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NOVEMBER 13, 2010 8:45PM

911-- wild experiments with thermate, & Building What video

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hi all, a few new developments in 911 analysis since I last wrote. Ive added some of these links to my large 911 post.

a brand new video. jonathan h. cole, professional engineer investigates via scientific/physical experiments the use of thermite to cut steel. he proves that all of the following points are FALSE as investigated in mainstream hatchet jobs media analyses such as BBC news and nat'l geographic. even those supposedly cool, hip, fearless and edgy guys at mythbusters turn out to be quivering wussies against seriously investigating 911 related physics. [too bad, it seems to be approaching the status of the Mother of All Myths....]

watch the video and see if you believe your own eyes.... his findings are in direct contradictions to mainstream reports. he's got some nice ingenuity going on here.

exercise for the reader... whats wrong with the picture?
  • can thermitic material melt steel? [yes]
  • can it cut steel horizontally or vertically? [yes]
  • does it take massive quantities to do any real damage? [no]
cole asks why "they" used thermite instead of conventional explosives to destroy WTC. he concludes that its quietness was a key design criteria. with the tradeoff being that its not quick or instantaneous. following is a 15m video; you can skip to the interesting parts. the explosions and cutting are very impressive.


elsewhere this Building What commercial aired in NYC around the same time as the midterms. its to raise awareness of Bldg 7 & push for an investigation. hit the web site to find out about them. and as they say in NY, "good luck with that"



here's a new video from one of the earliest scientists who analyzed the material, Mark Basile, chemcial engineer, who verified the existence of exothermic red chips in the 911 dust.

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Very interesting and thorough. Thanks for posting this. R.
vzn I have completely given up on posting anything truthful about 9/11 on OS or for that matter anyplace else and have even erased all those links I was showing you. First: the subject go’s over like a Martin Luther King speech at a Klan rally. Second: Americans have no remorse quit kidding yourself. Third: it puts you on certain radar screens you don’t want to be on (I like my enemy’s in front of me). Never the less I admire your persistence and salute your patriotism but excuse me now I have dirty filthy Moslems to kill. Death to dead Goat Herders!
JH, I dont fully disagree, although speaking of MLK, he said-- "a man that does not stand for something will fall for anything"