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JULY 5, 2010 9:37AM

William K. Wolfrum’s Morning – July 5, 2010

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Hot Dog
It’s a Hot Dog!

Odd News

Eating Anarchy: Competitive eater Joey “Jaws” Chestnut won the annual Coney Island “Stuff your Face With Hot Dogs” thing, his fourth victory in the event. Chaos later ensued, when legendary eater Takeru Kobayashi – who is starting his own eating league, I think – crashed the party and was later arrested. Dear Lord, we are stupid people.

Lady Gaga rules Facebook: Hey, someone has to, right?


No News from the Gulf: Well, at least now it”s not just British Petroleum that’s keeping the media away from the Gulf. Now the President is blocking access. Must be some al Qaedians down there.

How Much is this Gonna Cost?: So far, the only steady coverage from BP is how much this will run them. They say they’re up to $3 billion in claims.

Petraeus in Afghanistan: The War in Afghanistan has reached a critical moment. Luckily, we’ve been practicing nine years for this.


European Domination: About a week ago, I was going to gloating write that several teams from South America and two teams from North America were alive in the World Cup. Kinda glad I didn’t do that, as with Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay falling, South America is left with one team – Uruguay – to go up against European powerhouses Germany, Holland and Spain. Unfortunately for Uruguay, Lupe Suarez and his hands will be on the bench in its next match.

Maradonas Gone Wild: I fell a lot better about writing this post now that Diego Maradona is running around Germany yelling at German fans.

Boxing on Internet: Wanna see Universum Box Promotions’s latest fight card, as well as past shows including the Klitschko Brothers and Dariusz Michalczewski. Then UBP’s channel on YouTube is a place to visit.


DagBlog: How to lose a counterinsurgency, Part I.

Shakesville: An open thread hosted by a Sigg water bottle. God. I love Paul the Spud.

LitBrit: On Sarah Palin’s falsehoods and the audacity of committing non-sexist, non-partisan journalism.

Blue Gal: Fran And Driftglass wax supreme about the economy and other things in this week’s podcast.

Something Interesting

The original trailer for Spiderman , which was set to be released just after 9/11 and was accordingly shelved.



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