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Hmmm...  In the past few days, there has been a lot of discussion about females serving in combat. 

I am reminded of years ago - the mid 1960s to mid 1980s, when it was a very “big problem” with females wanting to become firefighters.  Nearly all California fire departments were all male at the time. 

Similar to present day U.S. Navy Seals eligibility requirements, "the good ol' boys" at nearly all fire departments in California, and probably all the other states, thought up and developed rigorous physical requirements as part of the entrance testing.  (I can remember on fire chief saying that it would be a cold day in hell before any female joined his fire department.)  He did everything he could to make sure a female could not pass all of the physical requirements. 

Such as, while wearing “turnout gear” or “bunker gear,” lifting and carrying a rolled 50-foot section of fire hose, climbing ladders, handling charged hoses, etc., in addition to being able to run a 440 track under a time constraint. 

The “good ol’ boys” dreamed up all sorts of things, in the hopes that women would fail.  (The facts is, very few of those "good ol' boys" would have passed their own requirements.)    

However, the only real criteria should have been: Can you drag a firefighter out of a burning structure?  In other words, are you strong enough to drag an unconscious person of 200 to 300 pounds to safety?  Anyone who could do that, could certainly handle the rest of the duties.  Today, there are many female firefighters – and, they do a great job!  

I spent 13 years in the fire service - despite having a fear of heights.  I was OK working on the roof of a one–story house, but not anything higher than that. 

Every officer knew that.  So, instead of climbing ladders at fire scenes, I footed the ladders, so other firefighters could safely climb.  At drills, I would climb up to my maximum comfort level, about 12 to 15 feet.  Then, I would interlock my left leg in the ladder’s rungs and hang off the side of the 35 foot extension ladder, so other firefighters could practice passing on a ladder.

Strangely, I had no problem being on the snorkel platform at about 50 feet in the air, because I felt safe doing that.  Other firefighters who could practically run up and down a ladder, would not set foot on the snorkel.

Regarding women in the U.S. military participating in combat - they should have that opportunity. 

Once again, the main criteria should be this: Can you drag your wounded battle buddy to safety?  The second criteria, are you a good shot? 

The U.S. military should be an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

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Any civilized nation would be looking for ways to reduce the number of people who get involved in killing other human beings, not ways to increase those it sends out to kill the rightful owners of the sovereign countries it invades.

It should be interesting to see how the sensible gender does when sent to wipe out a village that includes women and children.

Dumb idea. And some of these assholes are calling it an "opportunity"!!! WTF ?!
Sorry skypixieo, I was trying to avoid politics in making my comments based upon personal experience and observation.

Your comments makes you sound like you are off your medications; and, you might want to return to your counseling.

Civilized nations? So called civilized nations that do not have the capacity to defend their country cease to exist as a nation.

Sovereign countries? Are you referring to the feudal societies living in the rural areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan? Where their people have been killing each other for about the last 500 years...? Is that what you mean by sovereign countries?

What The Fongonus are YOU thinking? Equal Opportunity means just that. It is not a dumb idea.

Just because you do not agree with a policy or procedure, does not mean that you have the right to refer to the opposition as an anus orifice.

When you use bad language, it detracts from any quality that might be in your comments.
I agree. These arguments being touted are the same ones rolled out whenever a norm is being changed. Do we remember racial integration? I can't wait to see what changes happen because of this. Human needs to grow in order to thrive.