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William Allen

William Allen
Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA
November 08
Prof of Art History
Teacher. Began as English teacher in the Kingdom of Afghanistan. Ph.D. in art history from The Johns Hopkins University. Have taught in mid-size state universities. Research in history of photography. Especially interested in the collapse of American higher education.


APRIL 20, 2009 3:52PM

I Tweeted b4 Twitter, Not Tbrag

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“A bit more please, these one liners of yours are starting to look like blogspam.” That was a putdown comment on my blog posts. It hurt. I thought I was doing readers a favor, posting comments that I picked up from presentations at a 2005 Educause event. I posted meaty little things such as

  • Students use email to talk to old people
  • Most of us teachers are digital immigrants
  • If most students do their best work midnight to 4am, why don’t we schedule classes then?
The objection carried with it an assumption, likely correct, that we expect a blog entry to explore a thought rather than saying a few words as we hang up. One of the things I heard and posted touches on the issue if not the precise point
  • Most truths are one-liners. That’s why we have 14-18 week terms. It takes time and paychecks to explain truth beyond itself.
Well, maybe.


I no longer hurt for what I did. In 2005 we had no Twitter. Twitter is the perfect app for one-liners, true or not. Had Twitter existed, I would have used it. Without options, I did what I could to share moments from the conference.
I’m delighted that blogspam now has an outlet. Should you care tpeek, I now tweet.

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