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William Allen

William Allen
Arkansas, USA
November 08
Prof of Art History
Teacher. Began as English teacher in the Kingdom of Afghanistan. Ph.D. in art history from The Johns Hopkins University. Have taught in mid-size state universities. Research in history of photography. Especially interested in the collapse of American higher education.


MAY 14, 2009 5:48PM

Distance of Time

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I awoke this yesterday to find two more tweets from Mike Massimino, astronaut on the Hubble repair mission. "I'm getting tweets from outer space," I said to people. Smug.

At work I read about the remarkable Hohle Fels Cave find. A bone carving, with an estimated date of creation of 35,000 years ago, is likely the oldest surviving carving of a human figure.

What a remarkable juncture of disparate events: the further conquest and the discovery. Backwards and forward. I need to stop and breathe a few moments, work aside, to awaken my realization of the overlap of these two remarkable events.

The more we study  prehistoric civilization the older it gets. The more look into far space the older it gets.




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