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April 09
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JUNE 20, 2009 1:25PM

My favorite ex-favorites

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I have just completed removing EVERYONE from my favorites list. Like many things on OS, it was an unnecessarily tedious task. You can't remove a favorite from the confines of you own blog, oh no, you have to visit the blog of the fav, and click the Remove Favorite link, and wait for confirmation.

It's not that I don't have some favorites, and  friends whose writings I am always interested in. Rather, I deleted the whole shebang just to prove that I don't need it to find, read, rate or comment on posts which interest me.
If I've commented or rated your posts in the past, I think you'll find that I will continue to do so.
This exercize also showed me what a waste the whole favs thing is. On visiting the blogs of many on my list, I found that they had posted nothing for months, and even found one who had deleted all her posts. One might be forgiven for thinking the the OS powers could monitor for disuse, and remove members (after notification) who were inactive for months - which should also include removing them from the fav lists of others.
So please be assured that you have not fallen into disfavor. You're still a favorite, it's just that I don't need the flimsy crutch of the OS Favorites scheme to keep you and your writings close to my heart.

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You're such a radical Wayne!

When your favorites start to number in the triple digits it starts to lose relevancy.

Honestly I spend no time on my blog page looking at the right side so the list or collection does not serve much of a purpose. It seems more like a nod when I favorite someone after reading something on their blog I particularly like. Then of course there are the polite, obligatory favorites in response to them making you a favorite. I reckon it's all gotten pretty muddy.
I just saw what it said in the absence of any favorites, "no relations made yet." Hah!

Go out there and "make some relations." Or better yet, ahem, have some relations!
That is a damned lie
"No relations have been made"
Else why are we here?
Wayne-Hopefully you'll still keep me in your mental list of favs, I could also say this keep me in your list of mental favs. Which ever list you prefer, I hope you keep me there.
ablonde, I have made (but not had) relations with several, not least amongst them, you.
Stacey, you're right, of course. Doesn't take any kludgey thingy to keep one's friends close to the heart.
junk, you are indeed still in my list. Give my best wishes to Em.
I never fell in with the favorites thingy. I noticed, though, that when I joined OS Kerry and Joan made themselves my favorites right away. I always thought that was a little pushy.
It would be very interesting if EVERYONE did this, as well as canceling all RSS feed and other methods they have of tracking their faves. I wonder who would end up getting read? I think after settling in here, we all tend to end up grazing in the same old pasture for the most part. I mean, after you have 10 or 20 or 30 favorites, how much time and energy do you have for new voices after you catch up on even a fraction of your faves?? If we all started over, I wonder what would happen.

just a thought.
Yeah, that's the ticket. There is no way that I could keep up with the Open Salon. That's why I drop in from time to time and cherry-pick comments. It seems that to do otherwise would be courting social faux-pas and I was raised with better manners than that.
Wayne, how could you do this, knowing as you do that I'm carrying your baby? Our love child will have no favorites, no one to blogwhore his/her achievements to. Studies have shown that children who's first crayon doodlings get less than 30 rates are less successful than pimped offspring. Why Wayne, why?
Drew-Silla, you slay me. There should be way more funny and lots less angst on these boards.
consonants, you can dump them, even
stellaa, two great political slogans = "Throw the bums out" and "Always vote no".
Silk, why not dump 'em all? I can find EVERY post ever posted by using the Most Recent dropdown.
Darryl, manners? What the hell are those? I'm all for more funny.
Drew, somebody's pouring milk in my coffee. I had a vasectomy right after our first one. BTW, how is the brat?
Did you have to expose us so publicly Wayne? When we made relations I thought it was private, and well, the ultrasound says there may be at least six, and you said you were fixed, but I'm already talking to the tv people... this could be my ticket out of here. Do you think they can schedule a tummy tuck at the same time as the delivery?
This will join the Church Calendar as the Feast of the Immaculate Deception.
Does this mean you won't wear the "Trudge164 4-ever" tee-shirt I sent you? lol

To each his own.
oooooooooooh, THAT explains it! I check every one of my favorite's blogs every day, and if I find myself removed, I launch a 12 point action plan...luckily, you posted this before I had to mobilize ;-)
trudge, of course I'll wear it, but 4-ever ain't as long as it used to be.
sandra - whew! I sure don't want to raise your ire.

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