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MAY 15, 2012 9:30AM

Online Taxes

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Tax revenues could register an increase of between 5 and 10% in 2011, which will mean a slowdown compared to last year's growth of 21%, estimated the National Superintendency of Tax Administration (Sunat). "There will continue to grow at the rate recorded in 2010 because last year compared with 2009 which was a period of crisis, therefore, is comparatively a rebound in numbers," said the official Study Sunat tributaries, Jorge Sanchez. In this regard, said the main online taxes in volume would continue to contribute more to the collection are the General Sales Tax (GST) and Income. This after the VAT in 2010 grew 18.6% after reporting earnings of 35.547 million new soles, while the advance income tax add 25% to 25.800 million. He noted that the main factors that negatively affect revenues for 2011 are the recent tariff reduction and accelerated depreciation of property, while a little less influence the reduction Selective Consumption Tax (ISC). "While in the short term is impossible to deny that these measures will have a negative effect on revenues in the medium term could encourage greater commercial activity and therefore paying more taxes," he said. The law to accelerate the depreciation of property was promoted by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) in 2009 with the aim of promoting job creation at national level and address the negative effects of the global financial crisis. Meanwhile, late last year ordered a new MEF tariff reduction for a total of 3.401 items, with the aim of consolidating the country's competitiveness. { Within minutes two years ago, thanks to Cecilia Todd LIMA (Reuters). – The Peruvian currency rose slightly to close at a new high of almost 15 years supported by dollar sales of the companies to pay their obligations and despite a further official intervention. The sol appreciated 0.04% to 2.681/2.682 per U.S. dollar, the best quote from 2671 from October 23, 1997, and compared to 2.682/2.683 soles to the dollar on Thursday. The negotiated amount was about $ 359 million, dealers said. The Peruvian currency rose 0.19% in the week and recorded an increase of 0.56% so far this year. The central bank bought $ 120 million to an average exchange rate of 2.681 per U.S. dollar with its purchases of foreign currency amounted to 2,849.5 million dollars so far this year. Lima (Reuters). – An Australian junior mining company hopes to develop the first ferrous heavy sands project in Peru, confident country's tax rules and a new law that seeks to limit social conflict. Chris Gale, managing director of Latin Resources Ltd, said in an interview with Reuters that Peru, the second largest producer of copper and silver and gold the sixth, could become a major exporter of iron ore. The project Guadalupito to exploit mineral sands ferrous iron, is located on the northern coast of Peru and also contains gold, copper, ilmenite and zircon, used to produce ceramic tiles. Gale said the project would have good benefits for its location. Some investors with knowledge of the risky world of junior mining projects say they tend to be wary of ferrous sands projects. Cardero Resource Corp, a Canadian company, announced in February that he would leave the ferrous sands project Pampa El Toro near the southern city of Nazca, which had sought to develop since 2005. LIMA (Andean). – The Agency Peruvian Consumers and Users (Opecu) reported that seven days of the publication of the list of reference prices for liquid hydrocarbons, 80% of taps and service stations changed prices fuels. On April 25, the Supervisory Body of Investment in Energy and Mining (Osinergmin) set margins and issued new price bands of fuels. Lima explained that the 43.9% of service stations that varied their prices, not moved the whole of the price decrease of gasoholes of 95, 97 and 98, ie, that low of 0.76 and 0.87 dollars per gallon, including taxes, respectively, were partially reduced. "It's an abusive attitude against the user rights that affect their economic interests," said President Opecu, Hector Plate. However, he noted that prices of gasohol 90 and B5 diesel S50, which had been increased at the same time, immediately ranged 85.7 percent of sales establishments such fuels. "Gasohol 90 and S50 B5 diesel rose 0.54 and 0.10 soles, including taxes, so that more than 1,000 suppliers of these fuels raised their prices, without delay, even though their storage tanks still have these products purchased content lower price, "he said. "We call on the taps and service stations in Lima to reduce prices accordingly, our organization has identified and if in the immediate term not reduce prices, denounce to the National Institute for the Defense of Competition and Protection Intellectual Property, "he said. {

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