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APRIL 10, 2009 8:51PM

9/11 conspiracy, not for the fainthearted or weakminded

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hi all, here is my 2nd post. it doesnt really fit anywhere else in cyberspace that I hang out at (although Ive been "hanging out in cyberspace" for something close to 3 decades I guess), so Im posting it here. its a little experiment to see how obscure it will remain on this site based on the content.

if I were better at marketing I would do more of a striptease and not post this right away, waiting for building interest in my Cyber Blog Brand after the 1st post. but Im impatient & not in the mood for that right now. have to get something off my chest that has been on here for many years.

I have been following 9/11 conspiracy theories loosely for many yrs. I must admit, I did not really have an initial interest. it just wasnt my thing.

look, hear me out. dont change the channel. dont do a mental eye-roll. Im not a wacko. not a freak. just a regular guy, as much as that is possible, wink. I have a good job, a family. (ok well I admit my brother is probably a schizophrenic, and maybe I have a few of those errant genes floating around in my neurons too... but thats a whole other post...)

oh yeah, sure, after 1995 I did a web site on the OKC bombing posting many conspiracy writings. and then there was TWA800 that seemed like the government was suppressing evidence.

but conspiracy theory is sort of like a hot woman. theres the zing of initial attraction, but after awhile [speaking as a representative male of the species] something in your brain switches somewhere. some errant neuron. and then it doesnt exactly grow stale, but just "not as fresh". theres just other diversions and distractions somewhere else. I could be watching a rihanna or hilary duff video or whatever.

but then many yrs ago, my sort of straight-and-narrow, overly literal friend named W. tells me about "building 3". I was thinking, "oh no, not again". and then we're both off and running again, trading bits of wild internet items/snippets in emails over the years.

to me, the whole official scenario for 9/11 melts away with only the words "building 3". someone could make a great movie called "building 3". I guess, they kind of already have. its called "loose change". I havent seen it yet. intend to at some pt. just not yet in the mood.

but, within the last few years, another thread of exposure has opened up. it has to do with SCIENCE. you know, the thing that Bush flunked in school while he was drinking with his drinking buddies.

here we have a university professor Jones [links below at end] who probably lost his job due to his intense SCIENTIFIC interest in researching 9/11. I mean, if he hasnt lost his job yet, its probably hanging by a thread. he reminds me a lot of
ward churchill. hell, churchill is just kind of a circus sideshow compared to Jones. Jones is the real thing. and the MSM has to distract the public from the truth with whatever shiny object lying by the side of the road it can find, right?

whats the difference between a shiny object lying by the side of a road and an IED? theres a joke here somewhere. a few possible punchlines. which dont necessarily make sense. this is a postmodern joke. (I will expand on the zen joke in later posts if there are enough requests in the comments.)

a) an IED can only give you brain damage.
b) for awhile americans cared about IEDs.
c) IEDs brought the US military, the Imperial Command, the Military Industrial Complex, to its knees.

anyway, Professor/Scientist Jones has applied the most sophisticated scientific instruments known to man to analyze 9/11 dust. the kind of thing you think your expensive govt, which you pay with daily with your wages, spent tens of millions of dollars investigating 9/11 ... might do. oh yeah, and dozens of congressmen. with subpoena power. zillions of hours of televised hearing on CSPAN. and the govt engineering agency NIST. et cetera. ad nauseam.

its all pretty @#%*^*( worthless if it cant get at the truth can it? but thats exactly the case. the truth is slippery. the truth is Out There but its hard to nail down. the truth may never be nailed down. contrary to television, you wont find the answer within 30 minutes, commercials included (22 minutes if you exclude commercials).

you may not even find the truth in your own lifetime. in fact, Im sure you wont. probably even Jesus, incarnation of God in flesh, didnt find the truth in his own lifetime.

"You want the TRUTH??? you cant HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!"
--Jack Nicholson, Few Good Men

"Most ppl stumble over the truth from time to time, but go on and pick themselves up as if nothing had happened"
--Winston Churchill

"A great many ppl think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices"
--William James

"Humankind cannot bear very much reality."
--T.S. Eliot

as that old conspiracy web site called disinfo said as its motto, "everything you know is wrong". wow, thats an oldie. probably dates to the mid90s or so??

so does anyone listen to professor Jones? of course not. just as nobody listens to me, or is actually reading this post. this post might as well not even exist. there is nothing here to look at folks, please move along.
this is a crime scene, this is an accident, but there is nothing here for you civilians to see. cows. cattle. sheeple. mooooo. just keep moving along. dont worry about it. dont think about it. go to sleep. go watch TV. of course, 7 years after 9/11, the story is well known and has been in various hollywood movies.

speaking of which. you can take the red pill, or the blue pill. see how far down the rabbit hole goes. or of course, you'll sleep way better with the blue pill. zzzzzzzzzzzzz. with those robotic electrodes attached to your skull & your body floating in the gel-pod.

