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JANUARY 24, 2013 11:56PM

beautiful women of open salon XXXI, clickable pics

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hi all! so glad that open salon is working again. did ya miss me?

I saved up a bazillion links since last summer but didnt have the chance to post em because of open salon woes. also after the links, a huge backlog of Beautiful Women of Open Salon (click on the pics to go to their blogs).

this stuff was all pretty cutting edge a half year ago but time flies esp in cyberspace!

and coincidentally few of these women have blogged since last summer. yikes! wait! dont leave! heck its so sad that there was a pretty great party with critical mass going on, and then it all vaporized in a flash. heres hoping it can recover!

[my sig other just caught me writing up this post & is rolling her eyes. "beautiful women version one zillion" she says. I reply, "its a tragedy! its like all these women were lined up behind the stage door ready to go on for the beauty pageant, but the door was locked and the cameras were broken! now, they have their chance to shine!" ... more eyerolling!]

these are misc links on gender, marriage, sex, etcetera that I found interesting/compelling. just surf the titles for a glimpse into the cyber & mass unconscious. defn hope to hear what ya think, your own take, in the comments!

the big news last summer was the phenomenal sales of 50 Shades of Grey book. I already unleashed a set of links on that awhile back, but had a bunch left in the queue. its being turned into a movie! has anyone heard who's gonna star in it? it will be quite interesting to see how hollywood translates this one and how it will compare to the book. finally, a chick flick I might be able to relate to =) .. on one level this is lame, but on another, its gotta be appealing to the hot MILF/Cougar crowd, and thats something I can appreciate!

the other cool story from last summer is Naomi Wolfs very controversial book on Vagina. this caused a lot of media ripples. it seems very sex-positive and female-positive and for that, of course its getting excoriated and lambasted in the media! she writes glowingly of sex in its full powers, and society can only snicker or ridicule her. but the ancient tantric mystics had it right, and let me just say, it has much more to do than what is written in Cosmo, wink

next, that modern scourge or erotic art form, Porn. it seems to be very much in the news lately. its now about one half generation since ubiquitous internet porn arrived on the scene, and its not an entirely pretty picture. I think one main lesson here is that people who dont have self control are sort of weeded out of the gene pool, and its not pleasant to watch. "evolution in action".

oh yeah I cranked up an essay recently on my ipad on "how to be a top 100 woman" after reading an interview with jennifer luv hewitt. my original idea was to plug it into this post, but I suspect that you guys have a pretty short attention span and can get overloaded really easily, and that already Im way over the threshhold! so, until next time, hope you enjoy this, hope to hear from ya, if anyone is still out there! =)








Mary Beth Weinberg


Lady James

Lisa Price


Brianne Calypso

Tanja Pajevic

Stathi Stathi

Cheryl Cwelich

Victoria Carlson

Elise Wiener


Elle Kelley-Minhaj

Pavanne Veltman

Olga Stathi

Valerie Atherton

MirandaSnow (Tiny Dancer)

Beth Cone Kramer

Whitney Correia

Julie Gutman

Diva Ruthless

Vanessa Porras

Lauren Sloss

Gidget London



Kate Richlin-Zack

Kate Axelrod

Yvonne Johnson

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