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NOVEMBER 16, 2012 8:39PM


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Dear Republican Party Poobahs,


You and I have never met.  I am a Christian, and I've been a moderate Republican since the first time I could vote - and that was for Barry Goldwater. I did not vote for Mr. Romney.  


There are many reasons, but chief among them are these: 1) The Republican Party platform called for a U.S. Constitutional amendment to ban abortion in all cases - even rape. 2A) Mr. Romney has never worked for a living. He's only held a few high profile "title jobs," where he never had to get sweaty or get his hands dirty. 2B) Mr. Romney's NEVER had to worry about paying his rent or mortgage. 2C) Mr. Romney  intends to build an elevator for his cars. 2D) Clearly, Mr. Romney is an out of touch with reality person who has nothing in common with the average person.  2E)  Mr. Romney selected a running mate who was worse than what's her name, who ran with Senator Goofy McCain in their failed attempt during the last election. 


Shortly after the election of Bill Clinton, the POOBAHS of the Republican Party allowed or encouraged Christian conservatives to encroach on Party leadership. These Christian conservatives enjoy telling everyone else how to live their life.

They really do need to form their own political party. After the drubbing they got in this election, maybe they will do that. 

I say this to the Republican Party POOHBAHS: “Call Off Your Old Tired Old Ethics.” Does that sound familiar? COYOTE.

The Republican Party needs to understand that grey-haired or balding pot-bellied men should not be trying to legislate what a woman can or cannot do with her body. Such a choice is up to the woman, her God, and her doctor – and NO ONE ELSE. 

It is time for moderate Republicans to grab their pitchforks and herd the conservative Christians out of the Party. It is not the 1800s or the 1940s. Times have changed. People have changed. The GOP POOBAHS need to change and get with it, or they are going to lose a lot of elections.  

Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain have outlived any usefulness to the Republican Party.  They need a pitchfork in the buttocks as well.  Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer, a highly paid one at that.  It is his job to get people riled up about things.  It is his job to say derragotory things about other people.  I no longer listen to any of his commentary. 

Then, there are the religious wingnuts who think they can speak on behalf of the Republican Party.  Franklin Graham could be a false prophet – one who needs counseling and medications. He has some very serious misgivings about what it really means to be a Christian. That being, someone who follows the tenets and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Many people with 'reverend' or 'preacher' status allow too much personal opinion to enter their brain, to distort the meaningful concept of What Would Jesus DoSomehow, I get the idea that Jesus would frown upon the actions of the Republican Party.


It is time to focus on the U.S. Congress – members of the House of Representatives and the Senate, to get them to cooperate. 

It is time to set and reach goals to keep our country strong, and productive.  It is time to make responsible budgets, and to pay down the U.S. debt.  Congress needs to act responsibly. 

However, until the Republican Party POOBAHS change their  thinking to be more cooperative and inclusive, and less religiously pious, nothing will change.



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