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NOVEMBER 24, 2011 11:35AM

beautiful women/open salon clickable gallery & links XXVIII

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Cheeky: Nicole Scherzinger shows off her figure in a new coffee table book Culo this pic right here is nichole "shes-a-zinger" sherzinger posing in the nude for the 1st time.* damn! Ive been waiting for that for over 5yrs I think, since she 1st burst on the scene as a Pussycat Doll. and worth the wait. what does this have to do with the rest of the post? oh not a lot. just a spectacular specimen of callipygian female pulchritude I thought Id share. & am thankful for-- all good things come to those who wait... =)

hi all its me again with your favorite installment. Ive been blogging about other matters with much more gravitas & havent posted on this in awhile. so Ive got a ton of pics & links. click on the pics to go to the ladies blogs.

the links are my own potpourri or cornucopia of wild & crazy gender related stuff in my favorite topical areas. generally from sites I scan regularly.

gender related stuff is of course quite prolific in the media. the media tends to blare stuff that is either intuitive or counterintuitive.

you see age-old debates constantly rehashed. such as monogamy vs promiscuity. or porn vs sex positive etcetera. after many yrs of thinking about it.... I think these are deep unresolvable archetypes in the human consciousness.  the eastern concept of yin & yang captures this the best. as bohr said, "all great truths contain a paradox".

in my opinion the big fat seismic news in the monogamy front is the failure of the Moore-Kutcher marriage. its worth $290M and its a spectacular exploding hollywood relationship train wreck. I must admit Im personally chagrined, I liked 'em both, see 'em as playful, entertaining and dynamic and spontaneous/unpredictable, & think they made a cute power couple. maybe a little too spontaneous I guess!

now theres these persistent rumors that eg Moore is a *bisexual*, that they had an open marriage. if demi is bisexual, she must be more discreet than James Bond.

how could she keep that under wraps? I heard its a semi open secret in hollywood. which suggests that (a) maybe hollywood has a little more tolerance for this stuff than the rest of the planet [surprise] but also (b) a code of silence to keep it from the papparazzi if the stars want it quiet. surprising given the near-voracious & rapacious at-times nature of the papparazzi. hmmm, I smell an unauthorized biography coming on!

one of my favorite writers chelsea handler said that they had [past tense now!] an open marriage with threesomes, and that this led to twosomes, which then led to divorce! handler is not married last I checked haha. right? and I love her holier-than-thou attitude after publishing a book with a title like My Horizontal Life. one of the classics. I just finished her last book about her pimp-aholic father. apparently he has a big taste and big wallet for young jamaican maids. oh wait, I guess Im going off on a tangent here. or am I? :p

check out the links on celebrities that have 3somes, the guy in india with 39 wives, celebrities like lady gaga and tiger woods who've had 3somes, the iphone app to find your cheating spouse, etcetera.

then in our evopsych section we have the controversy over "erotic capital", the new idea that ladies should use their sexiness to get ahead in the workplace. an ancient idea dressed up in a new respectable/intellectual jacket by a new author.

otherwise... beautiful women have the same effect on the brain as cocaine! a concept that Ive been aware of since a teenager. but science confirms it. nichole shes-a-zinger certainly has that effect on me =)

also in this section, the *upside* of sexual objectification! yes ladies and gentlemen, thats right! there is a positive side! and, a scientific analysis of the perfect breast shape!

next, the mating market is about the so-called singles meat market. feminists might decry this but I think most males fully understand the concept. and the weird twist of *females* who visit strip clubs. yeah thats a real curve ball on so called "supply and demand"!

now its always been hard to meet & date truly quality members of the opposite sex, but these days with increasing economic equality & a near full shift in our economic system away from manual labor & mfging, we are seeing some unusual and new anomalies from the pt of view of history such as more uneducated, uncompetitive-compared-to-females males.

in the [non]conflict section theres a new view into the eternal "battle of the sexes" [or lack thereof]. one notable item is that in Saudi Arabia they're actually worried about women with sexy eyes covering them up and passing regulations for this! holy cow what an unbelievably repressed culture! can it get any more extreme? I do suspect its hit the high-water mark with them announcing that women are about to be granted the right to drive...

its quite bizarre to me sometimes how real headlines sound like they were written by the Onion! man if ever there was a society ripe for a sexual revolution, Saudi Arabia is it. and with the increasing prevalence of a disenchanted, chafing younger generation, its a ticking bomb just waiting to go off.

one thing to be thankful for... that we dont live there!

feel free to write comments on anything that "grabs" you, lets start a conversation... I check back frequently & usually reply. 

* X Factor USA judge Nicole Sherzinger reveals her cheeky side in new book Culo | Mail Online



Female promiscuity may be nature's way of dealing with inbreeding, research claims | Mail Online
Monogamy Helps Geese Reduce Stress | Wired Science | Wired.com
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Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Open Relationships, and Divorce - The Daily Beast
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher Divorce: Why Celebrity Marriages Fail - YouBeauty.com
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Darryl A. Cobbin: Open Marriage: A Celebrity Solution or a Contradiction in Terms?
The world's biggest family: Ziona Chan has 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren | Mail Online
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‘The Secret Lives of Wives’: Is Cheating the Secret to a Happy Marriage? - The Daily Beast
Your Cheating Heart: iPhone App Finds Wife With Another Man - Yahoo!
'Wife-sharing' among brothers haunts Indian villages as number of girls decline | Mail Online


