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MAY 12, 2012 8:29AM

Vintage Moonstone Ring

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Yes, girls. This blog is turning one year old, thanks to you, because you will tell me if you are not there to see what I write, that sense has a blog. To participate all you have to leave a comment on this post, leaving your name on the feedback form. The email address you need not leave it visible, but it has to be in the form, if not I can not get in touch with you if resultais winners. You can only participate once. Feedback from the same email, but have different names, count as one. I reserve the right to delete comments that, although they have different email and different name, are made from the same IP, if I think too many members of one family or a lot of coincidence in the same ordenata the same cyber The new wine bottles from a particular vineyard in Tethyr are offering more than just a refreshing drink. Asses more than a cuantes bottles have revealed gold rings, small gems, colorful keys and even a pick set. The effect that emanates from its brightness is called adularescencia, and is caused by micro-inclusions of other feldspar ordered into sheets in their internal structure. This particular brightness as seen from the inside, is accentuated when the stone is carved cabochon-shaped, so most stones on the market are of this court. Moonstone has a wide range of colors, depending on the place of origin where the deposits are, most are opaque and do not show that singular brightness or adularescencia. Most stones have learned in India gray, green, orange, beige, black and gold, many lack adularescencencia. These qualities are quite common, and they have high prices. As with other gems, the moonstone transparency is greatly appreciated, especially if you have an intense blue glow, which moves smoothly through the stone as it changes the angle of vision to move under a light source . In recent years it has marketed a similar stone, white with blue effect, called Pertita, reminiscent of the original, but this is much more common and with a lower price. It is also easy to find on the market, many imitations and synthetic stones looking like moonstone, especially in the pieces made in silver. The use of the vintage moonstone ring is not new, during the Art Nouveau period was much appreciated by Rene Lalique, a craftsman who used to ride the moonstone in his creations, even those made for men. Many of his wonderful pieces made from glass, have the look and shine of the moonstone. Ancient civilizations prized stones, giving each a different powers, today is a controversial issue that is between science and esotericism, all with a halo of romance, but the fact is that for centuries are mentioned by healers, shamans , alchemists and medicine men. In ancient times, farmers hung the moon stone fruit trees harvested for more, lovers of creeping into his mouth in full moon nights to increase the passion, and was believed to have a moonstone, the power conferred read the future. Regarding astrological sense of the moonstone, I can tell that corresponds to the planets Neptune and Venus, and belongs to those born in the month of June. When it comes to riding a piece with the moonstone as the only gem, I prefer the pink gold, since the effect is warmer than when combined with white gold, but I love the parts where it joins the white gold covered diamonds, are truly magnificent, as the brilliance of diamonds enhances the moon blue hue, and the result is extremely cool and futuristic. I find precious stones round moon in which is recorded by hand face of the moon, it is easier to find them made in pearls, but are not as beautiful. In this link you can see the effect adularescencia the moonstone. It is surrounded by a border of diamonds and the piece is old Victorian style. Faceted diamonds and jewelry are the classic choice for engagement rings. But to get an element of mystery and romance together with a tinge of mythology and spiritualism, engagement rings moonstone are the best option. The rings seem more symbolic for many couples to portray romance and spiritual union. Basically moonstones are a type of mineral in the Feldspar family which is a classification that covers more than half of the rocks on earth. Specifically Moonstone is potassium aluminum silicate and usually has a very light blue tone. However moonstones are also seen in a variety of colors including green, peach, gray, pale yellow, brown or creamy white. There are many mythological secrets related to the magical glow of moonstone. The mineral has been named as moonstone because, as light moves through the stone, its changes of brightness, as the shadows of the moon. The stone is also called as selenite, named after Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon. Many couples are gaga over moonstone as the most important feature of the gem is the quality of his court. What distinguishes moonstone is another gem that most of the gems to be polished rather than faceted. This gives the stone a soft and sensual feel instead of angles and surfaces typical marking of jewelry. The stones reach the brightness characteristic by the curvature of the stone that is crucial for achieving changes in light of the signature. For the creation of a cat's eye or star formation, faults incorporate more unique stones. There are a variety of options for engagement rings moonstone. However, the bezel setting and other designs are flowing smoothly for the most preferred as they complement the nature of the stone. Art Deco and vintage are also suitable for engagement rings moonstone. Accent stones can be incorporated into the rings. But this is not always done. Diamonds and pearls are common choices and couples equally unusual stones also selected to accompany the moonstone center. The gem quality moonstones are very expensive due to the rare nature. A larger stone with a wonderful color, but transparent exacts a high price because they are of exceptional quality. In addition, work will add to costs significantly because most engagement rings moonstone custom made. So to cut costs, many couples choose a less expensive metal or stone accent so they can find a quality stone work. Couples can find a little hard to find moon stones, as they are still relatively rare and they have to approach a custom ring designer to get a more personalized ring. For economic benefits, the best way is to find a loose stone of the desired size and color and make a jeweler with experience to make a perfect ring to accentuate the qualities of the stone. From the moonstone is very sensitive which are prone to scratches and damage. Hence proper care should be given while wearing them. Only gentle cleanser and a soft cloth should be used for cleaning. There is nothing that compares to the beauty of black pearl earrings. They are brilliant and are different from what people are used to seeing in pearls. Most of them are black, go .. If you are looking for a watch that is a little different, that complements your personality, and that is so affordable, you could buy several – one to match your mood in a day .. One of the predominant tools in watchmaking is a mini lathe. The length is approximately 18 inches. It mounts on the desktop. mild steel is used to make axes (glori.. The art of body piercing is years old. Almost every part of your body can be pierced and studded with ornaments can be incredible. Piercing lends his personality he deserved m. . personalized jewelry is jewelry that is designed especially to meet your needs and design ideas. It is fast becoming the popular choice, allowing you to explore ..

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