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JULY 22, 2010 3:35PM

Obama Death Squads, FEMA Camps must be liberal

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A while back, in a discussion on Journolist, a group of us left-wing journalists got together and discussed how best we could help implement Barack Obama’s plans to send roving death squads after his opposition and how to best handle the FEMA Concentration Camps where he will enslave conservatives.

“We can make a list,” offered Ezra Klein, who advises that for nearly any situation.

“We can set them on fire,” said Dave Weigel. “Fire!!!!

After the initial emotional responses, however, the discussion turned more ideological. That is when we – with advice from George Soros – came to an important realization: Obama’s Death Squads and FEMA Concentration Camps must hold strong liberal values.

My friends, roving squads of death have rarely conformed to the political correctness needed to thrive in today’s world. So often, these secret gangs have been demonized for their attitudes and mindset. But today, with a progressive in the White House, it is time to liberalize these paid assassins. And, simultaneously, it is time to ensure that our FEMA Concentration Camps are held to the highest standards.

For the Death Squads, there will be no more mocking of victims. Sure, it would be easy to mock and taunt Glenn Beck before assassinating him. But that’s not a liberal virtue. Making fun of Rush Limbaugh’s weight before double-tapping him is also not something a good liberal should undertake.

And when dragging those that oppose Obama to FEMA concentration camps, they should never drag by the hair. Also, camp detainees should not be waterboarded or tortured in any way, except for what is needed to cleanse their minds of “Unhappy Thoughts.” This liberal treatment will help them work the 22-hour days that will be required to clean up the messes they’ve made in the United States and abroad.

Obama’s Secret Roving Death Squads and FEMA Concentration Camps must hold true to progressive wisdom. There must be a sense of helping others in these eventual killings and kidnappings.

“Force them to change their wills so they give everything to the poor,” wrote the Washington Independent’s Spencer Ackerman on Journolist. “Then kill or enslave them, but, you know, nicely.”

Ackerman’s wisdom must not be overlooked. Sure, Obama’s Secret Roving Death Squads could go around killing his opposition willy-nilly, while hair-dragging conservatives to the nearest FEMA Concentration Camp. But that would go against everything we stand for, and all that we believe. We know that the Death Squads and Concentration Camps are a vital first step in lowering unemployment and ensuring liberty for all that aren’t killed or enslaved. And if approached with a progressive philosophy, our European, Middle Eastern and South American allies will back us every step of the way.

Comrades, our initial plans to do away with our opposition with the Health Care Reform Death Panels were scuttled by a meddling Sarah Palin. But soon, martial law shall be declared, and we must be ready, organized, and most of all, liberal.

Simply put, Barack Obama’s Secret Roving Death Squads and FEMA Concentration Camps must have strong liberal values. Because if we forfeit our values while raining death and enslavement upon our opponents, in the end, we are just no better than them.


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Thanks for having the courage to support the inevitable implementation of Obama's collectivist, Marxo-Fascist ideals. And thanks for reminding us that a ruthless campaign of extermination can be waged politely. Though the hobnailed Birkenstock of oppression shall soon crush the life out of our enemies, it must be done in a civil, progressive manner.
That's all I'm saying. There's no need to be dicks about it.
Humane death camps is an idea I can really get behind.
You have given me hope!
Don't forget Special Needs Palin, wasn't the kid at the top of the list?
No William, in fact, you have to be a dick about it. Sorry, that's just the way it is.
Do you really think we can death camp every conservative? You realize fully half of them are bunkered into their mothers basements with several years supply of Captain Krunch and bottled water, right? Do you think we can reasonably be expected to dig them out one by one? When will we have time to subvert the Constitution or corrupt Americas schoolchildren (wont someone think of the children?).

