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MARCH 28, 2012 8:44PM


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As I was watching TV news earlier today, there was a comment card about a poll indicating that 52% of voters do not like the Republican candidates; and, 53% of the voters favor President Obama.   

That could be a very distinct and important message for the gaggle of Republican Party presidential candidate wannabes.  I wonder if the Republican Party is paying attention.   

I am a male, Republican.  (Although since the first time I could vote, in 1964, I have always voted for the person who I believed could do the best job).  I am reasonably conservative, and I am a Christian.  However, I am not, a conservative Christian Republican. 

Too many Republicans - mostly men - believe they have the right or duty to legislate what women can or cannot do with their bodies.  Or, the Republicans want to have a say about contraception and abortion.  To me, those issues are out of their jurisdiction.  Those issues involve individual freedom of choice, and the Republican Party and the U.S. government do not need to get involved. 

Unfortunately, there still is a segment of the U.S. population that is very upset that a BLACK MAN actually won the 2008 presidential election.  It is as if they are in denial.  They keep sending out emails announcing the latest discovery about President Obama’s “false birth certificates.” 

The only thing they can do to make themselves feel better is find ways to cast aspersions at, denigrate, ridicule, make fun of, and otherwise make life hell for, President Obama.   At this point, I would not care if Mr. Obama came from outer space.  The fact is, he won the election and he IS President of The United States.  As such he deserves a little respect if not for him personally, then for the office he was elected to hold. 

Apparently, the conservative Republicans do not realize they are to blame!  It is their direct fault that Mr. Obama is presidentDuring the 2008 election, the Republican Party “powers that be,” made some very bad decisions, bad choices if you will; by selecting Senator McCain and what’s her name, Sarah Palin, to be the candidates to run against then Senator Obama.  Those two were extremely marginal candidates; and, they were not an ideal competitor to Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden.  We all know the result of those extremely bad choices.   

Although the Republican Party is nearly hysterical in the zeal and goal to unseat Mr. Obama, unfortunately, the Grand Old Party still is wallowing in that same mud hole as 2008.  The GOP is focusing on not one, but FOUR extremely marginal presidential candidate wannabes.

Willard Romney, religious views aside, has not had any meaningful contact with average every day people.  (Latest news today, concerns Willard wanting to install an elevator for his cars…)  Rick Santorum is far too draconian, vindictive, and sanctimonious.  Newton Gingrich does not pass the ethics or morals test.  Ronald Paul is not age appropriate.  Add to that, all of them have the charisma of a bag of steer manure.

As a Republican, I am embarrassed to see that the Republican Party cannot find more meaningful candidates – as in people who really know something about making a budget and keeping to it, people who know about creating jobs, and, people who actually care about other people who are less fortunate.

Until the Republican Party gets rid of the conservative Christians and other mean-spirited people within the Party, the GOP will remain in the toilet for a long time.


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