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AUGUST 24, 2012 2:28PM


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Bat Crap Crazy.”  Now, there’s a term one does not see on TV news every day.  A few nights ago, as I watched a news program, that was a topoic of discussion in reference to Mr. Todd “Torpedo” Akin, and his unusual views about reproduction and abortion. 

Personally, I agree that Todd “Torpedo” Akin is Bat Crap Crazy, in part for his expressed views about reproduction and abortion, but mainly for his combover – quite possibly one of the world’s worst examples of a combover.  I believe that any adult male who uses a combover to hide baldness, is, well, Bat Crap Crazy.   

Todd "Torpedo" Akin, in just a few words, essentially torpedoed the Republican Party’s efforts to hide one of the Party’s platform planks – that being the Republican Party’s goal to restrict women’s rights.  The Republicans want to make a constitutional amendment to make any type of abortion illegal, regardless of whether or not the pregnancy puts the woman at risk of death or serious health issues, regardless if rape or incest is involved.  That is Bat Crap Crazy. 

Where is it written that grey haired men should legislate what women can or cannot do with their body?  How is it possible that MEN could dictate forced childbirth?  Yet, that is likely to happen if Willard "Flip Flop" Romney and Paul "Coat Hanger" Ryan win the election.  That would be Bat Crap Crazy.    

Shortly after the election of Bill Clinton, rather than form their own political party, religious conservatives hijacked the Republican Party.  They have an agenda to place women into a subservient role, with very few rights.  Apparently, Willard “Flip Flop” Romney and his running mate, Paul “Coat Hanger” Ryan, agree with that goal of curbing women’s rights.  Both of them are Bat Crap Crazy 

Taking away a woman’s right to an abortion, by making abortions illegal, would revive the “back alley, coat hanger clinics,” of many years ago, when many women died or had lingering medical issues as a result of improper medical care.  Apparently, Romney and Ryan want to go back to those times, and, that is Bat Crap Crazy. 

If it were up to Romney and Ryan, women would be pregnant during summer and barefoot during winter.  That philosophy is Bat Crap Crazy.   

In the next few days, Republicans will be gathering for their convention in Florida.  There are two storms on the way.  One is a tropical storm/hurricane named Isaac – a good name from Biblical days.  It might be somewhat fitting if Isaac were to unleash high winds and heavy rains on the Republican gathering. The other storm is the Todd “Torpedo” Akin caused controversy that fully involves Willard “Flip Flop” Romney, and Paul “Coat Hanger” Ryan. 

I have been a Republican since the first time I could vote – for Barry Goldwater.  I am moderately conservative, believing there should be a balanced budget, deficit reduction and jobs creation.  However, I believe in equal rights.  If you do not like abortions, don't have one.  If you do not like homosexuals, do not date people of your same sex.  If you do not like tobacco or distilled spirits, do not smoke, chew, or drink.


With the exception of my brother and me, most of my family is Mormon, going back to 1853.  My father was excommunicated from the LDS – and that was a great source of pride for him, because he believed the religion is a cult, and the followers are a bunch of morons.  I believe there should not be religion in politics, unless the religion forms their own political party.  


It is apparent that Willard “Flip Flop” Romney is a tax dodger – all done legally of course, but a tax dodger nonetheless.  I do not recall any other presidential candidate aspirant who has had his money in “off shore” investments.  Those investments are to avoid paying U.S. income taxes.  I believe it sets a bad example. For me, tax dodger is on equal footing with draft doger.


As you know, “good Christians” are adept at telling everyone else how to run their life.  One thing I have noticed within my own extended family – all of the Mormon women have been or are subservient.  Apparently, that is a tenet of the Mormon faith.  That is why such ideas come easily to Willard “Flip Flop” Romney, and, that of course is, Bat Crap Crazy. 

So, I will not be voting for the Romney Ryan ticket, because to do so would be, Bat Crap Crazy. 

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I have to admit the first time I heard Lawrence O'Donnell utter "Bat Crap Crazy" I was shocked as I laughed out loud. For the life of me I can't imagine a more apropos analysis of the Republican Tea Party. Read & rated ;-)
Somebody cleaned up the expression. The original version is, "Bat-shit crazy".

When it comes to R & R, I like the original much better....