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APRIL 15, 2011 11:22PM

pakistan orders HALT to US WARBOTICS INC.... NOT!! HAHAHA

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hi all. Ive been collecting links on what I call Warbotics for several years now and waiting for just the right opportunity to post on it. Ive been waiting a long time. I figured there were pretty good odds that some nasty little outrage would get the US public talking. like what happened at abu graib. or with blackwater shooting all the civilians. its an accident just waiting to happen. hell, it HAS happened already, many times over.

unfortunately, the silence is deafening. I chalk it up to the extremely thick coverup and propaganda on the subject. what you might call.... the Code of Silence. =)

what happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?

what happens when a depraved outrage meets the american "mind"?

and I do use the word "mind" here in a very loose and haphazard way. you know, in literary juxtaposition to the streamlined millimeter accuracy and razor thin tolerances of the Drones.

oh well, a boy can still dream. I still think its just a matter of time.

is it just me, or is Warbotics in this country quite out of control? in less than a decade its gone from 0 to Dystopian. can Apocalypse be far behind? this has all occured with barely any debate by the public. the public is comatose, congress is comatose.

look, Im a software engineer and I think robotics is one of the coolest and most promising inventions of mankind. it just really PISSES ME OFF that the main way that its being developed is through the Corporate Warmachine. ok, of course this is no surprise, many of the greatest inventions and innovations of humans are surrounded by war.

so not much has changed in the 2 millenia since Archimedes lived, created his own unheard-of/ingenious/unparalleled/revolutionary warmachines, and eventually died at the hands of a roman soldier. run through by a spear. considered one of the 3 greatest mathematicians who ever lived. have you heard that story? of course not. one of the most important in all of human "civilization", an epitomizing metaphor for modern human history, and barely anyone knows it. oh well, maybe they will make a movie someday. maybe if brad pitt stars in it, a few people might actually see it. [or george clooney. at least he was good in Syriana.....]

oh yeah and the Internet was invented by Darpa. who is also behind the Grand Challenge road race for robotic cars. you know, the WAR DEFENSE ADVANCED RESEARCH PROJECTS AGENCY

* * *

about 1 century ago Tesla was interested in robotics and made some advances. he wrote briefly of a future involving Warbotics. he did so in an idealistic way, suggesting that it could save lives. yeah, sort of like the atom bomb saved lives, right? all those lives in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I like tesla a lot [he also invented neon signs, one of my favorite things in the world] but he certainly had an eccentric Strangelovian side that was way ahead of his time.

thats the Strange[lovian] thing-- in our world, if you imagine terrible death and destruction due to highly technological, insanely finetuned to the nth degree mechanized warfare, that would either make you an amazingly accurate Visionary or just stating the blindingly obvious.

anyway, the big news [which of course you havent heard] is that Pakistan has officially pushed back against the US drone policy, ordering a halt. I think this was swiftly reversed as Ive heard in the media. the US Warmachine just cannot lose its most lucrative market in decades.

Im sure the CIA pulled some strings and persuaded the pakistanis that the drones are all in their national interests and expertly safeguarding and preserving their national security. Im sure it was all just a big misunderstanding.  

pakistan has been complaining about civilian casualties on Drones for years, and also been trying to maintain the official deception that they dont officially support the Drone policy/strikes. ssssssssh! dont tell the stupid civilians!! wasnt there a recent minor brouhaha about the same thing happening in Yemen or something? with the president lying to his congress or something? ah well that was in Wikileaks I think so we can just ignore it. or at least the state department is legally requiring that right now of government employees. the Ignoring part, I mean. wink =)

not too long ago the pakistani Diplomat made an official complaint to the US. but, gosh darn it, somehow they just dont seem to have much CLOUT or SWAY in actually determining whether those highly lethal drones enter their soverign airspace and regularly blow up their civilians. so I guess, Pakistan is discovering that if you make a deal with the CIA Devil, you kinda lose your negotiating position.... actually it reminds me of lyrics in that old song Hotel California by the Eagles....

And she said ’we are all just prisoners here,
of our own device’...

they stab it with their steely knives
but they just cant kill THE BEAST!

last thing I remember
I was running for the door
I had to find the passage back to the place I was before

relax, said the nightman!
we are programmed to receive.
you can check out any time you like...
but you can NEVER LEAVE!

modern drones are a thing of astonishing technological wonder. I admit a strong grudging admiration for the amazing technology in these systems which has advanced to a mindboggling degree in almost less than a half decade. yes, thats right, only about a half decade ago these drones were all *unarmed*. but the US Military Industrial Complex salivated at the thought of arming em, and it is now happening on a mass scale.

we are talking about a world-shattering shift in warfare on a scale, in my opinion, that is at *least* as significant as the invention of the atom bomb, and possibly even greater. 

was there any controversy whatsoever? none whatsoever.

