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MAY 3, 2012 10:32PM

Wilton Cakes Pans

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After reading sooo I'm loving pastries, you'll find recipes in my own blog and others collected from Internet, I hope you enjoy them as I do. Other topics you'll find my blog are new internet and technology, and advances and tips to make the most of this tool without limitations. Grind the tomatoes and put them to cook a moment in a pot, add salt and pepper and let boil for a while along with the thyme and bay leaves. Weapon cannelloni in a refractory filling them with cheese and spinach mixture, place the tomato sauce on top and put them in the oven about 35 minutes at 180 Cauliflower is in season, so you have to consume and use all the good qualities he possesses. This cake has the advantage that the cauliflower is crude, and avoid the odor given off during cooking. The flavor is very nice, similar to the potato, so we can "fool" who do not like. – Wash the cauliflower and the mincing or crushing Thermomix (3 seconds level 5), has to look like a big granite, do not make a paste. – In a bowl place eggs, cornstarch, With caramel, vanilla and shredded coconut. Cover and cover with chocolate in double boiler coverage dissolved, then cool and stick around praline mixed with grated chocolate. Place in a saucepan 2 cups pulp of strawberries and 1 cup powdered sugar, bring to the fire and boil until it holds jelly. Incorporate boiling over 3 egg whites until stiff and mix gently. Drunk to taste. Beat 100 grams. butter, 200 grs. of sugar when making point of smooth cream, add 200 gr. of cream (whipped prior to thicken a little). In a pan put 1/2 can of condensed milk, 2 egg yolks and mix well. Include 100 cc. orange juice, 1 tbsp. cornstarch (previously dissolved in a little milk) and zest of 1/2 orange. Mix well. Recently at this time, bring the pan to the fire, stirring well with whisk until it boils, thickens and forms a cream. Remove from heat, let cool slightly (stirring a while) and, with this preparation, fill the cake. Put the chocolate and butter in a saucepan, and cook in double boiler until chocolate is melted. Incorporate it into the pastry cream and mix well, beating until smooth. Cool and use for fillings and toppings. 1 cup cream-300 g. of sweet chocolate powder – 1 tsp. While instantáneo.Batir coffee cream coffee, when thick, add in a chocolate shell. Because lately I'm making pies at full throttle, I decided to make variations on the same subject, and try to prepare the so-called Navigating the Last Saturday I had my first cake decorating course, namely the wilton cakes pans course 1 (official) in Sarria Cookiteca taught by Silvia Mirabet. We asked that we take a cake made for us of 15 cm in diameter. I thought of preparing my basic recipe for lemon cake in my book by Donna Hay (no fault) but I decided to do some research for bolloweb to see if there was any special recipe cake decorating. And, after traveling with, I found it. The most important thing you go to a cake decorated with frosting (buttercream icing or anything else like it) should be that it does not make crumbs and is compact, in addition to being good, of course. So I started with my mission of being an authentic looking for the perfect mold decorapasteles (or rather, the damn mold of 15 cm in diameter). The mold I bought at a store kitchen stuff on the street Roger de Llúria, I found very little, but hey, that's what I had been asked .. but I decided to make 2 cakes from the same mold and I did (thank goodness, lol), well, the recipe that I will give now used to fill 2 pans of 15 cm or one of 22 typical, so do not worry. In the photo below you can see the steps we take in the course of decoration, I made 2 cakes and cut them both, put apricot jam filling in the center and decorated it with buttercream, I got the pink color adding jam raspberries and so gave it a richer taste ;-) . And here the result of my tacky-vintage-pie, yes I know it is tacky to the utmost, but the colors are those that were did I put those or a blue and white cake, which I flatly refused! I promise to decorate cakes more in line with my taste:-P. Thanks for the compliment! the truth is I started out nice and I began to move with the decoration and finished a tad stale, hehe. Hi Caro, the truth is that you see that ensued during which the cake was the world of good. Now that technique you sure you can make stunning creations!. Hello! I have also pointed to the wilton course 1 .. to see if it spreads as much as you! One question: in the cake recipe

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