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NOVEMBER 4, 2012 4:03AM


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A friend of a friend recently made the comment, “Any woman in her right mind would not vote Republican, with the Republicans wanting to take women’s rights back 60 years.  A woman would have to be a complete moron to vote for a Republican Presidential candidate.” 


That got me to thinking.  Are Republican women really being moronic in their thinking?  Are married Republican women so under the control of their husband that they cannot think on their own? 


Do Republican women really want grey–haired, or balding, pot–bellied, older men, members of the U.S. Congress, making laws about what a woman can or cannot do with her body?    


Has the women’s liberation movement rolled over and played dead?  One must wonder why are there so many women showing up at Romney functions.  Do all of them want to give up a very significant part of their rights as a woman?  Apparently so.

Willard Romney is being disingenuous; if or when he says he supports women’s rights.  By and large, I believe that is due to his religious upbringing and beliefs.  By now, everyone knows that Willard M. Romney follows the Mormon philosophies – including the fact that Mormon women are subservient to men.  Repeat – Mormon women are subservient to Mormon men. Some might refer to it as not a marriage partnership with equality, but blissful slavery.  (BTW - There have been Mormons in my family since 1853.)    

Willard reportedly said recently, “This is an election of consequences.”   

Yeppp, that’s for sure.  If Willard and Paul win, the consequences will be the deterioration of women’s rights, and in some ways, men’s rights too. 


Barry Goldwater, “Mr. Conservative,” would not roll over in his coffin.  Rather, he would sit up, change ends, and then roll over several times before coming to an upright position, resting on his right side, if he could realize that the conservative Christians have hijacked the Republican Party. 


That’s why I will not vote for Willard.  I do not want folks like the Westboro Baptist Church, or the Mormons, telling me how to live my lifeBy the way, I am a male and a moderate Republican. 


When is the last time you heard of a U.S. presidential candidate who has off shore investments (with the specific purpose of avoiding paying U.S. income taxes); and, car elevators for his garage?  Just curious.


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I heard one woman on TV saying she was voting economics and thus voting for Romney. All of this is so frustrating. It appears to be a good time to be hitting menopause because of the reproductive debate, but a bad time, too, because I'm not yet 55 and if those people get elected my working age will probably be extended until I'm 80. At least I get to go to the VA for medical care.
'nough said... R&R ;-)
candidates used to run for office, who owned hundreds of slaves. that was great wealth in those days. thomas jefferson's personal life would elicit public horror nowadays, if american history were not air-brushed into a fairy story for children.

teddy roosevelt remarked, about his struggles with plutocracy in the very early 1900's, that some of the men who were financing his opponents had greater wealth than the federal government.

the constitution of the usa was designed to make sure the rich stayed rich. it has been brilliantly successful.
gays, Hispanics, Blacks, Women have all listened to the insults from the Republican party never more than halfway apologized for and yet all have some declaring for the party which so clearly despises them. It is a thing past understanding because they make no sense.