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SEPTEMBER 24, 2011 1:17AM

beautiful women of open salon XXVII, clickable pics

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hi all, its been quite awhile since I did a beautiful women post, and I have accumulated probably the largest batch ever. also, a ton of gender-related articles which I hope you find interesting.

as usual, click on their pics to go to their pages.

whats new with me? at work Ive been doing stuff with android and iphone on our web site. this is a big breakthru for me, Ive definitely wanted to work on mobile ever since the birth of iphone about 3yrs ago.

work can be a real drudge/ killer sometimes. harsh deadlines, demanding/ clueless/ useless managers, perfectionist clients. but I remind myself, at least Im working with cutting edge technology. which makes up for it all in the end.... NOT! hahaha.

recently I emailed this feminist writer chick who is highly prolific and writes all over the internet. she did a talk at Skepticon. man, what a shriveled, dried up hag. she's only in her twenties but talks as if she's never had sex in her life and plans to keep it that way.

I informed her that her writing on evolutionary psychology was pretty lame and uninformed. she wrote me back two emails calling me, among other things, "pompous". it was the highlight of my week. I looked up the dictionary definition [because yeah, otherwise I wouldnt know what the word meant] and one of the definitions is "magnificent". I guess I can live with that haha.

as for all the articles below, they are unusual twists into gender related issues. I find it all fascinating. sex and gender is a sort of playing field of the gods, dont you think? its an endless dance that keeps the human race alive, and maybe the universe itself in play. my favorite creation myth is that the universe was born in the orgasm of shakti and shiva in their divine embrace. what, you hadnt heard that one? of course, westerners are so mundane and pedestrian most of the time.

yeah Ive experienced ecstatic sex & it makes you kind of change your priorities in life, and then realize that it feels kinda futile. orgasm is the hint that there is far more to this creation than our finite/limited ideas, bodies, minds, relationships, jobs, existences.

another time I experience this fleeting moment of bliss is in watching beautiful women. I saw one today at the sandwich shop all wrapped up in black spandex neck to ankle. ooh man Im still dizzy! beautiful women get you high. they're like a drug. man I wish I could get a big injection of that RIGHT NOW. damn. 

I bought guitar hero Van Halen today. now theres a band who could really sing about the ladies. Aint Talkin 'Bout Love, Pretty Woman, Ice Cream Man, all my old favorites.

oh and by the way my only significant social interaction now comes in the comments section of my blog. so write me, wink


Heidi Grant Halvorson, Ph.D.: Can We Really 'Cure' Loneliness?
What It's Like To Be a Male Porn Star | Sex & Relationships | AlterNet
Naomi Wolf: Is Porn Driving Men Crazy?
Catherine Hakim’s 'Erotic Capital': Women Should Flaunt It at Work - The Daily Beast
Love-Drug: How We Self-Medicate With - And Get Addicted To - Love | | AlterNet
Our male identity crisis: What will happen to men? | Psychology Today
Female Orgasm Remains an Evolutionary Mystery | Wired Science | Wired.com
Are Women Genetically Wired To Dislike Science? | YourTango
Vivian Diller, Ph.D.: What Does It Mean To Be 'Beautiful?'
Nude York City: Bodypainted model Zoe West hauled to jail after Times Square spectacle | Mail Online

mating as a market etc

Seeking Arrangement: College Students Using 'Sugar Daddies' To Pay Off Loan Debt
Sex And Love: Simple Economics?
Buying stock in love - Great Recession | Economic Recession, Economic Crisis - Salon.com
The economics of love - Coupling: Dating, marriage and other relationships - Salon.com
Anti-feminist market theories of sexuality fail to explain the data.
More gender equality leads to more sex, global study shows - USATODAY.com
One case where market forces actually work - Sex News, Sex Talk - Salon.com
Students Stripping, Doing Sex Work and Seeing Sugar Daddies? In Hard Economic Times, This Media Obsession Is Based in Reality | | AlterNet
Are "sugar-daddies" really johns? - Sex News, Sex Talk - Salon.com
Grindr, iPhone’s Addictive Hook-up App for Gay Men, Gets Straight Version - The Daily Beast


Sex: Why it makes women fall in love - but just makes men want MORE! | Mail Online
Why Romance Novels, Filled with Torrid Sex, Mislead Women - - TIME Healthland
'A Billion Wicked Thoughts': What the Internet Can Teach Us About Sex: Review - The Daily Beast
Survey: Women Enjoy Gaming More than Sex, Play as Much as Men - Techland - TIME.com
The Author of ‘Fear of Flying’ Detects a Backlash Against Sex. - NYTimes.com
Latest Sex Hysteria: Everyone Worried Young People No Longer Having Sex (Don't Worry, They Are) | Sex & Relationships | AlterNet
Practicing Meditation for Female Pleasure - Video - TIME.com
Kinsey Institute Survey Finds Men Need to Cuddle, Women Value Sexual Satisfaction - - TIME Healthland
Sex and Violence: Is Sex at the Psychological Root of War? | World | AlterNet

open relationships, nonmonogamy etc.

Why 'friends with benefits' relationships are doomed to failure | Mail Online
"Friends With Benefits": The New Casual Sex? | | AlterNet
Dr. Drew on Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis Movie 'Friends With Benefits' - The Daily Beast
Why "Open" Marriages Don't Work | Psychology Today
Puritan Pundits Should Chill Out -- Here Are 5 Reasons I'm Happy I've Had Lots of Casual Sex | Sex & Relationships | AlterNet
Why Women Cheat: A Married Man Goes Undercover On Ashley Madison | Charles Orlando | YourTango
Hollywood’s Best Group-Sex Scenes: ‘A Good Old Fashioned Orgy’ & More: (Watch Video) - The Daily Beast
Elizabeth Abbott: If He Has A Mistress, Why Can't She Have...A Mister?
Dan Savage on the Virtues of Infidelity - NYTimes.com


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