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JANUARY 11, 2012 3:08AM


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Hmmm... A Romney victory in New Hampshire can hardly be considered a mandate by any means.


Yesterday, there was an informal poll about Republican candidate choices. There were about 235,000 responses, and 38% of them preferred, "I would not vote for any of them." This is a proof that "NONE OF THE ABOVE" should be a ballot choice.


Ron Paul supporters need to stop and realize that he is going on 77 years old. He is age inappropriate for the office of POTUS. We've already had one elderly president in recent times, one who developed the onset of dementia while in the White House.


Ron Paul’s chances of getting elected POTUS are about the same as him becoming the next Greek Orthodox Patriarch.


I am a Republican, so it pains me to mentions this truth. The Republican Party is in shambles and has no meaningful candidates. NONE of the present gaggle of Republican presidential candidate wannabes would have a chance against Mr. Obama. It is very embarrassing to realize that the GOP cannot find a better qualified candidate.



What else can the GOP do, except find ways to complain about Mr. Obama, argue amongst themselves, and try to find ways to scare the voters?


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