* * *

the "accuracy" of the drones is highly questionable. the military conflates "accuracy" with how well they can pinpoint their target. but the obvious real criteria is whether they are actually killing the bad guys and not indiscriminately vaporizing civilians in the process. the civilian death rates are estimated to be well above 50% of the casualties by credible sources. obviously, the military isnt really interested in doing any accurate analysis or study on the subject.

so yeah, every once and awhile lots of civilians are blown up. you know, wounded. maimed. killed. with lots of blood and body parts everywhere. like in those horror movies. women and children. sometimes weddings er terrorist planning meetings. some of the women even pregnant with future children. just gotta love that Military Efficiency. once again, I admit my grudging admiration. killing future terrorists before they are even born!

but hey, this happens in some of the remotest and most uncivilized areas of the planet. how convenient, huh? its a sort of modern Heart of Darkness, huh? or a like a kind of Military Industrial Complex Testing Ground. or Playground. there are no newspapers, cameras, media, or cell phones in the tribal villages. [unlike Iraq, where there are occasional intermittent/inconvenient leaks of atrocities into international media]. so you're almost *never* gonna see an image or a story about a drone strike in Pakistan in the western media. which of course means the public doesnt have to be troubled whatsoever, or even *think* about it at all!! this is valuable because it frees up precious cognitive capacity in the American Mind for more important subjects such as, uhm, Lady Gaga.

oh yeah and there is strong pressure to start using the Drones in US border areas and elsewhere. for *surveillance*only* of course. wink, wink.

wikileaks revealed the Drones crash with somewhat significant frequency, requiring special expensive/risky missions to retrieve the highly sensitive remains. as opposed to all the human bodies that are lying around after a successful drone strike [dead or still crawling], which of course are worth less than garbage, quite literally.

isnt it cool that we finally invented Robots that can Take Out The Trash? ah well they promised that kind of thing years ago on the Jetsons. dont you love it when some dreams become reality?

* * *

yep, Im proud to be an american. 100% born and raised here. luv that American Ingenuity. doesnt this all rank up with the greatest inventions of all time? like what edison did, or tesla. how about Oppenheimer? wink. inside joke. "behold, I am Shiva, destroyer of worlds....."

Greatest Country On The Planet. you better @#$& BELIEVE IT. or we'll be sending some of that Drone to KICK YOUR &%*# ASS. you want a piece of US? guess we'll end up taking a piece of you! thats right, PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN.

wasnt it the CIA chief whats-his-name who just estimated there were less than 100 al qaida fighters remaining in pakistan? or was that afghanistan? HAHAHA who the hell cares anyway. actually I guess the rumor is that those Al Qaida dudes are operating in Libya where they are a small "sliver" of the rebel forces supported by... NATO!! ok, ok, I mean, maybe its not the *same* sliver, exactly. anyway, whats a sliver here or a sliver there between friends? it doesnt really matter, does it? you can rest assured people *way* smarter than me or you are all over it and on top of it too. and on really special occasions like right now in libya they're even behind it!

oh yeah, speaking of Chiefs, didnt the Commander in Chief make a @#%& *joke* about drones at one of those incestuous elite washington dinners with the courtesans stenographers reporters and officials kissing each others ... hobnobbing together? well the Commander In Chief has officially authorized international military assassinations, what did you expect?

oh yeah he joked about his DAUGHTERS DATING and DRONE KILLING ENEMIES OF THE STATE  in the same sentence. isnt that HILARIOUS!! I couldnt have even created a better juxtaposition myself!! MASTERFUL. who WRITES this stuff?!?

well hell, we can certainly Trust those Drones to sort em all out carefully, right!! that reminds me of the famous expression of US generals in Viet Nam-- KILL EM ALL AND LET GOD SORT EM OUT. it ranks right up there with WE HAD TO DESTROY THE VILLAGE IN ORDER TO SAVE IT. it all certainly takes on new meaning at the glorious sunrise of the 21st century doesnt it! or maybe not. the More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same.

why, you heard him yourself! he said before he was against Dumb Wars. so now because he's in charge, we have Smart Wars[tm]. it goes with the Smart Bombs[tm]. (they're carried over from the Iraq war, the last Campaign. or Theatre. you know what I mean]

amazing-- Drones, Sasha, Malia, and Insurgents all in the same joke. yeah, thats really funny!! HAHAHA!! LOL!! ROFL!!

you know what *I* think would be really funny? if he didnt get RE-ELECTED!! but thats just my warped, depraved sense of humor there. hey how about this.... what if it was a DEMOCRATIC CHALLENGER??? someone who actually EMBODIED the SOUL of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY? or maybe even talks about the US International Drone/War policy as part of his campaign??

HAHAHA ah geez.

