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FEBRUARY 28, 2010 1:50AM

Happy February 28th: Cranky Cuss & D.K. & Who Else?

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I lost my list and I know there is another Feb 28th among us. Dedicated to one of my best friends, Dana, or D.K and to Cranky Cuss: Happy Birthday!

                                    FEBRUARY 28TH

                                     THE DAY OF ZEST

Those born on February 28th have a tremendous zest for life, which they communicate to everyone who meets them.

You positive, energetic ones are able to brighten up most occasions with your vibrant personality.  

You can of course, head off in the wrong direction, full steam ahead. Obviously, you who are born on this date would do well to sit down and contemplate your direction in life, get to know your yourselves well, and so be deliberate and purposeful in your high energy actions and projects.

You born on this date love the actual excitement of events, the sensations that arise both in yourselves and in others that keep you feeling most alive and vital.

Because you have so much energy, it's ideal for you to be highly discriminating and make sure of your choice of endeavors and involvements.

You will take on challanges that are risky, but check to be sure they are projects that are  worthwhile and rewarding for the long term.

Because you choose to live in such a vital & uncompromising way, Feb 28th people are likely to experience far more of life than the rest of us.

Most born on this day would not have it any other way. Being fairly certain that a project is suited for you is wise because you give everything you have-- once committed.

Those born on this day need to inbue your zest for life with understanding.

Through both intensely postive and negative encounters, you may eventually come to develp a personal phiosophy and deepen your spiritual understanding of life. Your question is at what point does experience translate into wisdom?

For some born on this day, such an evolution takes place quite late in life. For others, earlier. It is incumbent on you born on February 28th to at some point stand removed from life's passing show and observe yourselves and others simply LIVING.  

Strengths: Vibrant, Alive, Emotionally Complex

Weaknesses: Over enthusiastic; excessive, occasionally thoughtless

Advice: Cultivate your contemplative side so as to confront the basic questions of your existence.

Meditation: The object of your enthusiasm is at least as important as the enthusiam itself.

Others born on this day include:

Michel Montaigne!, Linus Pauling, Vincent Minelli, Bernadette Peters, Frank Gehry, Ben Hecht, Zero Mostel, Brian Jones(Rolling Stone), poet Stephen Spender, Mario Andretti (auto racer)


WO: Pretty damned great date. Would anyone here please PM me if this is your birthdate. I had a list; it is gone. This is such a great day so Cranky Cus--I hope you find some truths here. I can say first hand that this is dead-on for DK, who I'm privileged to know so well. Wendy

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Jesus......why are you trying to make me feel bad about being born on February 4th?
You are really good at this, huh.
Thanks so much, Wendy. I'd consider a lot of it true for me, except you must have left out the line about people born on this date being naturally "cranky." I've noticed that a lot of the people I read regularly here are Pisces, so we must share something special. Hope you had a great birthday, Wendy, and keep it up!