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APRIL 17, 2012 12:01PM

Permission Marketing

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It is I attended an interesting seminar on Facebook advertising earlier this week, presented by Jordan Franklin, Director, Social Solutions at Clickable, as part of the Social Media Society Business permission marketing has been around since people first started doing business. Although no form of marketing has had such a profound effect as email marketing or permission emarketing as it is some times known. Read this article and and it will explain some of the benefits of this type of marketing. E mail marketing although very popular it has a some what notorious reputation, why this notorious reputation well because of spam. What is spam? spam is where unscrupulous companies send unsolicited, useless information to thousands of people who do not want it. If you use this technique you can be banned from the internet banned from the search engines, banned from your isp and banned from your web hosting company, you can also be sued. So do not use this illegal method of advertising your business. There are legal, ethical and very effective methods of contacting and advertising your business on the internet, other than using a spam. For contacting and advertising your business online, use permission email marketing. Permission based e mail marketing is a method used to contact, offer and advertise your business on the internet in which your potential customer have given you permission to contact them via email. Permission email marketing is an ethical method that you can use to run your emarketing campaign, where spamming is unethical. People do not want thousands of emails sent to them that they have not asked for. It is very important to build a trust worthy and professional image on the internet. It is even more important to build a trust worthy relationship online than it is if you conduct your business from a SANTIAGO (Reuters). – The Chile antitrust court said Wednesday it approved a merger plan between local airline LAN and TAM, but requires mitigation measures to alleviate the negative effects that would bring the union. 1. Exchange of four pairs of daily slots Guarullhos Airport in Sao Paulo, the LAN and TAM currently they hold, with those airlines that are interested in starting or increasing scheduled air services on the Santiago Dedicated to the design Be recognized at international level is not the strong point of the Spanish fashion brands LIMA (Andean). – The Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) noted that during the first months of next year would materialize price reduction Ball liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as a result of greater participation in Petroperu trading market for this fuel. Minister of Energy and Mines, Carlos Herrera Descalzi, said today a ball of ten kilograms of LPG costs 35 soles, of which 21.6 soles (62%) are costs of production and 13.4 soles (38%) cost of marketing and packaging, distribution and transportation. During his presentation to the Committee on Economy, Banking, Finance and Financial Intelligence Congress, said Petroperu represents nine percent of the marketing of LPG, so its market share is small. "We want to achieve greater competition in the market and for this we would like to expand the participation of Petroperu" he said. In this regard, said Pluspetrol and agreed to pay the royalty of 37.24% which gives the State for the exploitation of natural gas from Block 88 of Camisea LPG production to Petroperu. "This is intended to Petroperu to participate in the market for traders with a bid higher than you have today and it is not subsidizing anything," he said. That according to calculations by Petroperu, the price of LPG would offer to consumers is of 29.7 suns, of which 8.1 soles (28% of total) are linked to production costs and 21.6 soles (72%) to costs marketing. "But you might get some reduction in margins (in other companies) to enable better pricing of LPG," he said. However, he recalled that the fuel market in Peru is free and will depend heavily on marketers because they can be forced to set prices. {

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