No, having made a complete study of world history via the Glenn Beck show, it's plainly obvious to me that our death squads should be of the standard third world variety (which means lots of taunting and hair pulling) perhaps we can contact Oliver North and get the number for his old friends in Honduras and outsource the entire thing (now there was a guy who knew how to build a death squad). The idea of a spanish speaking death squads hauling off the conservatives to extermination/retraining camps has a certain appeal that would be both satisfying and in the end, cost effective.
Thanks for this! Very funny.....the only problem is that, now that I've clicked on some of these (Nasty NAZI) web-sites, I'm either gonna be 'targeted' by the 'Death Squads' myself, or begin to receive Campaign Contribution Requests from Sarah Palin!!!
BTW: Do you think my hair might be a bit too long? I mean, I wouldn't want to make it any easier........
Well, let's be honest, we could solve a lot of problems with a bunch of executions... just saying.

Make them 'clean up the messes they’ve made in the United States and abroad'? That's cruel and unusual and virtually impossible. I'm okay with it if they die trying, though.
I happened to find this blog quite by accident and I hope that this blog and all of the subsequent post are just moronic attempts at satire. If in fact any of you are serious I hope that you remember that the majority of us Red Staters and a large amount of conservative Blue Staters are armed, well versed in woodscraft, and a good number of us are prior military. If the situations you are commenting on were to ever arise be forewarned that I, and a great many others, are probably going to actively hunt and destroy you, your family, pets, property, etc. We will not play nice with others.
And again, fellow Birkenstockers, we witness a stunning example of the IQ level ranged against us.

Gunguy45? Run along, and look up snark in your dictionary - Or on "teh interwebs," whatever works for you.

Always with the threats before you even read the damn thing. And please stop throwing "former military" around. So are many libs. Crap like you're spewing just insults and tramples everything all of us (often for generations) served and fought for.

PLEASE don't procreate.
I understand what you mean about the IQ level ranged against us. since you constantly deal with liberals you aren't used to dealing with people , like conservatives, who have triple digit IQ's. I fully appreciate that most of your are
I understand what you mean about the IQ level ranged against us. since you constantly deal with liberals you aren't used to dealing with people , like conservatives, who have triple digit IQ's. I fully appreciate that most of your are less than or equal to 70 so if you need me to I will dumb my comments down for you. I have to call bull crap on your many libs are former military comment. If that were even remotely true why would the Dumbacrats continuously and consistently try to suppress the military vote? It is a safe bet that anyone who actually serve in the military would not support any of the liberal comments made about this post and if YOU had served you would know that. All I can say is if y'all really want to try any of this go ahead, y'all will deserve what you get.
Don't ever mess with christian gun-loving Mensa candidates. They are more clueless than most

Here in Okinawa, there are ~50,000 american military, dependents, etc. who would laugh at your stupid posts and step on you as if you were a cockroach (why am I using a passive construction?).

step on you for the COCKroach opinions you express (no offense to cockroaches).


I am not really sure who you are replying to since you say that christian gun-loving Mensa candidates are clueless and that the military, their dependents, etc. would step on someone for their posts here. I know that, being military myself, that the majority of military and their families would support me and my comments while deriding the liberal comments made about this post. So please clarify yourself.

I am not really sure who you are replying to since you say that christian gun-loving Mensa candidates are clueless and that the military, their dependents, etc. would step on someone for their posts here. I know that, being military myself, that the majority of military and their families would support me and my comments while deriding the liberal comments made about this post. So please clarify yourself.
Here's some clarification:

GFY, which doesn't stand for Good For You.
"I fully appreciate that most of your are less than or equal to 70 so if you need me to I will dumb my comments down for you."

(you needn't dumb this sentence down -- it is already dumb enough)

"It is a safe bet that anyone who actually serve in the military would not support . . . "

Another real winner.

The old routine that a person who speaks three languages is trilingual; one who speaks two languages is bilingual, and one who speaks one is an american will have to be modified to accommodate you and yours who can't even speak your native language.

