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FEBRUARY 19, 2009 5:46PM

Writing Challenge - open call

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Back story

Ernest Hemingway penned what must be one of the shortest pieces of micro-flash fiction ever. It is also one of the most evocative. It consists of just six words - "For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

Surely most readers will imagine a small personal tragedy behind this brief announcement. A young couple, happily awaiting the blessed event, their dreams shattered when fate intervenes in the form of a miscarriage. Or, perhaps the mother to be, pressured by outside forces, undergoes an abortion. Or the paternal grandparents convince her to give the baby up for adoption. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

So here is the challenge: write a short piece of no more than 500 words, filling in the back story of the baby shoes. Don't forget to tag it "open call" and "back story".

I'll publish my response tomorrow.


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“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” A micro-fiction never written by Hemingway.
this has always been my favorite piece of flash fiction
Oh, fiddle sticks....the html didn't work:
Great idea, Wayne. Here's my contribution as well:
Nice one Wayne! Here's mine:
And here's mine
Thanks Wayne. Fun prompt! Here is mine:
Shoes, Cake...Freaky?
Here's my contribution to For Sale: baby Shoes, Never Worn
Here is my submission:

Thank you for this exercise. Why is it that I can sit all day and try to write something and then if given and exercise like this it can just gush out?
Okie Dokie. Her's what I got.

I think I toped Hemingway with this one. (not)
You know I meant topped not toped.
I am overfrakkinwhelmed by the response! Thanks each and every one of you!

I hope you all had fun.
BTW, Wayne. thank you for the prompt. It pulled some long ago stored emotions out of the cellar of my cobweb ridden brain and made me think a little. Painful, but it reminded me of life past.
Kickin' it Sci-Fi style like the Fanboy that I am...

I stink at sticking to word limitations...
Here's my entry:
Baby Shoes She Never Wore/Just Cathy
late. but here it is anyway
I loved this but just didn't have time to read AND write too. I see I have missed a few. Off to check them out. Great challenge, Wayne. Rated for communityness.......! ;)
JK Brady sez:
"dum de dum dum dum........
erm....tomorrow if almost over oh grand puba of writing challenges.
Of course I took this to mean you would publish your own take on this challenge."

Yeah, well, like cartouche I just didn't have time to read AND write too. I've been busy as a one-armed paperhanger just keeping up with all the great responses.

So keep yer knickers on, JK, I'll get there when I get there.
Not included: toddler shoes, size 4, never outgrown.

Just wanted my friends and fellow writers, whose work I so respect and admire, to know why I cannot read their posts on this.

Thank you, Wayne, those are the first words I've written about it. Maybe now more will come.
An incredibly difficult challenge and Im so glad so many are stepping up to the plate. Too painful for me tho. Im a wuss.

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