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OCTOBER 14, 2009 10:34PM

beautiful women of open salon gallery VIII, clickable pics

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yep, its that time again. I admit I was waiting a little longer than usual this time. I got flamed kinda bad on the last one. piled on! its strange how you guys [thats gender neutral guys] are all bipolar out there. you either love it or hate it, it seems. I also have another theory, that if I just remind you all that this is free advertising for all the ladies, maybe you wont flame me so much. (remember, just click on the pic to go to their blog)

and some of 'em are already mad at me from my snarky comments on their blogs.. (I snark, therefore I am...) even deleting em.. without even seeing this post yet!! I called one lovely lady here a "cougar" after she wrote a stereotypical post on that, and BAM.. wiped out buddy. I compared her to Courtney Cox. yeah I guess you just cant win sometimes.

which reminds me, I just found this article on cougars in the NYT, whaddya think? it tastefully and politically correctly avoids naming them that in the title at least.... only to jump in starting at the 1st sentence.... blam!! take that!!

Rethinking the Older Woman-Younger Man Relationship

why do I do this? Im sure it relates to some kind of weird psychological trauma I suffered as a child. just like Hugh Hefner did, presumably. thanks to skip williamson, one of the more interesting writers on open salon, old playboy art contributer/editor, for this brilliant pictoral history. and john blumenthal, old playboy editor, for the fascinating glimpse into the dark recesses of Hef's lair.. this is the kind of brilliant writing that reminds me why Im on & regularly read open salon.

The Unauthorized Cartoon Biography of Hugh Hefner

Playboy Never Used the Really Sexy Pix

fyi, this is my 6mo anniversary of my 1st post on Open Salon. Ive run into quite a bit of commotion in my time. some of that of course is due to my scintillating personality & posts, but of course other parts of that are due to the scintillating crowd on here. hope you enjoy this little slice of the scintillation.

thanks for the fun and all that other stuff too. the truth is, the thing that got me to post here in the 1st place, and to keep coming back, is the comments. no matter how h8ful. in fact the h8ful ones I sometimes laugh at the most.

beautiful OS women gallery archives 

part 7
part 6
part 5
part 4
part 3
part 2
part 1

 kaui Hemmings

Jeanette DeMain

Erin L McCoy

Jenny Vidal

Natasha Binski

Sarah Janovich

Alexandra Smith



Judith Klassen

diana ayala

Fifi Theone



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Oh God.............he did it again!
Um, Einstein? My avatar isn't a photo of a real person; it's a CG image. Don't you normally just lech after avys that are pictures of actual women?
hey mabd, you fooled me in the beauty turing test. cant win em all. but thanks for the clarification. but.. I guess you should be happy about successfully "faking it" wink
hey CA thanks for droppin by.. glad you didnt disappear. your blog is just too weird & creepy for me sometimes (ewwwwwww), but you're always a kick to chat with.
did you say nanothermite? twin towers? asimov? gibson? oh you didnt say gibson, but that reminds me.... dude I found the perfect thing for you. science fiction writer tom sawyer who's written some pretty good stuff came up with a 911 conspiracy novel. just the ticket for a rabid denier such as yourself. maybe it will be the little splinter in your mind, driving you crazy, wink..

no place to run, by tom sawyer

actually I hope this novel catches on ala neuromancer. unlikely, but one can always hope. Im optimistic in some ways & not others, wink
hey CA, its hard to tell if you're serious sometimes, but I wish you the best of luck, although being an advocate of "ethical nonmonogamy", I encourage you to 1st seek permission to take off from flight control, I mean, the significant other, wink
hey CA, I hate to tell you this, maybe you can land a 21hardbody [damn Im envious] but you're still tragically unhip/uncool when it comes to conspiracy theory.. even a B writer like Sawyer is onto the truth. I know you're a "promiscuous" reader, so are ya gonna check his book out??
lets take a little quote out of that article, IN CASE YOU MISSED IT

Sawyer said, “I absolutely, passionately believe that 9/11 was enabled by forces and interests high up in America-both government and commercial-people who knew it was in work could have prevented it, but decided instead that it offered an excuse for another war. Something upon which our entire economy and incredible prosperity has depended since World War II. Something that, as 2001 neared its end, it was time for once again.”
free lectures in return for housework? dude, thats a girls wet dream haha. yeah I like how those dictators have big harems. shows real human nature at work. or male human nature I guess. saddam hussein had a few wives and the saudi arabian sheiks have huge harems, some of them. geez, I should watch a documentary-- its as exotic as "wild planet" or something.....
I know what you mean about "public service", thats why I write half my blog posts.... someday the world will recognize my genius.... or as the pussycat dolls sing, "maybe next lifetime... possibly".... or you could entertain them with crazy SF/fantasy stories like neuromancer, or lets see, maybe sawyer? or lets see, maybe the official Govt version of 911? yeah I bet that would really get 'em excited.... more from the article on that....

He outlined the entire 9/11 scenario: future hijackers known to be taking flight training, supposedly not monitored; the lack of USAF fighter planes in the Northeast Corridor and anywhere near Washington, DC on that day; and the “confusion” in which long-standing, previously followed protocols about what should happen when airplanes are hijacked or even go off course, were ignored.

“It was clear then, and now, that something was certainly not kosher,” he said. “In the writing trade, we refer to such things as ‘plot conveniences,' devices that, in fiction, are so obvious that they are to be scrupulously avoided.”
I don't know why, but I feel the need to inform you that sarathered's avatar is of Barbra Streisand and lovinfeelin's is of Mariah Carey.
thx for update CB. curses, foiled again.
beginning to think this is harder & prone to more hazards than what the FBI does.
Gee, wasn't expecting this...now I have no idea how to answer your question!

I think it's a great collection, the comments...yeow!
Ok...you do know that some of these are not really their pics.
Ok...you do know that some of these are not really their pics.