* * *


speaking of the so-called Commander In Chief, who runs those drones, anyway? apparently it turns out to be guys in the Army who dont even have pilot licenses!! wheeeeeeeeee!! [you know how they can legally recruit 18yr olds to be soldiers, so .... I wonder if any of em are still literally TEENAGERS?] yeah, thats right.... rumor is the military especially likes to recruit guys who are good at VIDEO GAMES. I am not making this up. what a huge pool there, huh! imagine the recruiting slogan.... WAR-- The Ultimate Video Game.

which reminds me, geez, arent there any drone warfare games available for the ps3 yet??? whats the holdup?!? we gotta get those future Soldiers ready man..... Im sure future soldier is now some 9year old dude twiddling his thumbs right now at a ps3.... BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!

wait, Army? oh yeah, I forget-- the CIA is in charge of the drones. imagine, before Bush they used to have lots of pencil-pushing analysts doing research and striving to write balanced, objective reports and estimates about international military forces and threats. and now they're BOMBING THE @#%& OUT OF TERRORISTS WITH MULTIMILLIONDOLLAR DRONES. now thats what I call an ADVANCE. you've come a long way, baby. like I was saying, some wet dreams DO come true. [which reminds me of an old CIA term which takes on a new meaning-- WET WORK. oh, nevermind]

and the US public just wants to figure out who's going to be the next American Idol. well that scheme-of-things is bought by the other shiny, well-oiled, state of the art branch of the military, the multibilliondollar propaganda machine, that makes sure you See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil. you know, Sanitized for your Protection[tm]. thats a registered trademark for BandAid, right? [or is it some brand of tampons? or douches? toilet cleaner? or was it Whitewash? ah geez I get 'em all confused sometimes. HAHAHA]

it guarantees that you virtually never even hear of those Warmachines in the media, and if you do get the slightest whiff that maybe Something Is Happening, its in glowing, positive terms, or maybe just bored, neutral tones. about how they Save Lives. blah blah blah. pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, Dorothy! please keep moving folks, nothing to see here. we now return you to our regularly scheduled narcotics programming.



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#1 - awesome. I am bookmarking.

#2 - obviously I didn't go through all of these yet and it will be some time until I do. But I didn't see organic robotics, Rat Brain robots or O.S.C.A.R. in your list.

#3 - This is oscar - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21TTPqYDwOw

OSCAR scares me. The video has no sound, but I'm not sure music would make it any more dramatic or terrifying. And yes - this is 100% real...no fiction - all science.
I read PW Singer Wired for War a while back; the implication are ominous and if it goes unchecked then it will lead to collapse since the using of the technology in this manner to control everything is leading to basing the most important decisions on lies which will lead to disaster one way or another.
It does not get any more personnel than war. War is the place where a cultures ideals meet the final exam of life and death, it is the ultimate test of meddle. Any culture, or to use another word loosely in reference to Americans; civilization, that sanctions the killing of its enemy's by machines is no longer worthy of existence and undoubtedly will, through God, Karma or “space brothers”, met the same faith as they so casually sought to dispense upon their enemies.

"Guns In The Sky"

See the sound
It crashes in, all around
It get's in
Now take your hands and raise them up
Into the air that's all around ya
Now bring 'em down
Like a clock at two
Shake your head
You know what to do

They wanna put guns in the sky
Someone out there aint gonna like it
But it could be good
Make us love each other
Have to realise I own the future

Guns in the sky
Guns in the sky
Guns in the sky
Guns in the sky
Guns in the sky

Child grows up to see guns in the sky
Used to be on T.V
Wanna change, forgot the joke
It's great to see you
I'm running late, da da da
Love your hair, da da da
Lend me a ten, da da da
Love your big house, da da da

Could you spare a dime
Well I'm sick of it, it's a load of shit
We could stop the world and let of all the fools
And let them go live with their guns in the sky

Guns in the sky, guns in the sky, guns in the sky
Guns in the sky, guns in the sky, guns in the sky
vzn, wow. have a lot of homework ahead of me exploring your collection. appreciate. it certainly is chilling. who flicked off the American conscience? libby
Were they not created to cut down on collateral damage? I would be interested in knowing the stats on the collateral damage from before they were used and now that they are being used.
I understand your outrage, but ultimately what you're describing is merely the technological imperative in the American Empire. And with something like drones (or A-bombs) happen, no one can really stop something like this when it has momentum any more than we can walk to the moon -- except perhaps after a very long time.
Any reader of "Future History" SciFi will recognize this scenario immediately. Some great literature has been written around this subject. The SciFi that I read as a boy is now the headline Science Story of the day!

worrisome in the extreme
it is worth more than a shiver
to realise that the average American
is only at the starting point of sensitization
with regard to this subject, let alone any possibility
of working toward effective rebellion. they reacted so swiftly
when they saw themselves as target, how swift will be the reaction when there comes the larger end realisation that in setting such precedents they have targeted none other than themselves
in the long run?

I leave it there...
haha that reminds me, I think it was famous economist Keynes who said, "in the long run, we are all dead...."
shew, alas, this post is looking either prescient or ill-timed based on the OBL death news..... I certainly would have written it entirely differently if Id started post OBL death.....
exhausting. perhaps i am too old to get involved in this.

stop feeding politicians, folks- they are not your friends.
Amazing piece!!! Love the pictures. I find this stuff fascinating--and scary.
Amazing piece!!! Love the pictures. I find this stuff fascinating--and scary.
MSNBC just did a brief report which I partially caught; I don't remember the exact numbers but they flashed them on the screen and it clearly indicated that the number of strikes by drones has been rapidly increasing over the past ten years. Since this is happening in parts of the world that have little or no political power as you say the "silence is deafening," yet it is getting worse with little or no discussion by the majority of the public.