Women Should Use Sex to Get Ahead? Controversy Erupts Over "Erotic Capital" | Books | AlterNet
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has 'same effect on men as cocaine' | Mail Online
The Science Of Attraction - People - Stylist Magazine
Plastic surgeon finds the ideal breast shape... by examining Page 3 girls | Mail Online
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Boys’ brains, girls’ brains: How to think about sex differences in psychology. - Slate Magazine

mating market

Cheap dates - How the ‘price’ of sex has dropped to record lows - NYPOST.com
Buying stock in love - Great Recession | Economic Recession, Economic Crisis - Salon.com
'Free Sperm Donors' and the Women Who Want Them - The Daily Beast
Why DO women including Rihanna and Emma Watson visit strip clubs? | Mail Online
Why Do Men Visit Strip Clubs? Their Confessions Revealed | Sex & Relationships | AlterNet
Intelligent women forced to 'dumb down' and find a less-educated man to marry | Mail Online
Why men are in trouble - CNN.com

gender [non]conflict

Women bloggers call for a stop to 'hateful' trolling by misogynist men | World news | The Observer
Saudi women with attractive eyes may be forced to cover them up, if resolution is passed | Mail Online
Study: More Than Half Of Women Are Attracted To... Other Women
Study: Single Men Not Afraid of Marriage or Having Kids - TIME

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I love your chutzpah in using the standards(?) of the couple hundred year old 'Merikan culture(?) as the standard by which you judge the Saudi Arabian multi-milenium culture. It is clear that folks as "exceptional" as 'Merikans ought to get busy right now and get some troops with guns over there to "convince" them backward folks to "do it out way" 'cause it's "just right".

Our success speaks for itself. Everyone here owns his own home, has a car (or two), money in the bank, food on the table, and children in expensive schools. Us'n sure do know how to build a solid, long-lasting socio/economic system, now don't we? And naturally it's more important for our young women to be more "deeply interested" in the affairs of fifth rate "entertainers" than in the affairs of their nation.

Or maybe we should just STFU about other's way of life, culture, level of advancement, politics, societal mores, and see if we can shovel out the filth in which we now stand knee deep; right here. At home. Where we live.

Damn but we look like fools.......!
I keep telling you vz you are going to make yourself go blind
hey skypixieo, hit a nerve? ouch! try hitting the link & then telling me what you feel about that. of course Im not in favor of an invasion. but, if your near-rant is directed at me in particular [as opposed to just the general unfaireness of the universe] I object. I argued strongly among family/friends against the iraq war at the time [2003 or so] as an illegitimate boondoggle, and years later, after trillions of dollars of collective taxpayer wealth squandered, the gobs of thick propaganda eventually, finally wore off, the crowd eventually agreed with me. yeah, Im not psychic but I definitely saw into the future on that one. I also have a post about iraq & afghanistan where I talk about the illegitimate, shifting rationale for the war, and list among the reasons, "repression of the women". of course Im not in favor of repression of any kind, as I write above, but neither am I advocating for interventionism. yes, I grew up in the american philosophy of Exceptionalism as have us all [like so many fish in the ubiquitous, invisible water], but lately the public is finally starting to smell the rat that it is [kind of like Kim Karashian also]. and how the heck did we get off on this crazy tangent anyway? ah well I guess thats what blog comments are for huh :p
Yup. I did indeed get off on a tangent. It was just what came to mind as I read your blog. And no, it was most definitely NOT directed at you specifically - thanks for understanding that -but at our whole bullshit situation in general. I was in one of those moods, y'know?

Um....... I went to "hit the link" as suggested. Problem. I have NEVER seen a blog with so many links in it! May I ask which one you are referring to?
Some things we lay our eyes on can make a male turn to a statue of stone.
You gotta behave.
If you feel a body?
I mean your part.
A body appendage
may get sorta hard
You turn to a stone.

Jacob Freeze stoned?
He always seems it?
He looks blasted.
This will take time.
We no got time now.
I no go to Wall Mart.
I email to amp David.
Barack Obama like it.
He need to drive P.U.
I go see if Michelle drinks?
She is my dear neighbor.
She's just over hilltop.
I'll wave from a knob.
A Knob is my hilltop.
I walk up mountain.
I see PA. W.V. Md.
Honest. I gaze at`
Potomac River.
gotta get gone
what can I say, I like to use links. its the cyber version of a bibliography. or a version of "dont take my word for it, see for yourself". its organized into sections, man.
Saudi women with attractive eyes may be forced to cover them up, if resolution is passed | Mail Online
heres another post of mine on islamic american rimah fakih who won miss USA
skypixie-- Ill admit part of the fun of the internet is flaming ppl, but geez man, you're barking up the wrong tree. I challenge you to find a more pacificist, antiwar blog on open salon. Ive written against afghanistan, iraq, drones, for ages on here. as for your sentence " And naturally it's more important for our young women to be more "deeply interested" in the affairs of fifth rate "entertainers" than in the affairs of their nation." you might be referring to something in my article [its not clear], or you might not. dunno!

As I JUST SAID (above)

Yup. I did indeed get off on a tangent. It was just what came to mind as I read your blog. And no, it was most definitely NOT directed at you specifically - thanks for understanding that -but at our whole bullshit situation in general. I was in one of those moods, y'know?""

Is that not clear?

Thanks for clarifying which link you were referring to. No doubt you are perfectly familiar with your linking system - I'm not.

Be of good cheer, we're on the same side here.
oh, I see.... you were in one of those moods huh? how do you tell if you're in a mood or if its just your regular personality?
I had no idea Nicole S. was so good lookin' in the nude. I find her boring but this was a momentary surprise and flicker of interest.

As for the other ladies here, thanks for continuing to celebrate beauty on OS.