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software engr, young at heart. coding from early age. "digital brain" but with lots of feelings too. writing here mainly to publicize a few key issues, let off some steam, & for the feedback. plz write me comments, very much appreciated!! even on old posts!! helps me gauge reader interest/ reaction & steer direction of new posts. oh, and IMs often make my day & I usually reply. and long IM conversations are my favorite.

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hi all, I speculated on this only a few years ago and its become a reality.

the protein folding problem is one of the premier problems of bioinformatics. basically, the ribosome constructs proteins by stringing together amino acids, the "building blocks". the amino acid strings "fold up" in a… Read full post »


hi all, fyi, WARNING, caveat.. I just hit the open salon home page or maybe a user page [not sure which one] and it appears Ive caught a very virulent computer virus. it apparently ran Java 6 which I believe is installed by default on my HP laptop running windows… Read full post »

hi all, continuing the tradition, heres the latest installment. click on their pics to go to their blog.

and then various links that Ive collected since last time on themes like beauty/"lookism", and sex. yes, these themes permeate modern media, but arguably because they are at the d… Read full post »

AUGUST 3, 2010 10:49PM

comprehensive Warmachine links

Be careful when you wrestle with monsters, lest you thereby become one. For, if you stare long enough into the abyss, the abyss also stares into you.
-- Friedrich Nietsche

hi all, Im coming up on building this blog up for 1.5yrs now. its been a wild ride. some as expected,… Read full post »

hi all. julian assange of wikileaks hit the jackpot with the afghanistan/pakistan intelligence files. quite a media hack. its the same kind of hacking that the Powers that Be have been doing since time immemorial. but now its in the hands of individuals.

private manning probably wouldnt have b… Read full post »

hi all, I tried to warn you. right after 9/11 I could smell the writing on the wall. (or the dead rat.) bush decided to build up the DHS, dept of homeland security in response. that single decision has led to some very heavy, now-metastasizing karma.

its taken 2 yrs of… Read full post »

hi all, Im so psyched, as Ive written in this blog, Im a big fan of the rhythm guitar games & have spent a lot of time on rock band 2 and bought a lot of the additional songs. at $2/pop, it adds up, but what a fun way to decompress,… Read full post »

hi all, whats new? lets take a look at the latest catch.. click on their pics to go to their blogs..

beautiful women are like flowers in the summer.. youthful, colorful, variegated..

I just heard a claim that merely talking to a beautiful woman raises a guys testosterone 12%. a wild… Read full post »

hi all. heres another post Ive been ruminating on for awhile. surfing conspiracy sites, I just ran across a bunch of awesome links that articulate some of my recent ideas on the subject in a scholarly/scientific way. score! synchronicity I guess.

Ive always been interested in the study of psychopathy… Read full post »

hi all. I first learned of the internet when I was about 16 or 17 in the late 80s. I was working at a networking company for minimum wage, and one of the technicians did a presentation on the internet. he wanted to work on TCP/IP he said. he talked about… Read full post »

JUNE 23, 2010 1:10AM

mcchrystal trips over his own ego

hi all. I could write a long  essay on this but am kinda fried, just got back from a 14day vac to disneyworld and south beach/Miami. [saved money on the ticket by jumping through houston.] could write a lot more about both. I dont take vacs too often due to all/…

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yep, its an oil SPEW, not a SPILL. or gusher. in the sense that a SPILL is usually referring to a fixed amt of oil in a tanker. and I would argue that failure to frame the situation correctly led partly to the inappropriate response. the administration was convinced it was… Read full post »

hi all, how goes it. sometimes I think I will stop posting these lists, but by now its a kind of mini tradition. it gives me something to do in cyberspace.

click on their pic to go to their blog. if you're brave, tell 'em I sent ya.

following are a… Read full post »

hi all, the topic for this post is "globalization".

globalization has affected all of us. it sounds like a political term. but its really seeped into our lives in ways both overt and covert. arguably, we are marinating in its juices.

maybe the biggest "overt" way is electronics and cyberspace. the… Read full post »

hi all. the rand paul primary is stunning/startling stuff. Ive seen a lot of blogs on open salon dissing him, basically just parroting the MSM. yep, same old pabulum.

you can take the blue pill, or the red pill. the blue pill is politics as usual and character assassination over trivia… Read full post »

hi all. a post about rima fakih, the new islamic-american who won Miss USA and is really making a lot of waves in the media.

I normally just kinda roll my eyes over Miss USA and Miss America pageants. I never watched em, but I could certainly appreciate the concept.… Read full post »

hi all, yep its another installment. these ladies pile up fast. it seems. seems like just yesterday I did the last installment.

click on their pics to go to their blogs.

links this time around-- here's a story/biography of a real life harem and a woman who lived in it. she… Read full post »

hi all. its spring and a young mans fancy turns to thoughts of... polyamory. yes, as always, a flammable topic, one of the most flammable possible. the bible is filled with a lot of stories/anecdotes about infidelity, as well as greek mythology. most theological interpretations of the Garden of Eden… Read full post »

hi all. I should just let the links do the talking. it seems too good to be true... senate is close to an agreement on auditing the fed, with Reid supporting it, even as bernanke says it will make the sky cave in [as usual]. months go by and nothing happens,… Read full post »

image from nypost [1]
hi all. the NYC firebomb attempt was sure another close call. dodged another bullet. and only 5 months since the last major attempt at the end of december by the underwear bomber.

news is pouring out very rapidly. so, you can certainly get comprehensive accounts elsewher… Read full post »

hi all, its been a busy news cycle with the goldman sachs gyrations lately. just when I think Im burned out on blogging, I find something that Ive just gotta pass on.....

I just ran across this remarkable post on huffpost. a very accomplished Phd Iris Mack who worked as a… Read full post »

hi all. yeah I sometimes literally spend hours on posts, getting the fmtting, html, pictures right. for what? not a lot. the payback for a blogger is pretty )( small at times. about the best that one can hope is that one might get an EP or a post getting lots… Read full post »

hi all. that time again. Ive been putting this off due to other posts, but now my cup runneth over. click on their pics to go to their blog. if you're brave, tell em I sent you.

a few links this time around. 1st one is a young lady who's disturbed… Read full post »

hi all, a big development. its been, what, nearly 1.5 year since the massive crash of our economic system that has tied up both our economic and political system, in some ways paralyzing it. and make no mistake, the massive taxpayer bailout architected by our previous treasury secretary Pauls… Read full post »

hi all. its a very rare occurrence that a video like the wikileaks US military slaughter video makes it out to the public. but, every so often, the truth leaks out, and it can be jarring, startling, shocking, intense. the raw, unvarnished, Military Industrial Complex.

yep, MISSION ACCOMPLIS… Read full post »