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APRIL 18, 2012 8:34AM

Global Warming Article

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Previously published information on Awakenings invention perpetrated fraud of global warming, as always, for a few tricksters with the invaluable assistance of some hypocritical global scientific community led by the unspeakable Al Gore. Some of the objectives that hides the world's population scam called global warming has been to create an absurd excuse for us to pay taxes on natural biological emit gases such as CO2 or methane. In other words, to charge to humans through the process of breathing and expelling methane farting cows in this biological action. In fact, in Australia and has invented a green police to charge farmers intestinal gas emissions from their cows. Video which discusses the ridiculous taxes created in Australia and farmers for the methane gas expelled by his cows through his flatulent anal holes in order to protect the The Australian Academy of Science (Australian Academy of Science) has published a small booklet of 24 pages entitled The Science of Climate Change. Questions and answers (the science of climate change. Questions and answers) that can be downloaded here in PDF format. It's a very quick overview of all that is known and is not currently known about the changes taking place in the planet's climate. Responds, inter alia, the following questions. At the end of the document is a comprehensive list of 176 references, many of which appeared in scientific journals subject the articles to a process of peer review. The final chapter is devoted to the uncertainties that still exist in climate science. The observant eye might have noticed that several of the questions highlighted above correspond to the arguments most frequently advanced by the climate change deniers. No wonder that this publication has been motivated by an academy of sciences tired of leaving experts from under the stones. I feel great initiative, but the global warming article you link at the end is a paragraph that I do not like: One of the recurring fallacies deniers repeat that in the 70 climatologists showed that we were approaching an ice age and now, 30 years later these same climatologists say the opposite. Although this would not be all bad, because science is cumulative and advances or matizándolas refuting old ideas, and if a scientific discipline refutes its own premises 30 years ago does not indicate weakness in the discipline but maturity, this is not true. In the 50, 60 and 70 not climatologists told us to get closer to an ice age, the closest thing was to say that With an eminently scientific training in his youth (a degree in Physics, specializing in Physics of the Cosmos), was in 1969 when Manuel Toharia began practicing as a journalist, one of its many facets throughout his career, showing great potential as communication. From 1970 to 1979 was responsible for the science section of the newspaper Deep in the green vegetation and stifling the Mosquito Coast in Nicaragua, a unit of specially trained army is conducting a new kind of war against a new kind of enemy. Recently, Green Guard, a unit of 580 soldiers ecological, won their first The apologists of anthropogenic climate change are based on a number of issues that assume as true, without having to test them at any time. It is good that we review. The Earth and its climate (some question the very concept of global climate) have changed from 4,500 million years ago and nothing indicates that it will stop. At this point it should be noted the YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS WORLD if you liked any item, share, send it to social networks, Twitter, Facebook: Share the knowledge. The list is very simple, it is a book that every aspiring to rule should read, to acquire minimum knowledge and sensitivity. 1. "The Labyrinth of Solitude," Octavio Paz (1950).

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