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software engr, young at heart. coding from early age. "digital brain" but with lots of feelings too. writing here mainly to publicize a few key issues, let off some steam, & for the feedback. plz write me comments, very much appreciated!! even on old posts!! helps me gauge reader interest/ reaction & steer direction of new posts. oh, and IMs often make my day & I usually reply. and long IM conversations are my favorite.

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NSA-insidehi all. yeah theres a lot of ranting in this blog over the yrs now closing this )( far on ~½ decade! its not *entirely* serious. if one takes humans totally seriously, one could easily go crazy.

the snowden revelations have been dizzyingly "right down the alley" of this blog… Read full post »
overloadhi all ... its been a wild ride. many yrs ago thought something like cyberspace social networking (even before it existed) could have big impact on mass culture. here in 2014, its fully materialized. its been a wild blur. making even someone very wired like me quite dizzy. yeeks. its… Read full post »
mermaidhi all how was your valentines day? getting to it a little late on this blog. better late than never right? one of my fave/least fave holidays. a luv-hate relationship there. just like life in general.
[what'd you do/get? tell me in comments! bought almond rocha for theRead full post »
family across the street, three teenage boys/girl liked pot. turned them down age ~10. didnt tell parents (otherwise they wouldnt let us hang out). older sister told brothers not to peer pressure me. once dad saw older sister lighting up pot on streetcorner. he said he was really utterly upset/disapp… Read full post »
hi all. am deluged with matrix-oriented news and topics lately. am swimming/inundated under the pile & its hard to sort out & prioritize various high priority items to pass on. all competing for top attn...

a thought from wm gibson, author of neuromancer, part inspiration for the Matrix mov
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hi all. around here I have occasionally adopted the persona/alter ego "Mr.conspiracy" (among others).

the title of the blog reflects this gritty/edgy worldview.

yes, conspiracy thinking is a learned trait. not everyone has the ability, interest, or talent. 

conspiracy thinking is about looking a… Read full post »

hi all. part 4/4. as youngsters, didnt we all dream of being rich someday? after we grow up, didnt we all realize how much of a dream it really is?

now that Ive seen the reality of extreme wealth disparity in this country, it makes me sick a bit. Ive… Read full post »
hi all, part 3/4.

occupy wall st targeted wall st, but its just the more visible and ostentatious component of the Big Machine. other major subsystems are the corporatocracy (b), big banks (c), and the fed (g).

there are two very notable shifts in this area. the establishment
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hi all. oh yes its the post youve been waiting for on the edge of your seat.

(wow, I missed the JFK 50yr assassination anniversary for this. a conspiracy theorists day of remembrance... it must be good.)

by amazing synchronicity obama just had a major speech on income
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hi all. this blog has covered quite a bit of economic issues over the years and its inception was partly motivated by the crash of 2008. it was a definitely unprecedented moment in economic history in the US and it seemed like it might be an opportunity in the sense
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NOVEMBER 11, 2013 6:56PM

rihanna 11/9/2013 pepsi center denver!

DSC04549hi all, saw rihanna on sat nite at pepsi center in denver. OH YEAH!
have been collecting a few links on rihanna for many months, maybe before buying tickets last summer. my main interest in rihanna is of course her music. ever since she popped onto the scene ~1/2decade… Read full post »
wantyou2hi all. the NSA tends to frame the debate about balance of "privacy vs security" and obama obligingly, spinelessly repeats the mantra. but theres a much more compelling aspect of this debate. hard vs soft power! secrecy, spying, the police state "lite" undermines our democratic principles an
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hi all, well the glory days of open salon seem to be an increasingly fading memory. remember when the front page changed every day and there were routinely posts with many hundreds, even thousands of views? highly lively & volatile debates virtually every few days?

I started this series long… Read full post »
hi all. found a moment to write up this topic Ive long been wanting to write about & have been saving up links ever since the obama election, the rock-and-hard-place current position (to say the least) of the right wing. have been waiting for the right moment. it would be hard… Read full post »
hi all. the media can be dizzying to deconstruct. only a few weeks ago it looked like we might be on the march to war. now, syria is mostly off the media radar. crisis averted. is international politics something like movies that get released at theatres? there is a strange similarity.… Read full post »

hi all..

things actually look a lot better since last time I posted on this subject. Id say obamas decision to ask congress's approval on the Syrian strikes is a breakthru move/twist. he's said to have done it not at the urging of his foreign relation council at all. he's being… Read full post »

hi all, here it is labor day wknd, and I could have split early from work, but am throwing this out for what its worth. my )( small cyber contribution to world peace. a message in a bottle cast out on the cyber-ocean.

I did not even mention saudi arabia directly… Read full post »

hi all, I didnt react much to the libya invasion in my blog awhile back, but it appears the warwhores and warmongers once again had their way.

as seems to now be the case in syria.

isnt it remarkable that the 3 countries in the Bush Axis of Evil, libya, syria,… Read full post »

hi all... I like to goof off in the summer but boy its been some pretty heavy news and highly related to the intermittent/haphazard Matrix theme of the blog, so its just too intense to leave unaddressed/unmentioned. as the chinese curse goes, may you live in interesting times! so yeah I… Read full post »

hi all summers here & the time is right for dancing in the streets. or listenin to that summer music. have been gettin a big dose lately here in denver. cherry crk arts festival, highlands ranch music nite, and just went to red rocks last sunday nite to see rodriguo and… Read full post »

hi all, can you believe this snowden saga? have not really seen anything like it in my entire life that I can remember. the links are flying fast and furiously and I can barely keep up.

snowden has been giving interviews and a press conference. the US complained that russia… Read full post »
hi all. wow this snowden thing is just moving so darn fast. as they say in the news "developing". it reminds me of assange/wikileaks a few yrs ago.

not sure how it will shake out right now. snowden got on a plane to russia, apparently helped by wikileaks &
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Snowden gf Lindsay Mills, literally served up on a platter.
hi all!

thought somehow it might be a slow summer & I would blog about something frivolous like my favorite harmonica songs, my favorite/best Matrix-like videos, etc! but as the chinese say with their famous curse, "may you live/…

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hi all. hot off the press. once again, revisiting an old topic. it was around ~2005 when revelations about the widespread bush cybersurveillance via the NSA were revealed. basically, it was illegal phone wiretapping. congress later passed a "retroactive immunity"… Read full post »

hi all. this used to be entitled "beautiful women" as likely less inflammatory but I couldnt fit it in the title this time. hey, plz dont flame me! uh, or... maybe flaming is ok in comments if nobody has anything else to say!

summers here, my sig other is away
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