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MARCH 4, 2012 8:39PM


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News Item: 7TH advertiser drops Rush Limbaugh. (That was March 4TH, Today, March 5TH, apparently the number increased to 11.) 

I stopped listening to Rush Limbaugh many, many years ago. 

When I first listened, I thought he had some interesting things to say.  However, after listening for several weeks, I began to realize that he was full of hate or venom for women, and poor people.  It was as if he truly did not care about anyone who is less fortunate than he is, as he counts his millions.  

So, I stopped listening to his program when I realized that he was trying to be an entertainer, while harvesting as much cash as possible. 

Remarkably, he has the #1 radio talk show in the United States, and sponsors and listeners have made Mr. Limbaugh very wealthy.  What surprises me is that so many people still listen to him.  He is not funny, and he is not entertaining.  All he does, very well I might add, is stir up controversy.

As a Republican, some of his remarks offended me.  It was as if Mr. Limbaugh was spewing official Republican Party philosophy, when that was not the case.  I am somewhat conservative with financial matters, and I am a Christian; but, I am not a Republican conservative Christian.  However, when the Republican Party does not officially refute his comments, that means complicit agreement. 

When the “slut bomb” and “prostitute bomb” exploded on the Rush Limbaugh radio program a few days ago, and most of the news agencies began covering the matter, I could hardly believe that he would actually say such a thing.   What was he thinking?  Actually, he was not thinking. 

More likely than not, he was speaking off the cuff.  Speaking off the cuff, or randomly nattering on about something, is what gets most people into trouble.

Mr. Limbaugh is entitled to his opinions, but he does not speak for me.  He needs to be more careful with his choice of words.  The Republican Party should be all over Mr. Limbaugh, like flies on fresh manure – to let him know that he does not speak for the GOP. 

Since the “slut bomb exploded” there has been a little more full disclosure happening. 

For instance, it is very disturbing to read about the connectivity between Mr. Limbaugh and Republican presidential wannabe, Mr. Romney.  Apparently, according to various news sources, Mr. Romney has at least some ownership in the media company that supports the Rush Limbaugh radio program.  That indeed sets a different stage for, “Excellence In Broadcasting.” 

To my mind, broadcasting excellence means that it is not ok to demean other people.

A day after the Limbaugh “slut bomb,” Piers Morgan had an interview with Kirk Cameron, the former child star of “Growing Pains.”  It was both stunning and flabbergasting to learn of his extremely conservative Christian views.  

Kirk Cameron actually said that if his daughter were raped, rather than suggest an abortion, he would urge her to have the unwanted baby, because all life is precious.  More likely than not, he would support legislation to repeal abortions.  Indeed, Mr. Cameron might actually become a growing pain. 

What Mr. Limbaugh, Mr. Cameron, and other Republicans do not realize is this: Grey-haired older men should not be legislating what women can or cannot do with their bodies.

If Mr. Limbaugh or Kirk Cameron had to give birth to an unwanted baby, I am fairly sure there would be abortion on demand 24/7 every day, in every major U.S. city.  Mr. Limbaugh and Mr. Cameron need to know that it is fairly easy for someone to "talk the talk," and another matter entirely to "walk the walk."

Abortion and contraception is a matter between the woman and her God - no one else, especially the Republicans and conservative Christian Bible thumpers.   

Those favoring no abortions should pay into a fund to help support unwanted babies.  Unwanted, unloved little ones often grow up to be miscreants, criminals, and very familiar with the criminal justice system.  We all end up paying for that.

I wonder exactly how many of Limbaugh’s sponsors made contact with him and gave him an ultimatum, apologize or lose our support…

With $$MILLIONS at stake, Mr. Limbaugh probably saw the light at the end of the tunnel fairly quickly.  The result was his disingenuous apology.  That is making even more people wonder if they should Flush Rush.


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