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JULY 7, 2011 12:21PM


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The GOP is wallowing in mediocrity, and will continue to do so until there is a viable candidate who can focus on “we the people” instead of the rich. 


That means a GOP candidate must surface who has some meaningful ideas about creating jobs, debt reduction, and a comprehensive health plan for all who need it.


For instance, the U.S. congressional health plan could be available – at a reasonable cost – to all citizens who need health insurance. 


For far too long, the right wing conservative Christian Bible thumpers have been hijacking the Republican Party.  The GOP needs to divorce itself from those mean–spirited folks.  


The “Bible Thumpers” need to form their own political party, something other than the "Tea Party."


Their “we got ours, too bad you don’t got any” while looking down their noses stance on social issues is against the teachings of Jesus, yet these people still attend church, sing in the choir, more than likely all for social networking. 


Speaking of charisma, ALL of the current field of Republican POTUS wannabes have the charisma of, of, of, (I’m searching for a word), of week old "road kill."  All of them have the stench of death.  In other words, they all stink to high heaven. 


That is why, as a Republican, I believe the GOP should just pass on the 2012 election. 


Why fritter away millions of dollars, in what will be a failed attempt trying to unseat President Obama?  Those millions of dollars could go to people who need or could use some help, instead of the advertising and printing company moguls. 


Oh, wait, newspapers, TV, and radio harvest mountains of cash during POTUS elections.  Do you think that might have anything to do with it?


Most people are not looking for a hadout, but they could use a helping hand up, out of a bad situation.  Why do most Republicans turn a blind eye to such matters?  The GOP's lack of action to provide meaningful help to others in need is disgusting and sinful.

Seriously, the GOP needs to become the party of all the people, not just the chosen few. 

When is the last time most Republicans volunteered for one of the helping agencies, or purchased grocery items to donate to their local food bank?  Chances are slim of that happening any time soon.  They can "talk the talk," but do not "walk the walk."

That means most Republican candidates are "ATNAs," or people who are All Talk, No Action.  


Of course, I realize there are some good and kind-hearted  Republicans, but most of the herd of POTUS wannabes do not fit that description.  It really is time for a change.


If the Republican field really does narrow to Bachman, Palin, or Romney, there is an equal sign: = win for Obama.


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As a democrat and Obama listless supporter, I'm okay with the GOP passing on the 2012 election.
"Mediocrity" is too kind of a word. They are just nuts. It's a DEAD party and the only thing keeping it alive is a deader political system that only recognizes a two-party system. Demographics of the country don't even support it, yet they ignore it all.
Sarah, and FTM...

Thank you for your comments.

I am reminded of something Walt Kelly wrote back in 1971, for an "Earth Day" cartoon. The loveable swamp critter, Pogo Possum said, "We have met the enemy and he is us."

We, the people, need to stand up and make the choice: DO NOT ELECT OR RE–ELECT THESE WHACKOS, followed by the names of mostly Republican POTUS wannabes, and some Democrats as well...