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MARCH 27, 2012 2:50AM

Dsh Network

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This blog is simply a medium for the publication free of animal emergencies just limited to output the messages for help we receive, we are not responsible for the opinions or data sent or published by third parties and not because we share their views, the mission of this blog is basically animal aid, nothing more. In the Dsh is a very interesting, I met thanks to Alfonso Pastor. This tool is used to execute commands remotely on a set of machines. Machines.list The file contains a list of all the machines on which the command will act when specifying the-a (one per line). The group directory contains a link called all pointing to the file machines.list. Moreover, within this directory can create groups of machines in different files that contain one per line, which we refer when we use the command with the – group. In the file list of machines you can specify the IP of each machine or machine name, if we have a dns server. Of course, for greater comfort when using dsh, the best we can do is transfer the public key of the machine from which dsh to run machines to execute commands. Thus, we are not prompted for a password each time you execute a command on each machine. Imagine you have a machines.list file in the / etc / dsh containing the list of all our machines and want to know the kernel you are running each. Would write the following command:. And if we find the kernel of a group of machines called servers which is a list of our servers, would execute:. And if dsh network we want the performance takes place in series so that implementation on a machine does not start until you have completed the above:. If we look at the dsh config file (/ etc / dsh / dsh.conf), we see that, by default, dsh rsh instead of ssh:. [..]all of these internet websites might not necessarily be fully relevant towards our web site however we unquestionably think you all should certainly see all of them[..] The memo was released, with many other documents, in response to a request for access to information from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a guardian of privacy on the Net. It describes, among other things, how the agents of the Office of Fraud Detection and National Security (FDNS) exploit social networks to draw a gold mine of information, courtesy of Internet users narcissistic .. Major social networks

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