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MAY 9, 2012 9:33PM


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President Obama caused a news media sensation today, by stating publicly that he believes that "people should be able to marry whomever they choose."  Well, at least that's my version of what he said. 

Hmmm...  People need to remember that all of this is about equal rights.  People should be able to marry whomever they choose - end of argument. 

At about the time of G.H.W. Bush's administration, conservative Christians hijacked the Republican Party, rather than form their own party.  Since then the Republicans have been doing their best to tell everyone else what to do and how to do it.

For those too young to remember, as recent as about 1967, if I recall correctly, the State of Virginia had a law that prohibited mixed race couple cohabitation.  A White male was living with a bi-racial (Black and Native American) female.  (They might have been married in another state.)  The police arrested the man and caused all sorts of trouble for him.  The case went to the SCOTUS, where those judges decided to rapppp hard on the knuckles of the State of Virginia, and overturn that law.

Some political/news/commentors and finger pointers/waggers, have mentioned "the Bible," and they need a point of reference to historical accuracy. 

The oldest Bible that I have is from about 1865, according to Oxford University.  In the preface, the 58 scholars King James hired to "translate the ancient languages," carefully state, amongst high and flowery praise for King James, that this Bible "is the King's own work."  The scholars were disclaiming any part of it as their own work. 

In other words, King James tweaked the Bible to support his own prerogatives and beliefs, while doing his best to make it look like it was the work of the 60 scholars... 

It is also noteworthy that succeeding versions of the King James Bible have had that preface edited, and in some cases, that disclaimer no longer appears in many modern Bibles.  What's with that? 

A long time ago I asked a Rabbi about Hebrew religious texts, and if there was anything that mentioned homosexual behavior.  The Rabbi said he knew of nothing in the ancient Hebrew texts that mentioned the prohibition of a man lying with a man.  (I do not know that as fact, because I have not researched the Hebrew text.) 

However, I do know that King James did edit the Bible, and had it printed in about 1605.  Due to certain claims and errors, there was a great hew and cry, and an uproar if you will, from many people.  As a result, King James was forced to make a revised edition correcting the mistakes, and that version saw the light of day in about 1611. 

Also, at the time of King James, women were treated like chattel, or personal property, not unlike pigs and cattle.  They had no rights.   The Calvinist Presbyterians reinforced this barnyard–like treatment of women.  King James went out of his way to make sure that men were in control, and, especially him as King. 

Oh, one  other thing - King james was either an outright homosexual or a very active bi-sexual.  That is not my opinion, it is historical fact.  (Read The History of Scotland.) 

To all of "the good Christians" who thump their Bible, and wag their fingers, and try to tell everyone else what to do, how to do it, and when to do it: please be aware that you just might be reading a false Bible. 

If anyone is running their life based upon the King James Version of the Bible, they had better rethink their situation, and do some historical research about the matter.


President Obama took a big step today to assure equal rights for all, not just for some, based on their religious views.


On the other hand, Willard Romney has made it very clear that people should not be able to marry whomever they choose.  I believe that draconian thinking is directly linked to Willard Romney's connectivity to the Mormon Church. 


More likely than not, Willard Rommney's beliefs about equal rights are just the tip of the iceberg.


So, who do you want for POTUS... ??


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