The Matrix

if somebody writes a blog, and nobody reads it, does it exist? this blog is dedicated to answering that question. today, right now, this nanosecond, the answer is NO.

hmmm, what if I paid you money to click on the links below?? how about $5???

if you disbelieve the government, on something so substantial, so world-shattering, so reality-encompassing, on that path lies madness. or at least something akin to schizophrenia. to writing bizarre, conspirational posts at your fortune 500 company that could get you fired easily if somebody knew you were writing them instead of some stupid @#%&*^* worthless paper about Infostream.

people like that belong in a mental institution with wires attached to their heads. ... I guess I am just a case of a "near miss".

not that anyone would ever know or find out about my clandestine/ extracurricular blogging activities except the corporate Espionage Engineer, wink.. no rational reason for any kind of PARANOIA right???

Even dirtier IT jobs: The muck stops here

like mel gibson in that great movie with julia roberts. anyone seen it? story of my life. except for the julia roberts part. :p  my girlfriends have been much better looking & better in bed. :p

Conspiracy Theory


or like those crazy writer dudes. like a cyber version of hunter s. thompson. or william burroughs. who accidentally shot his own wife in the forehead during a drunken bar game. yeah, thats the kind of madness Im talking about now. got a problem with that?? WHAT THE @#%*^* ARE YOU LOOKING AT, HUH???

(man, cyberspace is a sort of godsend outlet for mentally unstable people. you know how they all seem to have a sort of mania for collecting bits and pieces, detritus of pop culture? creating a sort of patchwork quilt in their shopping carts and minds??? isnt putting urls everywhere in a post kinda like the 21st cyber version of that??? heh love it)

Q. is there any string of words that I can put together that would make you care? any sequence of symbols, effecting your brain? some stream of consciousness that could change consciousness?? that could change the world so that the truth is revealed and even the ultimate, most far-reaching lies of our lives, of our consensus reality, are dissolved? melted in sunlight like the wicked witch of the east?

("sunlight is the best disinfectant" --brandeis)

that could change the world weather, like the way the flapping of of a butterfly's wings today in the northern hemisphere could "cause" or "trigger" a tornado in the southern hemisphere tomorrow?

A. of course not. its exactly as futile as Hunter S. Thompson realized.

P.S. no I havent done any drugs. other than caffeine, alcohol, nicotene as a teenager. and not very much of any of it either.


Study claims 'highly engineered explosive' found in WTC rubble

Chemical Traces of High Explosives in WTC Debris

Military Whistleblower Claims She Witnessed Flight 93 Shootdown Order


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One needn't resort to infowars or raw story to conclude that the 9-11 commission was a government sponsored whitewash, There are so many threads to this story that are the stuff of a poorly written sci-fi novel.

The israeli connection, art students, indeed! The hole in the pentagon which could never have been made as neatly as shown by a commercial airliner. The haste with which the "debris was carted away to a Staten Island landfill. The 30 minute NORAD stand-down. The transport of the Saudi Bin Laden family out of the country when such flights were still forbidden. The massive mysterious stock market short selling on September 10th. The purported comments of larry Silverstein, the developer and owner of Bldg. Seven. Thirty additional minutes reading the goat story by potus, etc. etc. etc.

The number of unanswered questions that lead to further unanswered questions are reminiscent of an Escher etching. Will the truth ever be known? Perhaps in thirty or more years, when we are embarked on further adventurism such that nobody will much care.

The STORY IS, however, out there, for those who choose to know. just go to YouTube and start listening to the variety of voices commenting on just a few of the factors I enumerated above, and then, perhaps, you may have a clue why mr. obama and mr. holder are so adamantly re-enforcing the unconstitutional bush/cheney "state secrets" obfuscations.

If one really believes that JFK was the victim of single deranged shooter, one needn't spend the time looking further into that fateful day in September which has ultimately lead us to the disastrous conditions we find ourselves in today.
I am willing to consider that our government shot down flight 93. But for what purpose would they collude with Saudi terrorist "pilots" and demolish the World Trade Center?
I don't know, it sounds plausible. I did have the feeling that Bush and co. were evil. Not deliberately but because they were so misguided.