By the way "commas" and "period" are not interchangeable, moron
Ahh, I see now that you are another liberal moron that obviously agrees with that comments of the previous libtards. As before I can tell by your comments you must not know much about the military and I can only surmise that you were too big a pansy to serve in any form of the military. As for the GFY comment it sounds to me like you must have lots of experience unless perhaps that is the object of your affection in your profile photo.
Mark, and after reviewing your blog profile I have to say you are also anti-intelligence.
I live and interface with 50,000 military and dependents on a daily basis, and, clearly, you are dumber than most.

As to your intimations of pedophilia, that shows you are cruder than most, also, and probably expresses craven wishes in what you, mistakenly consider to be a life.

oorah, indeed!

Comment as you wish or go play with your joystick, I will not respond. I try to make it a policy to limit my discourse with cretins.

Undoubtedly you must not interface with the military much since you have formed so many incorrect notions of the military mindsetand/or thought process. As far as the level of incivility here I have to drop back to the childhood " He started it" but if you are truly into the pedophilia thing I can only hope that you get caught at it in some place where death by burning is a sentence you can receive. If you don't have discourse with cretins how can you stand to be around yourself? ?
Gunguy (what a creative and stupid handle) a stunning example of the new american military.

Learn a few words of english; mix equal part bullsh*t and horsh*t and believe that you have created pate.

Hang a red, white and blue jockstrap around your shoulders and believe it to be the essence of haute couture.

Bray on, and verbally masturbate from idiotic lower depths of the the pre-historic ooze from which you were spawned.

The lowest of the low has spoken - all hail the new idiot, same as the ole' one. frank apisa (sh*t) would be proud.

It truly amazes me that the so called "enlightened" liberals like yourself can spew so much nonsensical drivel while, I can only assume, trying to impress your fans with your monumental vocabulary. Just because you can spout some big words doesn't prove you are intelligent only that you had enough money for a word of the day calendar. I hope that who ever was unlucky enough to foot the bill for your education doesn't feel too shortchanged since they obviously didn't get their money's worth. By the way, when you try to pull your head out of your butt do your ears hang up on your sphincter?
Why, oh why would I waste my time on subhumans who open alert me to their rabid nature by naming themselves "gunguy" from the git go?

GFY is too kind, so STFU will have to do until you have anything worth-while to say will have to say from now, which could be eons (look it up - it might be in your DICKtionary).

"GFY is too kind, so STFU will have to do until you have anything worth-while to say will have to say from now, which could be eons (look it up - it might be in your DICKtionary)."

Maybe you should try to type everything you want to post in Microsoft Word then cut and paste. It will help correct your grammatical errors. I think it is amusing how you can try to denigrate the very people who put their lives on the line so you can sit back in your easychair and regurgitate your verbal diarrhea especially when you were too big a pansy to volunteer yourself.
our latest hero in his own mind was too cowardly to resist being part of the most wide ranging and longest period of illegal, unwarranted, and immoral record in history, modern or otherwise; AND now he wants me to thank him!!!

Listen and learn, mr. gun lover who likely used your gun to sublimate other projectiles you found lacking:

Since WWII america has found justification to militarily intervene in the affairs of Iran (four times), Yugoslavia, Uruguay, Greece, Germany, China, the Philippines (three times), Puerto Rico, Korea, Vietnam, Guatemala (twice), Egypt, Lebanon (twice), Iraq (three times and ongoing), China, Panama (twice), Vietnam, Cuba (twice), Panama, Indonesia, the Dominican Republic, Cambodia (twice), Chile, Angola, Oman, Laos, Libya (three times)), El Salvador, Nicaragua, Grenada, Honduras, Bolivia, Liberia (twice), Saudi Arabia, Somalia (twice), Yugoslavia (twice), Bosnia, Haiti (twice), Zaire, Albania, Sudan, Afghanistan (three times and ongoing), Yemen (three times), Macedonia, Colombia, Liberia, Pakistan, and Syria.

