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FEBRUARY 23, 2009 11:11PM

Beta John Lennon--as if the First one wasn't enough!!!

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 Dig it!
It is amazing what you CAN'T do after a glass or two of wine!  But....
Thanks nanatehay--you are a saint!

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How brilliant and enlightened were the Beatles?

ohhhhh yeah....
"we're all hitler inside, and we're all christ inside."

i've rarely heard our nature summed up so well in so few words.

the vid was purely briliant and enlightened, just as you say, but god i miss john.
I crazily (all the wine shakes this confession loose) imagine that he's around.

We are everything.

Love those guys--they were so profound and they spread the good word!
thinking that's not crazy, or at least not crazy in a bad way. john's music and his life touched so many millions of people that it'd be nuts to say he WASN'T still with us in some ways.

but, uh, you can't tell anybody i said that. they'll think i'm a bleeding-heart idealistic beatnik or something.
Fabulous! You did it!
Why did he hook up with Yoko? I think she was and is a fruit loop. I thought it was funny when he said that he didn't even get his own music sometimes and months later he would listen to one of their own albums and hear "meanings" and what not. That's pretty funny. I suppose he was trying to say that not all the music they recorded had a grand plan, or had a bunch of secret meanings. Sometimes it's just music, get what you like out of it.
I don't think he'd have become so enlightened without Yoko. He needed another artists to bounce off of.

I took a writing class once in which my professor said that he was always embarrassed by what hidden things he could see later after he'd had something published.

I think it's being able to see things that makes that possible--I think that's what makes an artist and artist.