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NOVEMBER 21, 2012 3:58PM


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Hmmm... The mediation failed, only because the two sides failed to mediate.

With the same goal - keeping Hostess as a viable company, there should not be any difficulty coming into an agreement acceptable to both parties.

Oh, wait a minute. Maybe the "owners" of Hostess want to "pull a ROMNEY." That being, "close the business and sell off all the assets; and to hell with the rank and file employees. We don’t give a damn about them."

It looks and sounds like both sides of this fray would earn a big fat “F” grade in university level “Labor Law & Collective Bargaining.” They need to get back to the table and refocus on keeping Hostess as an American company; and not something from Mexico, China or some other place.

Given the present situation, that seems like a very harsh possibility. 

However, I would bet the American public would like to see the Hostess Company thrive and prosper. Would that mean the Unions might have to reconsider their demands? Probably.

I have to admit that I am not a rabid fan of Twinkies, but I get very, very agitated at the thought of losing the powder sugar Donettes. When I feel the need for a sweet snack, a bag of Donettes and a quart of milk, and I am in my own version of hog heaven.

Yes, I realize that certain snack foods are not necessarily healthy. However, all of the people who are criticizing Hostess products must realize that it is individual freedom of choice. People have the choice to munch on Ding Dongs, or avoid them at all costs. However, please do not restrict the access.

By the way, I'll bet this is something very few people have enjoyed, Twinkies with good quality champagne... eh? !!

I heard a very good rumor about Hostess snack products. If you eat them with your eyes closed, there are no calories or carbohydrates. That is just a rumor.


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Or if you drink a Diet Coke, it all evens out!! :D

Pfffft on Hostess!!!
It's all gonna be alright Twinkie Tinkie; latest news is Hostess won't close.

I will miss the cupcakes. Lots of imitations, only one real deal.
I'm still trying to figure out why Dunkin
Doughnuts is still going strong!
Ms Ring Ding and her Yodels