Furthermore: If I recall correctly, the last two unequivocal triumphs for our "vaunted" military were Panama, where we blasted heavy metal music to get Noriega to leave the Vatican diplomatic mission in Panama City.

"Then came the Army's clownish boom-box bombardment - American soldiers drawn up at the Vatican embassy in Panama, playing rock music full blast around the clock to make life hellish for the Pope's emissaries.

Suddenly we seemed to be in Dr. Strangelove country. Punishing the Vatican with heavy-metal rock?"


The operation was dubbed "Just Cause," and the General Assembly of the UN voted 75-20 labeling the invasion a flagrant violation of international law.

The just cause for this invasion was that Noriega who had been on the CIA payroll was no longer cooperating in hiding the program by which guns were sent to various Central American death squads in return for cocaine being trans-shipped into inner-city america, and this illegal american activity had to be covered regardless of the circumstances necessary to do so.

The prior american victory was in Grenada, a country of 100,000 people, (with a democratically elected government) two days after a bomb in Lebanon at the marine barracks took the lives of 241 american servicemen.

The UN voted 122 to 9 that the invasion was a flagrant violation of international law.

The operation was named Urgent Fury, and the urgency was to get the 241 service members killed two days earlier due to another inept american intelligence failure off the front pages.

If you were taken in by the mindless and continual lies about Iraq:

Presumably, You are aware that Gulf War one was contrived when Hussein's objections to america supplying slant oil drilling to Kuwait so that they could drill oil out of Iraqi territory in the Rumaila oil field was answered when Bush I sent his envoy April Glaspie to Iraq and gave him the green light to invade Kuwait.

Then, next in the progression was testimony given to congress by a tearful UNIDENTIFIED young girl proclaiming her eyewitness accounts of Kuwaiti babies taken out of incubators.

This was orchestrated by the republican PR firm Hill and Knowleton. Her testimony was key to rallying incredible support for war, which was lingering around and under 50% at the time to 90%.

Three months later, it was revealed that :

a. Nariyah had never even been in Kuwait at the time of the events she testified to having seen; and

b. Her father, in fact, was Saud Nasir al-Sabah, Kuwait's Ambassador to the US


Even within this backdrop, the senate and house of representatives votes authorizing force were the narrowest since the War of 1812.

Then bush senior claimed: "Within three days, 120,000 Iraqi troops with 850 tanks had poured into Kuwait and moved south to threaten Saudi Arabia. It was then that I decided to act to check that aggression."[49]
The Pentagon claimed that satellite photos showing a buildup of Iraqi forces along the border were the source of this information, but this was later shown to be false. A reporter for the Saint Petersburg Times acquired commercial satellite images made at the time in question, which showed nothing but empty desert.[50]


At this point, 100,000 sorties were flown, dropping 85,000 tons of ordinance designed to destroy the Iraqi infrastructure, which has never recovered since.

After the official conclusion of hostilities, the no-fly zones were established and a harsh boycott put in place. At one point, sec. of state madeline albright was asked if the deaths of 1/2 million CHILDREN was worth our efforts, she replied affirmatively.

As for Gulf War II, plans for this were already on the table months prior to 9/11, thanks to vp cheney:

Bush's critics have questioned whether he and his administration were focused on Iraq rather than terrorism when they took office early in 2001 and even after the Sept. 11 attacks. Former Treasury secretary Paul H. O'Neill and former White House counterterrorism coordinator Richard A. Clarke have made that charge in recently published memoirs.
According to "Plan of Attack," it was Cheney who was particularly focused on Iraq before the terrorist attacks. Before Bush's inauguration, Cheney sent word to departing Defense Secretary William S. Cohen that he wanted the traditional briefing given an incoming president to be a serious "discussion about Iraq and different options." Bush specifically assigned Cheney to focus as vice president on intelligence scenarios, particularly the possibility that terrorists would obtain nuclear or biological weapons.
Early discussions among the administration's national security "principals" -- Cheney, Powell, Tenet and national security adviser Condoleezza Rice -- and their deputies focused on how to weaken Hussein diplomatically. But Deputy Defense Secretary Wolfowitz proposed sending in the military to seize Iraq's southern oil fields and establish the area as a foothold from which opposition groups could overthrow Hussein.
Powell dismissed the plan as "lunacy," according to Woodward, and told Bush what he thought. "You don't have to be bullied into this," Powell said.


