. have collected misc links on this subject for quite awhile & figure now is as good as any time to unleash them.

have been studying psychology rather deeply last fe… Read full post »
n-CHARLIE-HEBDO-570hi all. @#%& can you believe this news?

it seems we get a murderous rampage/ massacre on civilians about once every few years somewhere in the world, they are clearly not limited to the US and its admittedly gun-crazy culture, although we probably get "more than our share"
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DECEMBER 31, 2014 11:28AM

sony hack, blackhat movie, cybersec

hi all can you believe this sony hack? enough to move snowden/ NSA revelations off the front page. a major modern Matrix manifestation/ incursion for sure.

sony has a history of being hacked. its ps3 network got hacked a few years ago & is now hacked again. not sure why… Read full post »
messengerhi all. so the cia torture report drops. merry xmas!

far worse than a lump of coal in a stocking. more akin to a severed body part.

a few thoughts on this.

its a small miracle that the report has seen the light of day after many… Read full post »
citizen4hi all. the snowden leaks are the gift that just keeps on giving ~1½ year later. the manning/assange leaks are said to be the largest leak in the history of US government. snowdens were significantly higher security clearance and probably significantly more damaging, and revealing.

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hi all. unleashing this 36th gender & sexuality zeitgeist link haul. the internet seems to be really sparking some amazing dialog in this area. also, psychology and sexuality research is quite prominent both in span and media attn these days. (some of this is just simple rediscovery/ touting of b… Read full post »
hi all. in computers there is a remarkable emergent concept called "thrashing" which takes place between a cache/ memory for disk, and accesses to the disk. a cache normally optimizes retrieval of frequently accessed areas of the disk. if one is attempting to run a large application that cant fit in… Read full post »

hi all, was browsing my top rated posts recently & my 2nd top post is a compilation of best open salon writing from ~2½ yrs ago. in that post also mentioned that it would be fun to do a compilation of open salon meetups. while reminiscing, finally got the urge to bang that o… Read full post »

OCTOBER 24, 2014 12:06PM

ebola hits NYC! horrid halloween 2014

potd-ebola_3057791bhi all. isnt this post-summer year starting off as beyond imagination?

US-ISIS war started in September.
''From a marketing point of view,'' said Andrew H. Card Jr., the White House chief of staff who is coordinating the effort, ''you don't introduce new products in August.'' [nyt]
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Tank-Man1hi all. timing this with the protests about democracy in hong kong. they remind me of the pivotal one in tianamen square. its long been noted as strange & ironic that some foreigners are more patriotic and idealistic and risk far more about democracy & democratic ideals than many amer… Read full post »
epa_usa-hurricane-sandy-aftermathhi all. timing this post with NYC march & global climate awareness efforts.

"systemic breakdown" is a phrase that didnt make much sense in my youth but now seems to have a glimmer of reality.

have not written much on Climate Chg on this blog, but have been… Read full post »
050614nsahi all. its been about a year post-snowden and what a different world it is. as they say "for better or worse". a bit of both. some serious pain. the pain will probably continue. but at least a light has been shone on a dark place. snowden hasnt been kidnapped… Read full post »
hi all

sometimes have the feeling of drowning in all this econ info. when the US economy is buzzing, nobody talks about the economy. when its in the tank, its a huge topic. but thats now been the case for ~6yr. its exhausting, stultifying at times. occupy wall st was… Read full post »
rtr42cvkhi all. Ferguson is already fading from headlines, but its a perfect occasion to spill out some collected links on the topic and disturbing trend of police militarization in the US (but of course its also generally a worldwide phenomenon).

this blog has been sensitive to the issue
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@#%& WTF! what is this ISIS thing? it seemed to come out of nowhere. is it a big deal, or not? up until just a few weeks ago, was thinking they might within some time break apart into pieces and maybe slink back to the hell holes they came
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hi all. its only been ~4mo since my last post on the subj but my bookmarks overfloweth with links. whats up with that? there seems to be a huge explosion of striking sexuality-related content this year over the spring/ summer. or maybe its just me? seriously, there is possibly some at… Read full post »
hi all. bored out of my mind here again at the fortune 500 company. its that edgy boredom where I still have deadlines and certainly should be doing some real work, but just cant muster the willpower in the face of thin/ impossibly sketchy/ contradictory expectations/ demands/ conflicting signals. ca… Read full post »
hi all. its a milestone & paradigm shift. never thought Id write this post, but am doing it for some personal closure (and a big pile of links and the bergdahl scandal-du-jour frenzy!). honestly, did not ever expect to write this post.

the USWarmachine has been a big political topic… Read full post »
92214_600hi all. my 5yr blog anniversary on this site came up on early april. bittersweet. overall the experience has been positive but its painful to see this site slowly drift/fade into oblivion. there is just no other good alternative around... will just write another post in full denial of sky-has… Read full post »