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I was on the phone with an old friend the other night and we were having the same discussion we've had over and over for what must be the last 25 years.  Two husbands, two divorces, two children and a string of deadbeat boyfriends later she's dating  yet another guy who doesn't… Read full post »

Dear Hobby Lobby,

What is it about your faith that makes you think you can have a say about what I do with my body?

Seriously, I'd like an answer.  And don't give me that go-to "religious liberty" nonsense.  I think that every person in this country knows exactly what… Read full post »
APRIL 5, 2013 6:38PM

You're Welcome

I have a theory and I'd like to hear what you think about it.  I believe that by practicing good manners we become better people.


I know it sounds boring, but c'mon, let's think about this for a moment. 


 Every so often I feel compelled to let loose with… Read full post »

MARCH 22, 2013 4:39PM

A Million Pieces

There was a death in my family.

She was my mother's sister. Where there were four girls once upon a time, now there is only one. I'm not at all sure my mother will ever recover. She immediately fell apart into a million sobbing pieces.

My dear Auntie was 79… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 12, 2012 8:43PM

I Fear For Them But I Have Faith In Them

I'm afraid for the young women in my life. I'm not so much afraid for myself, oddly enough, but I fear for those who have to face being a young woman today. My fear exists on many levels. It's not just political, it's societal. Will my nieces have… Read full post »

My father turned 79 years old this week. As usual, we celebrated his birthday quietly. We went to a nice restaurant, no cake, no singing. He hates that. He hates the fuss. God forbid a slew of wait staff gather around the table singing some God-awful… Read full post »

A member of the Tea Party, Republican Senate Candidate Todd Akin has attempted to make light of women's right to abortion in the event of rape by claiming that if a woman is subjected to the trauma of being "legitimately" raped she has "biological ways" of "shutting down the whole thing"… Read full post »

One of my favorite ways to describe my lack of mathematical ability is to say that "I'm not mathy".

I'm just not. It's just that simple. I can't think of a better way to phrase it.

Absolutely not mathematically inclined, good with numbers, or otherwise fluent in… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 4, 2012 1:05AM

Let's Stay Together

Bravo Mayor Bloomberg!


Well done, well said and well timed! Let's all toss a little bit in the hat and show the Komen Foundation that what they have done is horribly, horribly wrong. 

Bit by bit as more information trickles out, it seems that the Komen Foundation is trying… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
JANUARY 31, 2012 7:15PM

My Father's Daughter

They say that women become their mothers. I disagree.  I'm fairly certain that I am becoming my father.

There are days when my road rage spirals out of control. I'm pretty sure we all have days like that, but I'm concerned. I'm having them more and more often. I'm… Read full post »



Merry Christmas!

There, I said it. I said it out loud. I said it out loud in what my mother would describe as “mixed company”. At least that is the assumption I'm making. I mean, you can't all be Christmas-observing Christians can you?… Read full post »

JULY 29, 2011 2:25PM

Twilight Time

I’m off on Wednesdays and there’s nothing like it.  It’s the perfect work-week; two on, one off, two on and two off.  Bliss I tell you, bliss

 Last Wednesday I didn’t have many errands to run so I stayed home and did a few chores.  Between folding loads o… Read full post »

JULY 27, 2011 1:53PM

Hold On Just A Second.....Hello?

 I saw something interesting the other day while visiting a pharmacy.  There was a sign on the counter which read “We will be happy to assist you after you have finished your cell phone call.”  It was something I had never run across before and I was intrigued.  I thou… Read full post »

JULY 25, 2011 7:01PM

Namaste To You

The first time I heard the term “namaste” I repeated it back to the person addressing me because I had seen the other students in my yoga class do the same.   I exchanged smiles and nodded my head with my hands brought together as if in prayer.  It looked cool.  It/… Read full post »