Bush's approval rating prior to 9/11 were as low as under 50%. When highjackers, FIFTEEN of NINETEEN who were Saudis attacked the WTC, bush's approval ratings soared and then began the charade of WMDs, Al Qaeda/Saddam connections, efforts to obtain yellowcake from Niger; and successive shifting reasons to be there; all of which turned out to be lies.
So, now, I will thank you:

for being too cowardly to see through the lies,

for being too cowardly to resist being their pawn

for being kind enough to crawl back under the rock from whence you came, and,

as mentioned earlier to STFU.
On your first point about military involvement after WW2 your source seems to use quite a few humanitarian efforts, command missions, supply efforts, and drug interdictions as military involvement. I suppose as a moron liberal you feel that there is no moral obligation to help people around the world realize freedom. Also, why does it bother you so much that heavy metal was used to flush Noriega out of the vatican compound? Is it because you prefer RAP?
AS far as the UN goes, why would anyone believe that the UN would do anything that would resemble the “Right Thing” considering the levels of corruption in this organization? Just take a look at current and past members of the HRC and honestly tell me that you put any stock in anything that comes from the UN.
On Iraq, Even without “Nurse Nariyah’s” testimony there were still multitudes of other human rights violations being perpetrated by the Iraqis. She was but a small part of the equation. The Congressional Human Rights Caucus, of which Congressman Tom Lantos was co-chairman, had been responsible for hosting Nurse Nayirah, and thereby popularizing her allegations. When the girl's account was later challenged by independent human rights monitors, Lantos replied, "The notion that any of the witnesses brought to the caucus through the Kuwaiti Embassy would not be credible did not cross my mind... I have no basis for assuming that her story is not true, but the point goes beyond that. If one hypothesizes that the woman's story is fictitious from A to Z, that in no way diminishes the avalanche of human rights violations." Nevertheless, the senior Republican on the Human Rights Caucus, John Edward Porter, responded to the revelations "by saying that if he had known the girl was the ambassador's daughter, he would not have allowed her to testify." Undoubtedly you have never been in the ME considering that you feel that Saddam didn't have WMD's especially considering the fact that he had already used them on Iraqi citizens and just because they haven't been located yet doesn't mean they aren't out there. I have seen the deserts of the region and I can tell you for a fact you could hide enough ordinance out there to destroy an entire country and it would never be found.
I guess liberal morons are just raised differently than normal people with a modicum of intelligence or common sense. I mean if you think someone is going to hurt you or your family do you just sit back and wait on them to do the damage? We have enough wherewithal to know you don't let someone attack you first if you believe he is going to hurt you. If there is no other alternative you do your absolute best to take them out first. And if you are going to denounce firearms perhaps you should make an effort to get the nomenclature correct. A gun of any kind is NOT a projectile unless IT is thrown. And just for the record I don't need to compensate for any shortcomings, or at least that's what your wife said. I know how you "progressive" idiots are made. You take a normal person and remove intelligence, common sense, morality, personal accountability, convictions, ethics, truth, and courage then what you are left with is a liberal progressive. You are one of those people who upon seeing another person being assaulted in the street would just walk on by without offering any help whatsoever and to be honest that is really what is wrong with this world and libs like you in general, NO COURAGE or CONVICTIONS. If there is a lifeform on this planet that is lower than y'all science hasn't discovered it yet.