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William Hazelgrove

William Hazelgrove
chicago, Illinois, usa
January 27
William Hazelgrove is the best selling author of four novels, Ripples, Tobacco Sticks Mica Highways and Rocket Man. His books have received starred reviews in Publisher Weekly, Book of the Month Selections, ALA Editors Choice Awards and optioned for the movies. He was the Ernest Hemingway Writer in Residence where he wrote in the attic of Ernest Hemingway’s birthplace. He has written articles and reviews for USA Today and other publications. His latest novel Rocket Man was chosen Book of the Year by Books and He runs a political cultural blog, The View From Hemingway’s Attic. He lives in Chicago.


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You would think. You would think after years and years of writing with multiple books out there that someone you have known for a while would not throw this offensive obnoxious rude question at your doorstep. But they do. They throw it there and let you trip over it and… Read full post »
JULY 23, 2012 2:15PM

The Insanity of Guns in America

Yeah everybody needs an AR 15 Military Assault rifle, you know the one that Holmes used to wipe out 12 people in a theatre. Oh right. It is part of our basic American freedoms. Oh yes they are going to take away your freedom so you cant use a hundred… Read full post »
Twelve dead in Colorado watching  The Dark Knight Rises. Twelve dead while we hold up violence from the screen as a religion. Do you really think you can stay on your side of the LCD screen now? No. You cant. The world we have created is one of blood soaked hell./… Read full post »
Watch out for anybody who invokes God as their divine reason for doing anything. The problem is it  is just like Stand Your Ground. The last man standing gets to invoke God...the other guy not so much. It is Gods will that George Zimmerman carry a gun and shoot Trayvon.… Read full post »
JULY 16, 2012 6:17PM

The Problem with Selling Books Now

So I am in the bookstore and looking to buy Dean Bakopoulos book My American Unhappiness and my debit card is empty and I really want the book and so I whip out my phone and slip to Amazon and find the book for 3.44  versus the 11.95 the bookstore/… Read full post »
Now that the tributes have died down I will write one. I watched When Harry Met Sally tonight after not watching it for many years. It is my wife and mine favorite. We had come together in much the same way in the city and under the auspices of friendship.… Read full post »
JULY 12, 2012 11:41AM

Romney Can't Fool the NAACP

Poor Mitt. Booed at the NAACP. What did he think? I mean, really? Here is the king of rich white guys who have no clue what it would be like to be black in America, telling the NAACP that the first thing he is going to do as President is… Read full post »
I used to go crabbing with my grandfather in Virginia. You would put a piece of fish on a line and pull it in through the surf. The crab would follow the fish in and then get netted. If you put a lot of pieces of fish on the line… Read full post »
JULY 8, 2012 10:59AM

Being Tom Cruise

Blasting along in a jet as the Top Gun of his time it must be something to be Tom Cruise. The Risky  Business boy of every adolescents fantasy he rode that to The Rain Man and the Mission Impossible movies that everyone loved to watch and forget. The guy just… Read full post »
JULY 6, 2012 8:11PM

Novel Endings

You never know how it is going to end. You start with a clear idea but you have no idea where it might end up. And for years you think about the end and then finally it comes to you. Usually not what you suspect. It is an amalgam hopefully… Read full post »
JUNE 28, 2012 10:43AM

Health Care in our Time

The Supreme Court just backed the American People. Call it Obamacare or what you will but the fact that a person cannot be turned down for insurance because they are sick is now a fundamental right. Corporations cannot destroy you because you lost your insurance. How many people keep their… Read full post »
JUNE 26, 2012 11:11AM

The Appeal of Bruce

David Brooks of the New York Times went wonkish after he flew to Spain to hear Springsteen (must be rough) and he was amazed to see 56,000 Spaniards singing Born in the USA. Brooks goes on to explain the appeal of a man from New Jersey to Europeans by way… Read full post »
JUNE 22, 2012 11:20AM

Why Some Fiction is Boring

When I was in my first writing group there was a guy named Jack who read his fiction every week. It was agony for everyone who had to listen. Jack wrote non fiction for a small magazine. His fiction was dead. Or it was incurably boring. The sentences just lay… Read full post »
Here is the deal. You don't have to wait any more for the benediction of a large publisher. We all know this. But do the large publishers? Publishing still moves at a glacial pace. Books languish and sometimes never come out. Manuscripts go unread for months, sometimes years. Yet publishers… Read full post »
JUNE 19, 2012 7:21PM

The Boring Book

Just started reading Richard Fords Canada. It's boring but I bought a hardcover so I'm going to finish it. Which brings up the whole boring book thing. If you want to be committed to a book pay twenty three bucks for it and you will read it. And if it… Read full post »
JUNE 18, 2012 2:28PM

The Agency of Self

I have had many agents, some good, some bad. I currently have a very good agent and I know he will do whatever he can to sell my books. But I still have to tell myself that the agency of self is really the only thing you have. What are/… Read full post »
JUNE 15, 2012 4:37PM

Writer Burn Out

You hit a point on Friday where you know you are done for the week. That world you have been inhabiting for the last five days just vanishes into magician smoke and you cannot gain access. You try. You think well it is still early on Friday and I should… Read full post »
JUNE 14, 2012 3:28PM

Hacking Through the First Rewrite

So you finished your opus. Now you are doing your first read through. Imagine a forest that is very dense, one of those Vietnam type of jungles with vines and low hanging branches and incredible bugs and animals and creeks and rivers and a no trail at all. And all… Read full post »
JUNE 13, 2012 11:45AM

The Early Days of Amazon

I just had my second novel out and was grunting away in a basement trying to promote it with only a small press at my back and I was a computer geek when computer geeks were still sort of rare and this weird Amazon site was there and I was… Read full post »
JUNE 12, 2012 11:32PM

One Shot at the Big Book

You have one shot at the big book. Not the book you know you can write and that you think will sell and wont take you that long and other people might write it and most people will like it and your agent will be able to sell it or… Read full post »
JUNE 11, 2012 2:04PM

The Gloomy Gus of Publishing

It is very easy to become a  Gloomy Gus about publishing. Oh no. Ipodification of  books. Nobody will pay for anything anymore. Forget about advances. Forget about the big book. We will be down to .99 cent downloads or worse no one will pay for anything. It rolls on and… Read full post »
JUNE 11, 2012 11:42AM

Why We Vote Against Ourselves

If you followed the Walker Recall election then one thing you could be sure of was that the Union Busting Governor would not get the vote of Union households and that teachers also would vote en mass to replace him. Well, Union households to the tune of one in three… Read full post »
JUNE 6, 2012 1:46PM

RIP Ray Bradbury

I remember reading the Martian Chronicles. We lived in Baltimore and it was a hot summer and the world was flying apart and I was sure we were going to be obliterated by a nuclear bomb. You always thought that in the sixties and seventies. At least I did. And… Read full post »
If Walker wins then it means Unions all over America are in danger. It means that a Governor can go in and gut education, fire teachers, obliterate tenure, eviscerate pensions, and and take the bargaining out of Collective Bargaining. It means that the war between the Corporation and the individual… Read full post »
JUNE 4, 2012 12:32PM

Corporations are Terrible People

Corporations are people so says the Supreme Court in their Citizens United ruling that has sold off government and is about to sell off the Presidency. Twice the amount of cash spent by the Democrats is what is coming in for Mitt from businesses and if you are a Republican… Read full post »