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MAY 16, 2011 9:34PM

beautiful women of open salon XV, clickable pics

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hi all whats new in your life? finally the crunch mode is off in my job after nearly 3mos of hard crunching. then two key people resigned within two weeks, a 11year developer and a 1year software architect!! wtf!! ah geez.

have been feeling the permanent blahs lately. so I gotta get my cheap thrills wherever I can find em.

here are a few links. 1st, the turkish moslem woman who posed for german playboy. a knockout!! she keeps talking about how she wanted to be "free". wow, that's my kinda woman. she should show up to my house and be really free here too =)  anyway its amusing that something like 40yrs after the founding of playboy women are still taking about it in terms of "empowerment". now theres sure a real fast one pulled by the Boys club. but, Im not complaining of course.

next, I ran into some amusing articles that state that busy new yorkers just dont have time for sex any more and they just dont enjoy it because of the repercussions eg twitter and facebook reactions. wow!! not really sure what to make of that, except that I dont think I believe it, but it makes entertaining writing. on the other hand, that is said to be the case in japan where a younger crowd is supposedly eschewing sex. wtf!! I think life would only be half as much worth living without [good] sex, but thats just me I guess. 

then, a 3d artist who has a really awesome "body" of work. check it out its phenomenal. here a picture is worth a thousand words. or maybe ten thousand thoughts/reactions.

oh yeah, I cant avoid mentioning here the big news since I last posted [coincidentally on afghanistan warbotics] was that binladen was caught and executed. amazing. its been almost exactly 10yrs since 911. I have mixed feelings on this and have written a lot of comments elsewhere on misc blogs. so far I havent seen any suppressed info on that subject, in fact the MSM is actually doing a halfway decent job of embracing some deeper analysis and even skepticism on the subject. [gasp...] but I may post on it later.

anyway the rumor is that he kept a female "love slave".... hey I read it on the cover of National Enquirer so ya know its gotta be true. well seriously though they did break the john edwards affair news. oh yeah and they say he had a porn stash too. I wonder if we'll ever find out what was in that stash? maybe Wikileaks will leak it in the interests of national "exposure"....? Im sure theres all kinds of hilarious jokes out there on binladens porn stash.....


Unveiled: First Turkish Woman to Pose for German

'I wanted to be free': Muslim model upsets family by posing nude for Playboy cover

The Sex Drive, Idling in Neutral

He’s Just Not That Into Anyone

Sexless and the City: Web Warps Libidos of Coked-Up Careerists

3D artist paints stunning tiger from hidden, crouching women (who had to pose for a back-breaking 24 hours)


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Looked for myself to no avail. I have it on good authority that I am a Pretty Girl. Pshaw.

One of these days I'll compile a list all the canine avatars here, and will call it "The Dogs of Open Salon."
I followed Snippy the Grammar Dog.
I can't wait. Please show canine avatar?
Yours is so cute. Show some more fur?
Yours has shades of grey and so white.
I was looking `round in my pickup truck.
PU `
I found a tuna on rye under the driver seat.
The tuna was of unknown age. Feed to bagel?
I am afraid to spiel bad and smell like a dog.
Yeah, and how about the cool cats of OS too.
You made it all the way up to twenty-five! You must have survived many castration attempts by the radical fascit feministas (past and present) on Open Salon.
What, pray tell, is a 'fascit' feminista? I know you meant fascist, but if you're going to insult somebody or a whole group wouldn't it make sense to double check that you spelled the insult correctly?
Interesting. You've spent a bit of time "stalking" the female authors? Ha!

I had read the NY Times articles "He’s Just Not That Into Anyone". It just didn't seem quite right to me.

Davy Rothbart cums to a conclusion